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April 24, 2009
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John groans, when he was at his own apartment this never happened.  Just so happens that visiting his parents during spring break brings back one of his most annoying memories, having to share the only bathroom in the house with his sister.  Ever sense entering college, she had started focusing more on her appearance.  He had to admit it was working, all his friend kept asking him for her number constantly.  Having a hot sister certainly has its upsides, but having to wait forever to use the bathroom because of it certainly isn’t one of them.  

“LAUREN!” John bangs on the bathroom door multiple times.  “This is ridiculous, how long does it honestly take for you to get ready in the morning!  You are 22 years old, you should know how to dress yourself by now!”

“Go away!”  John hears the water from the showing cease flowing.  “Look, I’ve got to get ready.  Just give me twenty more minutes or so!”

“Twenty minutes!  You have to be kidding me… I don’t know what else you are doing in there, but this is just ridiculous… It shouldn’t take you more than five!”

“Like I said!  I’m getting dressed… Look, you don’t know what it is like, okay!”  Lauren yells through the door, becoming slightly annoyed.

“Oh, I don’t know what it’s like… Come on… Here let me teach you...” John’s voice turns completely sarcastic as he begins mocking her.  “Duh, panties… hmmm…. Where do panties go?  Panties must go on head!”  “SHUT UP!” Lauren yells back at him.

“Oh look, a bra!  Just so you know sis… that goes on those little bumps on your chest… I think they call them breasts or something… or do you even know what I’m talking about…”  John leans up against the door, laughing audibly enough for her to hear.  “When I get out of here, you are so dead!”  Lauren’s face fills with rage.

John waits impatiently for a few more minutes, until her hears the sound of shaving cream spewing out of its container.  “Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you shave your legs.  Those razor blades can get very sharp!”  John continues his taunting.

“If I could only use them on your neck…” Lauren thinks to herself as she finishes shaving.

John looks down at his watch, “30 seconds left sis!  Now, all I ask is that you remember to put your shirt on before coming out here, because you are the last woman in the world I want to be think about when I take a shower…”  

“That’s it…”  Lauren quickly removes her shirt and rips open the door.  In a fit of anger, she sucker punches her brother in the face, causing his head to slam into the wall behind him.  Holding the shirt in her hand, she strikes a quick sexy pose in the middle of the hallway, putting one hand on her hip and flicking her other hand through her hair.  “Enjoy the view!”  Giggling, she quickly runs back to her room with the rest of her clothes and shuts the door.

Holding his bleeding nose, John enters the bathroom.  “I really hate her sometimes… I was just kidding around… Glad I only have to put up with one more day of this crap!”  John, quickly removes his clothes and hops into the shower.  He pulls the knob and is met with a barrage of cold water, practically making him fall back through the shower door in an attempt to escape it.  “I can’t believe it, she used all the hot water!”  Wrapping himself in a towel, he walks over to Lauren’s room and shouts through the door.  

“Hey, you used all the hot water!”

“That’s not my problem!”  Lauren laughs at him.

“Tomorrow I’m taking a shower first.  You got that!  I’m sick of this crap…”  John walk away, walks into his room and slams the door.  “Geez, now I have to wait forever… Stupid women and their stupid bathroom routines.”

Lauren sits in her room grinning, thoroughly enjoying her victory, and thinks about the encounter.  “I can’t believe him, he’s so impatient.  It’s not like I try and take forever, he just doesn’t get it!  Five minutes, heh, I’d like to see him do it in five minutes…”  Then it occurs to her, “The estrogen catalyst…”  She was currently working on her senior project for chemistry, and it was nearing completion.  “No, no… I can’t… I haven’t even completed the testing on the cats back at the lab yet… But then again, I do have the antidote back in the car…  Grinning, she makes up her mind.  “Tomorrow, John is going to get the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is!”

That night, while she was sure John was sleeping, Lauren slips into the bathroom with her concoction.  Taking the colorless liquid, she pours it down his body wash and shampoo bottle, shaking then both vigorously to ensure complete mixing.  Then, taking the catalyst powder she sprinkles a healthy dusting all over his towel.  Satisfied, she sneaks back out of the bathroom and hides the two bottles back in her purse.  “Now, just to get my little brother something to wear…“  Smiling to herself, she sneaks out of the house and dives a few miles down the road to the mall to buy him a wardrobe he will never forget.

At 5:00 sharp the next morning, John’s cell phone goes off and she slowly tumbles out of his bed.  Reaching for his phone, he shuts off his alarm and checks the time.  “Geez, 5:00… why the heck did I get up so early?”  Rubbing his eyes, it occurs to him, “Oh yeah!  Hot shower here I come…”  Grinning to himself, he quietly gathers his clothes and walks his way down to the family bathroom.  

Turning the knob to the shower, he quickly closes the door and awaits the sight of the steam billowing out from over the shower door.  He quickly undresses himself and seeing the rising smoke, laughs quietly.  “Heck yeah, it’s ready!”  He steps in and begins to wash himself, thoroughly enjoyed himself as the heated spray runs down his skin.  This was going to be an extra long shower.  After all, he would hate to use all the hot water…

Lauren awakes with a start.  Knowing her brother, he would get up extremely early just so that he could use the shower first.  She lightly jogs down the carpeted highway, “Oh please, oh please don’t let it be too late.  I don’t want to miss this!”  Then she remembers, “He’s probably gonna end up taking an extra long one just so that he can use up all the water.”  Making her way to the bathroom, she finds the door shut and can hear the sound of the shower running.  “I love it when I’m right!”  She takes a seat on the carpet and rests her back on the door, smiling to herself.  “This is going to be fun!”

For about another 15 minutes or so Lauren sits quietly on the carpeted floor, anticipating the upcoming event.  Suddenly the sounds of the shower stop and she perks up, “About stinking time… and he says I take forever…”

John opens the door and steps out of the shower.  Picking up his towel off the wall, he proceeds to dry himself off.  “Wow, that felt so good…” he sighs.  A cooling and tingling sensation quickly begins working his way through his body, “Woah, must be that new body wash mom left for me.  This is awesome!”  He walks over to his pile of clothes an picks up a fresh pair of boxers and slips them on.  Suddenly, he hears a soft knock on the door.  Smirking, he calls out through the door, “Sorry sis, hot water’s all out!  You’ll have to wait till later!”

“That’s okay, I just wanted to know how the shower went!  You know, you are the one person I want to be thinking about when I am in the shower.”

“Ummm… it went fine, I guess…”  John rolls his eyes at the sarcastic reference from the day before.

“Are you enjoying the new clothes that I bought you?”

“I don’t have any idea what you are talking about…”

“Oh sorry, I left them in the closet for you!  Hurry and get ready now, I’d say you have about five minutes…”  Lauren has to shut her eyes and cusp her hands in front of her mouth to restrain her laughter.

“Yeah, right…”  John walks over to the closet and opens the door.  A large pile of female clothing lies on the floor.  Everything from bras, to shirts, to pants and socks were thrown together in the heap of clothing.  “Haha, very funny sis… You’re crazy if you think I’m wearing this stuff!”

“I don’t think I’m the crazy one.  You said that you could get ready like me in five minutes, now is your chance!  Oh, and by the way, the bra goes on those things called boobs on your chest.  If you even know what I am talking about that is…”

It is just then, when John feels a tightening in his chest.  He looks down to see two round bumps beginning to form and slowly expand.  “You have to be kidding…  What are you doing to me!  I told you, I’m not wearing this stuff!”

“That’s your choice, but the clothes have inhibitors in them, they will halt your transformation when you put them on.  But, if you want to walk around with double D’s for the rest of your life, that is fine by me!  Oh, and a piece of sisterly advice… I’d hurry if I were you!”  Lauren busts out laughing at the thought of what is currently transpiring on the other side of the door.

John looks down at his chest once again, “Lauren isn’t kidding…”  He watches as his chest continues to expand outward, taking on a fuller form.  There were small, but they were unmistakably breasts, and they were getting bigger…  He begins digging through the pile of clothes, pulling out a small pink bra.  Looking at it, he shouts at the door, his voice a little higher than usual.  “Lauren, when I get out of here, I’m going to kill you!”

“Smart move genius, especially since I’m the only one who knows about the antidote…”

“So this isn’t permanent?”  John struggles with the bra, trying to slip it on.

“Not if you hurry up!”

“Oh geez, it’s too small!”  John rips it off of his body, which is slowly becoming leaner and more slender with every passing second.  “I’ve got to hurry… Where is another bra!”  He eyes a B size, but with a quick glance at his chest, continues his search.  Finally he picks up a picks up a C-size and slips it on easily.  “Why do they all have to be pink…” he thinks to himself.  “Oh please work… oh please work…”  He watches as his chest expands to fill the bra and then abruptly stops growing.  “Oh thank God…”  He sighs in a deep feminine voice, taking his hand and wiping it across his forehead.  He lets out a small shriek “My hands!” He looks in shock at his fingers which have become smooth and thin.  He notices the hair on his arms drawing back into his skin as his muscles lose their bulk and slenderize.  His waist continues to shrink, already considerably smaller than the 36” it was before.  “Shirt, shirt… Where is a freaking shirt!”  He stumbles upon a low cut white T-shit.  “This will have to do…”  He throws it over himself at breakneck speed, the shirt leaving about an 2 inches of his stomach exposed.  The slenderizing slows to a halt, leaving him looking semi-athletic.  “Why are my hands still changing!”  John shouts out the door, as his nails become smooth and slowly begin to lengthen.

“Because you have to paint them stupid!  Ever heard of nail polish?  It’s on the shelf above the clothes.  Just be careful and don’t screw it up or you have to do it again.  And just so you know, it usually takes forever to dry, but me being a nice sister I got you something that dries a little quicker.”

“Perfect, just what I need…” John sighs, his voice even more feminine than before.  He rushes to the cabinet and picks up the small bottle of metallic pink nail polish.  “Of course, pink again… I’m going to kill her, I swear!”  As he concentrates on his nails, he can feel his face and hair shifting.  He wants to see what is happening, but knows it will only waste time.  “Finally, done!” he screws the lid back on the bottle.  Surprised at how quick he was, his nails didn’t actually get the chance to grow long, he smiles.  “Heck yeah, I’m good!”

“Did you do your toenails?  They like to be polished too you know…”  Lauren begins taunting him.

Groaning, he looks down at his feet.  They were slowly feminizing themselves, his feet having already began narrowing.  Quickly, he grabs the bottle and goes to work once again.  The toenails were proving to be much more difficult than his hands.  He had always been extremely short for a guy, about 5’4”, and his legs were very slowly lengthening, making it extremely difficult to keep his feet still.  As he continues to struggle, he can feel his hair pulling on his scalp and winces as the facial transformation becomes slightly painful.  “Almost… got it!” He exclaims as he completes his last toenail.  “I think I saw some jeans over there...”  John thinks to himself as he heads back towards the pile of clothes.

“Hey John, don’t you think you should shave your legs first?  Just be careful, those razor blades are really sharp, wouldn’t want you to cut yourself!”  Lauren continues laughing from the other side of the door.

“I don’t have time for this!”  Quickly, John sets his legs and smothers them with shaving cream.  He takes the razor and begins shaving.  “Ow,  Crap!”  John shouts as he nicks himself with the razor.  This is no time for pain however,  he continues shaving at a vigorous pace, cutting himself at least 7 more times before completion.  He looks down to see blood trickling down his legs, he grabs a nearby towel and clears the blood.  He knew the bleeding would continue, but he has more important things to worry about.  He runs over the clothes pile and picks up the first pair of jeans he can find.  To his relief they fit perfectly as he hoists them up to his waist.

“Just think sis, I could have bought you a miniskirt!  See how nice I am?”  Lauren continues to taunt him.

“Shut up!  I hate you for this, and don’t call me sis!”  John screams back, his voice having lost all traces of masculinity.

“Awww sis… you sound so sexy when you’re angry!”  Lauren begins laughing hysterically.

“I swear when I get out of here… What the hell!” John screams as he looks into the mirror for the first time.  His black hair has lightened and taken on a reddish hue as it slowly descends down the back of his neck in long flowing strands.  His eyes had become a rich hazel color and are now framed by long curly eyelashes.  His acne has all but disappeared as his complexion becomes silky to the touch.  As he feels his face, he notices that his ears and nose have become much less pronounced and are continuing to slowly shrink.  “What more do I need to do here!”  John shouts as he watches his hair continue to lengthen.

“Did you put your shoes on yet?  Lauren instructs from her side of the door.  John spies a pair of sandals and quickly grabs them and slips her feet into them.  “Okay, done.  Finally!”

“And it only took you…” Lauren looks down at her watch, “Twenty two minutes and thirty seven seconds!  I thought it was only supposed to take you five… heck, you were really close there sis…”

“Yeah, well… It was a bit harder than I thought it would be…”  John looks at himself in the mirror again, only to find her red hair now dangling at her shoulder blades.  “What the heck, why hasn’t it stopped!”  As she watches her hair continue to grow, she notices the height of her reflection slowly continuing to climb.  “Sis, it isn’t stopping…” She calls out in fear.

“Hey there sexy, what’s the matter?”  Lauren opens the door to the bathroom and walks in.  “Wow John, you look amazing.  You have to be a least five foot ten, and I love what you’ve done with your hair.”  She begins to laugh at him once again.  “Lauren, SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME!  It isn’t stopping!”  John shouts at her in despair.

“What do you mean, it isn’t stoppi….”  Lauren lets out a short scream as her hand flies up to her mouth.  “John… your...your face!”

“What do you mean, my face…”  John looks into the mirror and a scream of pure terror escapes her lips.  Her pupils of her hazel eyes had transformed into slits.  She watches in horror as her ears and nose recede completely back into her head, and whiskers begin sprouting from above her lips.  “What are you doing to me!”

“I don’t know!  I don’t know what is going on… Did you mess something up?  Did you put everything on right!”

“Yes!  Yes, I did everything you told me to do!”  John begins to cry as small furry ears begin sprouting on top of her head.  She looks back into the mirror and watches a small pink cat nose form in the middle of her face as the whiskers continue to lengthen.
Lauren quickly begins rummaging through the pile of clothes.  “There has to be something…”  She grabs a pair of white panties, “John, did you put these on?”

“Heck no, why would I… Oh crap… my boxers!”  John tries to unbutton his jeans but to her astonishment, her hands had halfway transformed into fleshy paws…  “Sis, help!”  John cries as she helplessly tugs at her jeans trying to get them off, her fingers shrinking by the second.  “Okay, okay!”  Lauren runs to John’s side and begins to pull the jeans off of her.  “Thank mew…” John breathes a sigh of relief.

“What did you just say?”  Lauren looks up at him, fearing the worst.  John opens her mouth to speak, but a series of violent coughs and hacks escape her throat.  Lauren stands up and begins softly patting her on the back, attempting to help the coughing spasm.  “John are you gonna be okay?”  John looks up at her and nods.  Lauren takes note of the fully formed orange velvet cat ears perking up on John’s head, looking closer at her face she can see that her nose and whiskers have followed suit.  John winces in pain, “Mreow…” escapes her lips, as she looks down to see a tail beginning to sprout from her backside.

“Oh crap, we’ve got to hurry!”  As soon as the jeans leave her skin, John legs begin to lengthen again.  Lauren quickly removes them as the tail begins to grow with a newfound vigor.  Quickly, she pulls off John’s boxers.  John quickly brings her paw to cover herself.  “Look John, you’re a woman… I’ve seen it all before!”  Quickly she slides on the pink pair of panties over John’s legs.  Lauren then proceeds to grab the pair of jeans and begins to pull them over John’s suddenly transforming feet.  Thinking quickly, she places the sandals back on before the transformation has a chance to progress.  As she struggles to get the jeans over the sandals, she watches as orange fur erupts from the base of John’s three and a half foot tail.  Lauren continues to struggle with the pants, tugging on them repeatedly to get them over the top of the sandals.  Finally, it breaks free and Lauren quickly pulls them up and buttons it tight.  “Done!”  She shouts, exasperated.  She looks and watches John’s orange four foot tail dangling behind her slender legs.  She looks up into the deep green eyes of her new sister, John’s height having reached 6’2”, her hair flowing beneath her shoulder blades.  “John, I’m so sorry…”  She slowly walks up and embraces her, taking one of John’s paws in one hand and scratching her right ear with the other.  Tears slowly work their way out of John’s cat like eyes and trickle her face.  “I so sorry John, I didn’t want…I swear I’m going to fix this…”  She consoles her, continuing to scratch behind her ears.  John closes her eyes, and a soft purr escapes her throat, causing a smile to work its way across Lauren’s face.  After a few long seconds, Lauren releases her and smiles, “Okay, let’s get you out of here!”  

John looks down in to her face and gasps in surprise.  “Mew!”  She points at Lauren’s face.  “What is it John?”  Lauren looks into the bathroom mirror to see whiskers beginning to form beneath her nose.  “Oh no… I guess whenever I touched you while you were still active… CRAP!”  Lauren darts over to the pile of clothes and begins digging through it…  “I need a bra… where is that stinking B-cup!”  John, remembering having seen it earlier quickly locates is and flings it to her sister.  Laura hastily removes her shirt and tosses it across the room.  In a matter of seconds, she replaces her bra and begins digging through the pile once more.  She picks up a yellow athletic shirt and slips it over herself.  Quickly glancing at herself in the mirror, she notices her short blond hair has started darkening as her ears and nose begin to slowly shrink back into her head.  “Oh crap…”  She frantically grabs the bottle of fingernail polish and in just a few seconds, her fingers are shimmering with a metallic pink gloss.  John’s eyes are wide with amazement at her sisters blazing pace.  “Yeah, well… John I’ve had a lot of practice!”  Lauren remarks as she pulls off her pajama pants and starts working on her toenails.  She can feel pressure beginning to form at the base of her spine, encouraging her to move even faster.  
Finishing her toes, she screws the cap back on the top of the bottle, and proceeds to smother her legs in shaving cream.  “John, find me some shoes will ya?”  John begins digging through the piles and after about a minute, locates a pair of white tennis shoes.  She brings them back to Lauren, who is finishing the final few strokes with the razor.  “Thanks John”  She smiles at her sister as she begins to slip the shoes onto her feet.  “Mew!” John points at her panties…  “Oh shoot,  I’ve got to change, don’t I!” Lauren runs to the pile and digs out a white pair of underwear.  She slips the shoes back off and quickly performs the swap.  As she puts on the new pair of undergarments, she notices her new 3 foot black tail protruding from her backside.  “We’ve got to hurry…”  Frantically, the two of them search for something to cover her legs.  “Why couldn’t I have bought another pair of jeans…” She groans as she continues to search for something to cover her legs, eventually pulling out a pink mini-skirt.  Pulling it over her legs at record pace, her three and a half foot tail stops growing and dangles limp from beneath her mini-skirt.  “Whew… Thanks for your help John…”  She glomps her sister, her own height having reached 6’, and scratches her ears once more.  John closes her eyes, her tail involuntarily entangling with that of her sister’s.

“Okay, we need to get out of here…”  Lauren steps back and looks at herself in the mirror.  Much like her sister, a small cat nose had formed in the middle of her face above fully formed whiskers.  Her eyes were now a deep shade of yellow framing her slitted pupils.  Small black furry ears protruded from the top of her head surrounded by black wavy follicles falling halfway down her neck.

Sneaking quietly back up to their rooms, they each grabbed their belongings and proceeded outside to Lauren’s yellow Monte Carlo.  Putting their items in the trunk, Lauren reaches in and pulls out a small vile of clear liquid.  “I’ve got more of this back at my place… but I didn’t expect this and I’m not sure what this is going to do… It was only meant to reverse the effects of the estrogen…”  She looks at John, “Well, here goes nothing… bottom’s up bro!”  With a smile, she puts the bottle in her mouth and drains its contents in a matter of seconds.  

For a few moments nothing happened…   Laurens eye then spread wide in shock, “Oh no…”  The next thing John knows, her sister is lying on the ground crying in the fetal position.  “Please, John…help…meeeeww….”  Black fur erupts on her face and vigorously begins spreading across her skin.  Her lips deflate and a small cleft forms between her nose and mouth.  “Mreow…”  Tears form in her eyes as her nose painfully pulls away from her face, and soon her mouth follows forming a pronounced muzzle.  John stands over her and watches as her sister winces in pain.  Slowly she bends down and begins to scratch Lauren behind the ears and wraps her tail around that of her sister’s.  Lauren looks up into John’s green eyes, and grins, showing her newly formed canines.  Comfort flows through her body, “Mew…” she sighs as a purr develops in the back of her throat.  John sits behind her head and continues scratching as she watches the transformation uncontrollably mutate her sister.  Already, the fur has spread down her arms and is creeping into her hands.  

Her fingers begin to crack and shrink as pink pads form on her palms.  Receding back into her skin, her metallic pink fingernails compact to form claws, and eventually hide beneath the black fur.  As the fur proceeds down her body, her elbows painfully snap out of position as her arms contort to better support quadrupedal movement.   Tears begin to flow now from Lauren’s eyes, as the pain becomes too much for her to bear.  “Meow…” John tries to comfort her, as she runs her paw through Lauren’s hair.  As the mutation spreads, Lauren’s tail grows longer, eventually reaching a lengthy 4 and a half feet.  Her legs soon erupt in a flood of fur and begin to shrink slowly.  

Lauren looks up into John’s face, fear written in her eyes.  Reaching down, John takes hold of her paw and straining her vocal chords chokes out the words, “Me..h…lhove…mew…sssis.”  A feline grin spreads across Lauren’s face as she pulls Johns head down against her own, feeling the smoothness of her skin against her fur.  Lauren begins purring again in the embrace of her sister as the fur overtakes her feet, quickly making short work of them.  John watches as Lauren’s shoes easily slip off of her new paws.  The midnight black fur on each of her paws begins to lighten, eventually reaching a bright white, making it look almost as if she had walked through a puddle of bleach.

With a soft groan, Lauren begins to move her extremities.  Slowly she rolls over and attempts to stand, but quickly loses her balance and falls onto all fours.  “Mreow” She hangs her head dejectedly, as once again tears begin to fall from her eyes.  Slowly, she walks over to John and buries her face into her thigh.  John bends down, and stares her in the eyes.  With a smile and a confident nod, John reaches out to the trunk of the car and removes the keys.  Giving her sister one last quick hug, John stands and approaches the driver’s side door and unlocks the car.  She then proceeds to the passenger side and open the door for her sister who quickly leaps into the car seat, sitting on all fours with her tail in the air.  John proceeds back into the driver’s seat and, with some difficulty, buckles herself in and shuts her door.  Fiddling with the keys, she manages to start the car.  Throwing the transmission into dive, she puts her paws onto the steering wheel.  With another confident smile to her sister, John begins the hour long drive to Lauren’s apartment, never having been more grateful for tinted windows in her life.
Okay, for those fans of my "Survival of Souls" series... have no fear! I'm still doing those and the next chapter should be done soon... I just wanted to get this one up and out of the way because It has been driving me crazy forever. If you liked part 1, check out part 2! [link]

Anyways, if you like it... please let me know...
if you don't... well... let me know!

And if you happen to like it, I don't know, but some fav's would be nice! :D
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