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Submitted on
May 3, 2009
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Bathroom Troubles
Karma Has Claws…

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the Monte Carlo, John’s paws struggle to maintain grip on the steering wheel as she speeds down the highway.  More than a few times, she had been forced to use her claws, which left some aesthetically displeasing scratches, but she didn’t care.  The last thing they need right now is to get pulled over by a cop, John looks down at the dashboard, or that…  

John looks over at her sister, wide eyed.  “Meow…”  She pulls one paw off the steering wheel and points it at the low fuel indicator illuminated on the dash.  After a quick glance, Lauren smacks her head with one of her paws and runs it over her face.  She looks over at her sister, shrugging her cat like shoulders.  “Mew?”  Approaching the nearest gas station, John motions for Lauren to hide in the back, and watches as she nimbly leaps into the backseat and ducks her head.  John breathes a sigh of relief; she only spots one other car filling up at the time, as she pulls the car to the other side of the station.  Stopping the car in position, she throws it into park, shuts off the engine, and turns to face her sister.  “Wha nrow?”

Lauren begins searching the back… “Mew!”  She tosses a white hoodie to her sister.  Rolling her eyes, John slips it over her slender body and raises the hood in an attempt to hide her ears, and pulls it down as far as it will go in front of her face.  She stuffs her tail down inside of her jeans until she feels it fall down her right pant leg.  She looks down to see it poking about a half a foot from underneath the leg opening, but it would have to do…  She opens the door to the car and steps out, seriously hoping that no one would question as to why she was wearing a hood on a sunny 70 degree day.  

Fumbling with her wallet, it slips out of her paws and falls to the concrete.  Quickly she bends over to pick it up, causing her tail to begin to emerge from her pants.  She hastily snatches the wallet with both paws, shoves it into the pocket of the hoodie and, and forces her tail back down into her jeans.  She inconspicuously glances around, but she didn’t seem to have attracted any attention.  Carefully, she removes her wallet from her pocket and attempts to remove the credit from its slot.  After about 30 seconds of failed attempts, aggravation takes over as she uses her claws to tear open the slot and removes the card.  “Mreow…”  Frustrated, she opens the door to the car, hurls the wallet inside, and slams it shut again.  Using both paws, she carefully works the credit card into the slot, and upon seeing that it was accepted, opens the door and flings it into the car as well.  

Flipping open the fuel tank access panel, she places both paws on the fuel cap and turns, but her paws slip off the cap.  “MREOW!” She shouts, frustration fills her face as she kicks the back tire.  She suddenly remembers her “situation” and looks around in anticipation, but luckily the other driver was already in his car and is pulling away.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she places both paws back on the cap and carefully twists it open.  Using both paws, once again, she lifts the nozzle from its holder and inserts it into the car.  She then proceeds to press the “Unleaded” button and begins to fill the car, attempting to look as inconspicuous as possible.  After what seemed to be the longest 3 minutes of her life, the fuel pump kicks off and she carefully replaces the nozzle back on the pump.  She, easily this time, replaces the fuel cap, closes the panel and gets back into the car.  

Taking a seat, John attempts to remove the hoodie but it proves difficult as her paws won’t allow her to get enough of a grip.  Her head fuming with rage, her claws pop out, ready to rip the fabric from her body.  “Mew!”  Lauren leaps to the front seat, as she notices her sister about to rip her favorite hoodie to shreds.  With a little bit of effort, the two girls eventually lift the white hoodie from John’s torso, who then flings it into the back seat.  After a few seconds of struggling with the keys again, she fits them into the ignition, fires up the car, and slowly pulls the car out of the gas station.

The rest of trip went by fairly uneventfully, that is, if you don’t count running a red light and nearly running over an old lady uneventful…  Eventually, John is able to pull the car into the apartment complex in one piece.  She reaches for her door handle and opens the door, letting an array of sunlight sill the car.  John puts one leg outside into the daylight when she is suddenly pulled back in forcefully by her sister.  “MEW!”  Lauren thrusts the hoodie at her sister.  John grins sheepishly as she slips the hoodie back on again and tucks her tail back into her pants.  She looks down at Lauren, who is curled up in the leg area in front of her seat in an attempt to hide herself.  “Mreow...” Lauren shrugs her shoulders.  John motions for her to wait there, as she darts off towards her sister’s apartment.  Luckily for them, Lauren’s apartment was built into the backside of a hill and there wasn’t ever much activity back there.  John slips through the breezeway and down the stairs.  Arriving at her door, John pulls the keys from the hoodie pocket and attempts to unlock the door, when suddenly her cell phone goes off.  Dropping the keys, she works her paw into her pocket and withdraws the phone.  She looks down at the screen only to see the thing she feared the most, the name Erica, his…well, her girlfriend…  Knowing that she can’t possibly answer it, she stuffs the phone back in her pocket.  Quickly she bends over to pick up her keys, her tail once again flying out from inside her pants.  She looks back, watching it wave gently in the air, but thankfully no one else is around to see it.  Relieved, she slips the keys into the lock and opens the door.  

Frantically she begins searching for something that would help get Lauren from the car without being spotted, but what would possibly conceal what looks like a half female jaguar!  As John continues his search, his phone goes off again.  She had always answered her phone before, and she knew that Erica would freak out not that she wasn’t.  What other choice does she have, after all, she’s not going to pick it up and meow into it.  John quickly sends her a text, using her claws to press the buttons, she frustratingly types in the word “Busy…” and sends it.   After about 5 minutes of searching, and 4 more missed phone calls later, John walks over the bed and pulls the sheets off of it.  She hurries back outside to the car with the crimson bedspread.

Opening the passenger door, John half heatedly shows his plan to his sister who looks back at her as if to say, “You have got to be kidding me…”  John shrugs her shoulders.  Embarrassed, Lauren slips out of the car onto all fours and John covers her with the sheet.  They make their way back down to the apartment, being extremely carefully not to let the sheet fly off from the wind.  After what seemed like an eternity, John and Lauren make it inside her place and promptly shut the door.  Relieved, John plops down onto the couch and Lauren leaps up onto it as well, placing her head on the arm rest.  “H…Hat do whe do meow?” John strains her vocal chords as she looks at her sister, a little bit of fear written in her eyes.  Lauren jumps off the couch and walks to the bedroom, returning a short time later with a pillow in her mouth.  She places it up against one of the arm rests.  “Mew!”  She motions for John to lie down, and John rests her head on the pillow.  Lauren returns to her bedroom as John’s eyes slowly close until finally she drifts off to sleep.  

“Hey there sexy… wake up!”  John feels a warm pressure against his lips.  Slowly his eyes open to see Erica sitting on top of him, their lips interlocked in a passionate embrace.  After about thirty more seconds of saliva exchange, Erica jumps from his body and giggles.  “I made you breakfast!”

“What?”  John rubs his eyes, the aroma of eggs and bacon wafts into his nostrils.  “Oh yeah, thanks… that smells amazing!”
“Anything for you!”  Erica bends over and kisses him again, then hurries off to the kitchen to make him a plate.  John rolls out of bed, and to his surprise, fully clothed in his pajamas and male.  He inspects himself further… “Yep, definitely male…”  Breathing a huge sigh of relief, he wipes his hand arcos his forehead.  “That was one heck of a dream…”  He hurriedly changes into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and walks out into the dining room.  A delicious plate of bacon and eggs with a glass of orange juice makes his mouth water as he pulls out a chair.  Grabbing his fork, he beings shoveling the food into his mouth.  “Oh my gosh Erica, this is so good… You would not even begin to believe the dream I had last night…”  

Erica laughs, “Yeah, I can see you were hungry…  You got down here so fast you forgot to put your bra on!”  John almost chokes on his food, as he begins coughing spastically in an attempt to clear his lungs.   “My…my…what?”  John looks down to see a pair a C-size breasts poking out from beneath his shirt.  “AHHHH!”  John almost flips his chair backwards.  “Something wrong?”  Erica gets up from her chair.

“It was a dream… It had to be a dream…”  John mumbles to himself, he looks up at Erika… “AHHH! When did you get whiskers?”  Erika laughs, “When did you get a tail?”

John looks behind himself to see the all too familiar orange 4 foot tail dangling in the air.  “What are you doing to me!”  He turns to face Erika, who is now a mere few feet from him.  Bleach white fur has erupted all over her body, and her face is that of a fully fledged feline.  “Mew!”  Erica beds over purring seductively and licks John’s face.  “No!  Get away from me!”  John tries to retreat but he tips his chair over backwards.  With an audible thump, John’s head smacks into the wall behind him, knocking him unconscious…

“Hey there sexy… wake up!”  John can feel a pressure on his legs.  She slowly opens his eyes and finds a large black cat sitting on her legs.  “MREOW!”  John flings Lauren off of herself; quickly standing she looks down at her female body, eyes filled with shock.  “Uhh… John, It’s me!”  John couldn’t take it anymore; the cat is talking to her!  She tries to back away, but falls off the back of the couch.  “Mew!” escapes her lips as she falls to the ground, landing with an audible thud.  

Lauren leaps to the top of the couch and looks down at John, “It’s uhhh… nice to see you too sis!”  John slowly stands up, she quickly looks at her body, she appears to be some kind of cat female.  Upon further inspection she thinks to herself, “Yep, definitely female…”  

Lauren nimbly bounds off the couch, landing on all fours next to John.  “Anyways, hey sis, I figured out how to get our voices back!”  John’s memory began flooding back to him in waves.  “Mew?”  She looks at Lauren, intrigued.  Maybe there was a way to return them back to normal!  

Lauren explains, “There is just one problem, the cat transformations have altered our immune systems… any attempt to try and remove it would result in our bodies rejecting themselves and shutting down.  We would probably die in a matter of seconds…  But, I found that if we inject a concentrated dose directly into our vocal chords, the transformation will take effect before our bodies have time to react, just so long as you ingest the inhibitor before your body shuts down…”  She looks up at John, “Are you ready?”

John shrugs her shoulders and follows her sister into her bedroom.  “Okay sis, I need to you to lie down on the bed for me.  Wait, first hold this.”  Lauren grabs a small vile of inhibitor her mouth and walks it over to John who takes hold of it.  John sits on the bed and lies back, shaking from anticipation.  Lauren walks over with a serenge in her mouth, puts both paws up on the bed and drops the needle onto the mattress.  “Okay, this is gonna hurt… You sure you’re ready?”  “Mew…”  John nods her head nervously.  “Okay, once I inject it, keep talking and the moment you can speak, I want you to drink that vile… Understood?”  John nods her head again.  After applying a mild anesthetic, Lauren smiles, “Okay then… here we go…”

John felt the needle pierce her flesh and continue to imbed itself deeper within her flesh.  She flinches as the pain increases exponentially as Lauren pushes the fluid through the needle.  Lauren quickly removes the needle and shouts, “Talk John… TALK!”

“Mew…Mew…Mreow…Mew…MEW!... MREOW!”  Fear begins to set in John’s mind as she looks to Lauren in desperation…  “KEEP TALKING!” she shouts back.  “Mew… Meow…Mew…MEEEEOOOW DANG IT!  COME ON!  Wait… I can talk!  It worked!”  

“Drink the vile, hurry!”  Lauren watches as John quickly downs the clear liquid in one quick gulp.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she springs up onto the bed.  “Glad that’s over… Nice job sis!”  John grins, rubbing her neck.  “Geez, you were right… that DID hurt!”  “Told you…” The two sisters begin to laugh, when suddenly they are interrupted as Lauren’s cell phone starts to ring.  Lauren quickly leaps from the bed and bats her cell phone from her pocket, causing it to land on the floor.  Using both paws, she flips the screen open…

“Hello?  Who is this?”

“Hey, Lauren, it’s me Erica… Have you seen John anywhere today?  He hasn’t been answering his phone and I’m worried about him.”  Lauren looks up at John, “Your girlfriend is so sweet!”  John blushes as Lauren begins speaking into the phone again.  “Uh, yeah Erica… he’s been here with me all day helping me with some uh… stuff…”  John comes to the end of the bed and shouts down to the phone, “Hi Erica!”
Lauren looks back at her, “Shut up!”

“Is that a girl in the background?  What is another girl doing there?”  Lauren looks at John wide eyed, then tries to calm the situation.  “That’s just a friend of mine, she’s helping me with some school stuff…”

“I want to talk to John…”  Erica insists through the phone.  “She…I mean he… I….um… John’s kind of busy at the moment…”  Lauren winces, “That was bad…” she thinks to herself.  Erica’s voice grows louder, “Put John on the phone… NOW!”

“I can’t… John is… busy…”  Lauren looks up at John and whispers, “Sorry…”  Erica responds, “I’m coming over there, and that girl and John better both be there or we are through!”

“Erica, just listen…” Lauren tries to respond, but her plea is met with a dial tone.  She looks over at John, “You are so screwed…”  John smacks her head with her paw, “Yeah… thanks for reminding me…”

John walks into the living room, her head drooping dejectedly.  She flops down onto the couch as a few tears begin trickling from her eyes.  “What am I gonna do…”  She takes hold of her tail and begins caressing it nervously.  Lauren springs onto the couch.  “Hey sis… it’ll be alright!  Look, just explain it to her…”  John looks over at her, “Oh yeah?  You try explaining how I got turned into some female cat freak!”  Lauren giggles, “Oh, that’s easy, like this…  Hey Lauren!  Yeah, my sister is a jackass and turned me into a female, and then something went wrong and I started becoming a cat… see?  Simple!”  Lauren pounces onto John, hugging her.  “It’s gonna be okay little sis…”  John returns the hug, “Thank You…”

Lauren smiles at her, then leaps from the couch.  “If you need me, I’ll be in the bedroom… Knock em dead sis…”  John sits quietly on the couch, still nervously caressing her tail.  She felt as if she could throw up at any given moment.  The sound that she had been dreading now for the past 20 minutes then pierces the apartment, the doorbell.  “Good Luck!”  John hears Laruen call from the bedroom.  Slowly John approaches the door, gathering her guts she calls out, “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s Erica… I need to speak to John.  Who is this?”  John almost spews on the carpet, “Um, Erica… it’s me…”

“Haha, very funny… Let me in so I can speak to John or our relationship is over!”  Gathering her courage John responds, shutting her eyes.  “Okay, but you have to promise me you won’t freak out… Promise me!”  Erica begins getting slightly annoyed, “Okay I promise, now just let me in!”  John unlocks the door and slowly opens it, being careful to stay behind it and out of sight.  Erica walks into the apartment, “Now, where is John!”  From behind the door she hears John speak nervously, “Look, please don’t freak… it’s me Erica…”  John closes the door, revealing herself to her girlfriend.

“Oh my God!  What the hell are you?”  Erica begins backing away frantically.  John slowly approaches her, “Erica it’s me!  There was an accident, my sister was doing an experiment and…”  “Get away from me!” Erica turns to run, but in her panic she trips over herself and her head slams hard into the wall…

“No, Erica!”  John runs forwards and catches the limp body of her unconscious girlfriend.  Lauren hurries into the living room.  “What was that!”  She spots Erica lying unconscious in Johns arms.  “Smooth move Romeo…  Here, put her on the couch.”

After about five minutes of waiting, John watches as Erica’s eyes slowly being to open.  “Hey sis, she’s coming out of it!”  John calls to Lauren, who quickly runs into the living room.  John leans over Erika, “Hey, how’s your head?”  Erica looks up into John’s face, her body reacts in shock as she quickly stands and squeals.  Lauren laughs, “You really do have a way with women John…”

John tries to calm her down, “Hey, hey!  It’s me…”  

“Oh my gosh…” Erica begins to hyperventilate.  She couldn’t believe it, these cats were talking to her!  Attempting to back up, she falls over the back of the couch, and lands with a thud on the carpet.  Lauren leaps up onto the couch, looking down at Erica.  “Looks like she is happy to see you too sis!”  Erica quickly gets to her feet and backs away from the sisters.  “You two, just stay away from me…”

Lauren calmly walks forward attempting to explain, “Erica, it’s us… you need to calm down.”  Erica keeps backing away even quicker now.  John walks faster to catch back up, “Erica, listen… I don’t know how to explain this to you, but you have to trust me… Watch out!”   Erica backs up into the dresser causing one of the vials on top to spill onto her head.  “Oh no…” Lauren runs forward, causing Erica to retreat to the far corner of the room in fear.  Lauren grabs one of the new synthesized inhibitors in her mouth and hands it to John, “Get her to drink this… hurry!”  John runs forward with the vile, “Erica, listen to me… you have to drink this… drink this now!”

Erica climbs onto the bed and runs out of the room.  “Stay away from me!”  John quickly chases after her, “Erica, please listen to me!”  The chase proceeds into the dining room, John can already see whiskers sprouting from her face…  For about a minute, they run around the table, Erica always staying just ahead of her.  John finally leaps onto the table, causing her to retreat to the hallway.  As she runs away, John notices a skin covered tail erupting from above her jeans.  “Erica, stop!  Please!”  John rushes towards her, but Erica quickly darts into the bathroom and locks the door.  “No!”  John bangs on the door.  “Erica, come out!  Please!”  Erica smiles, “Can’t get me in here!”  She turns around only to find herself facing a wall mirror…  Horrified, she stares at her reflection.  Her beautiful blue eyes were now slitted and feline. .. Fleshy cat ears had sprouted on her head and her face now sported a pink cat’s nose and full grown whiskers!  She brings up her hand to touch her face, but is horrified to find that it has morphed into a paw!  “AHHHHHHHH!”  She unleashes a horrified scream as her eyes glare at the 3 and a half foot tail now waving wildly from her backside.  Quickly she opens the door.  “Give me that!”  She grabs the vile from John and downs it before fur has a chance to sprout.  John smiles, “See!  I told you… Nice tail by the way…”  *POW*  John’s world suddenly goes for a spin, as Erica regains her balance from the spinning backhand she just unleashed.  John hears Lauren’s voice echo in her head followed by Erica’s, “Wow… nice punch!”…. “Thanks…..”  John slumps against the hall way wall and falls to the carpet, holding her paw to her head.  “Owwww!”

“Why didn’t you tell me this was going to happen!”  Erica screams at her.  “I…I tired… Erica, I’m so sorry…”  John pleads with her.  Lauren smacks John again, “I hate you!  I never want to see you as long as I live!”  John stands with her head down, tears flowing from her eyes.  “I’m so sorry…”  The next things John knows, her head is thrust upwards and her lips are passionately interlocked with that of Erica’s.  Erica throws her arms around John, their tails entangling and caressing each other.  “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you…”  She spurts out in a brief moment before locking lips one again.  After coming up for air, John notices tears running down Erica’s face.  Using her catlike tongue, John licks the tears from her face, causing Erica’s cheeks to burn a bright scarlet.  They tightly embrace once again as Erica whispers in her ear, “I love you John …”  A grin spreads across John’s face, for the first time in a while, all was right with the world as she whispers back, “I love you too beautiful…”

“Geez, you two… get a room!”  Lauren jokes from the living room.  As the embrace ends, Erica plants a small lick on John’s face and heads into the living room.  Sitting down next to Lauren, she asks, “So… uh… what do we do now?  Is there a cure for this thing?  Lauren hangs her head, “No…”  The smile fades from Erica’s face, “Oh… well…that sucks…”  Their conversation is suddenly halted by a series a knocks on the door.  Lauren gets off the couch and walks to the door, standing up on her hind legs she looks through the peephole.  “Oh my gosh… It’s Rob, my project assistant… You guys have to hide somewhere!”  Erica and John hurry to the kitchen and duck behind the counter top, out of sight.  Gathering herself, Lauren clears her throat.  “Yeah Rob, what do you want?”

“I need some stuff for my senior project, will you please let me in?”  Sighing heavily, Lauren responds, “Yeah, okay but you can’t stay long… And… well… just don’t freak out!”  “Don’t worry…”  Rob laughs, “I’ve been in a girl’s apartment before!  I’ll be in and out before you know it.”  Lauren opens the door, being careful to stay out of sight.  Rob walks in quickly, “Nice place you got here…”  Lauren closes the door behind him, revealing herself.  “Thanks… please don’t freak…”  She looks up at Rob, only to see him staring down at her, wide eyed.  “It worked!  I can’t believe you tried it on yourself, but it worked!”  Lauren shakes her head, confused.  “Wait… what do you mean… it worked…”

Rob begins laughing hysterically, “I wasn’t about to let you genetically modify those poor creatures back at the lab, so I tampered with your formula…  I came here to convince you to try it, but you already did that for me, and it worked!”  Lauren begins to scowl at him, her claws erect.  “You mean to say, you did this to me!”  She prepares to pounce and tear her claws into his throat.  Rob quickly pulls a nine millimeter from under his jacket, pointing it straight at her head.  “I’d calm down if I were you…”  Immediately, Lauren backs down.  “What do you want?”  Rob just smiles, “Like I said, I need the final piece to my secret project… I’m taking you back to the lab, and by the time I’m finished, even your own mother won’t recognize you!  After all, I can’t risk you telling people about what I am up too…  Finally, complete proof of the possibility of species manipulation!  Now, let’s move…”  Rob waves the gun at Lauren motioning towards the door.  Lauren hangs her head as Rob opens the door for her, leading her outside…  *SMACK!*  Rob’s head smashes hard against the door frame.  Disoriented, he turns around only to have another backhand land across his face.  A sharp pain fills his right hand, as the gun falls to the ground.  Rob looks at his hand, it is bleeding profusely from an open gash causing by John’s claws.  Seizing the opportunity Lauren turns around, leaps onto Rob’s chest and tackles him to the ground.  John immediately grabs hold of his arms, pinning him to the ground as Lauren hold her claws at his throat.  “You!  You did this to me!  Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t sink my claws into your throat!”   Rob laughs, “Because even if you kill me, I don’t have to live my life being a freak like you!”  He raises his head and spits in Lauren’s face.  Furious, Lauren pulls her paw back and smacks him viciously across the face.

Erica walks up behind him and kneels behind his head, intentionally running her skin smooth tail across his face.  “You think I’m the freak huh?  Think again…”  Unknown to everyone, she pulls a beaker from behind her back and completely douses Rob’s face with it.  Lauren immediately jumps off of him.  “John, Erica run!”  She speeds off towards the bathroom, John and Erica in hot pursuit.  Stunned, Rob rises to his feet and chases after them.  The three females make into the bathroom and lock the door.  Rob stands on the outside, beating against the door…helpless…  “Hey sis, what’s the deal?”  John asks Lauren, breathing slightly hard.  Lauren looks over at Erica, “You don’t know what that was do you…”

“I assumed it was the catalyst…”  Erica starts getting nervous.  “Yeah, it was… in a manner of speaking…”  Lauren begins to laugh.  “I had been working to isolate the cat strain that had been added to my formula, and well… you just dumped it on his face.  He’s highly unstable at the moment… and well, when he’s done… Let’s just say his own mother couldn’t recognize him!”  All three women laugh, as the banging on the door continues.  “Please!  You have to help me!”  A feminine voice yells from outside of the room.

Rob looks down at himself, his body was changing rapidly.  Already, breasts were sprouting out of his chest and his voice had lost all traces of masculinity.  A searing pain shoots through his body causing him to fall to the floor uncontrollably in pain.  His body begins convulsing as tan fur sprouts on his stomach and overtakes his body in a matter of seconds.  “Please, please… It hurts!”  She begins to cry as her feet
and hands contort themselves into feline paws.  As her bones crack painfully, she begins to shrink.  The girls can hear her pain filled screams echo through the room.  “Help!”  Tears stream from Rob’s eyes as her nose and mouth pull from her skeleton.  The fur engulfs her nose and if remerges a few seconds later as a pink cats nose.  Her eyes turn a light green and her pupils slits as a cleft forms between underneath her nose.  Whiskers quickly spout to full length and her lips disappear within her mouth.  Tan fur covered ears emerge from her head, as her short brunette hair quickly recedes into her skull.  She tries to call out in pain, but all that emerges from her mouth is a series of weak “meows”.

She continues to shrink, her height now only about four feet tall and lessening.  Her body loses mass by the second, becoming leaner and leaner.  Her kneecaps pop inside out as a painful “Mreow” escapes her feline mouth.  As she shrinks a tail emerges from her backside.  As it grows, it is immediately covered with fur.  Her arms and legs begin to shrink a little more quickly to catch up with body which is only a little over 2 feet long.  The body transformation becomes hidden as the feline shrinks to the point of complete concealment underneath the shirt and jacket.  A few more painful cracks later, the legs and shoulders snap into place to permit quadripedal movement.  A few moments later, the transformation comes to a halt as the foot long kitten pokes her tan head out of the neckline of the T-Shit.  She looks around the hallway, scared of the world that she had so ruthlessly been thrust into.  “Meow… Meow…”  She cries out softly.  Her sensitive hearing picks up movement from behind the door.  Placing her paws on the door, she hastily begins scratching at it, her claws not yet strong enough to leave a mark.  “Mew…”  She continues to cry out.

“You think it’s safe?”  Erica looks over at Lauren.  “Yeah, I think we’ve waited long enough…”  Lauren responds, listening to the scratches on the door.  Cautiously, John opens the bathroom door to reveal a small tan kitten sitting on the carpet staring up at them.  “Aww!  She’s so adorable!”  Erica kneels down and scoops the kitten up in her paws.  It claws onto her shirt and climbs up onto her shoulders.  Erica scratches her between the ears, causing it to purr and lick her neck lovingly.  Giggling, Erica nuzzles her head against that of the kitten, “I think I’m going to call her Nova.”  She turns her head to face Nova and nuzzles their cat like noses together.  She turns to John, “Can we keep her?”  John shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t see why not… what else can we do?”  Erica gives the kitten to John and it immediately begins crying out until she takes it back.  “Great…” John sighs “Just what I need… a pet that hates me…”  She looks over at Erica, only to see her snuggling with the kitten again.  

John sighs, “You would think that she forgot that the kitten tried to kill us a few minutes ago…”  “No!”  Erica laughs, “She just wasn’t nearly this cute before!”  “Neither were you…”  John rubs her face against Erica’s.  Erica sets Nova on the floor gently, only to see her look up and cry out once again.  “Sorry little girl, don’t want you getting hurt, this could get dangerous!”  Lauren walks over and gently picks up the kitten with her mouth and drops her into the bathtub.  “Alright, revenge time… hope you enjoy the water!”  Lauren laughs to herself as she begins to draw bathwater.  She looks over at John and Erica who have their lips locked together once again, their tails entangling passionately.  “Seriously you guys… get a room!”
Well, you asked for it... so here it is! Part 2 of Bathroom Troubles Hopefully it lives up to the first one! :D

As always, if you like it... or if you don't... your comments are always greatly appreciated!

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