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Mind Cheater
"Oh please, oh please, oh please… Please be it!"  The red haired 24 year old races towards the front door after hearing the doorbell echo throughout her apartment.  Quickly gripping the doorknob, she twists it and yanks open the door in excitement.  

"Excuse me… I have a package here for Ms. Angela Spry…"

"Yep, that's me!" She quickly grabs the small package from the yellow clad delivery man.  "Thanks, you are just in time!"  She can hardly hold her excitement as she places the small box under her arm.

"No problem mam, just sign here please…"  Handing her a pen, Angela quickly snatches it, promptly signing on the dotted line.  "Thank you, and one more thing… I need you to sign this too before I can activate your product…"  He holds out another clipboard for her to sign…

"What's this for?"  Angela begins scanning the document.  "Oh, it's nothing really… just keeps you from suing the company, and frees them from all responsibility if something were to go… wrong…"

"Why, what can go wrong? "  Angela gives him a slight look of concern…  "Oh no… it's nothing, just one of  those corporate legal things.  You know, just trying to dot all of their I's and cross all their T's if you know what I mean."

"Alright…"  She nonchalantly signs the line and hands the pen back the heavy set delivery man.  "Thanks again!"  Heading back to his truck, he turns and waves, "Enjoy yourself Ms. Spry."

Grinning to herself, she shuts the door, "Oh, I plan on it…"

Twirling the crystalline bottle between her fingers, her attention turns to that of her boyfriend Jason, who conveniently lies crashed on her leather couch.  "Alright baby, time to see how faithful you really are…"  Running her fingers through his spiked brunette hair, she pops the top of the vial, proceeding to drop the few droplets of the syrupy mirror like fluid between his lips.  "After watching you check out every woman that went by us during our walk by the beach, I can't wait to see who you dream about…"  Taking a few steps back, she plops into a nearby pink beanbag chair, her right leg quivering with anticipation.  "Please, please, please say that he's not cheating on me…. Oh please…please…"  She pleads to herself as she waits for the inevitable truth to unfold.  She fiddles with her watch, setting her alarm for the 2 hour window after which the effects become permanent.  Looking back at Jason, she watches as his blood vessels being to protrude from his skin, his now pink blood courses through his arteries, quickly spreading through his body.

Jason finds himself in his apartment bedroom, his eyes interlocked with Angela's, the love of his life, as they lie on his couch.  Their faces slowly close the already minimal distance between them as their lips meet in a magnificent embrace.  For what seems like a minute, neither one seems to breathe, as they instead inhale each other's passion.  Breaking the seal between their lips, they stare into each other's eyes once more, each giving the other a satisfying yet sheepish grin before intertwining their tongues yet again. ..  

Staring intently at her sleeping boyfriend, Angela begins to notice his subtle changes in his physique as he stirs and rolls onto his back.  His 6' 2" lean build begins to shrink proportionally and after about half a minute, halts at 5' 3", the exact same height as herself…  His hair begins to flow from his head now, read streaks permeating from his roots, quickly spreading across his naturally auburn hair.  Slowing to a stop, the strands flows just beneath his shoulders, the red follicles extending in a wavy brilliance back to his scalp.  Placing her hands over her mouth, Angela does everything she can not to squeal in excitement.  Without even thinking, she grabs a handful of her own hair and holds it up against Jason's… a perfect match…  She leaps with excitement and begins dancing around the room in jubilation.  "He's dreaming about me!!!  He loves me, he really does!!!"  She uses every ounce of restraint in her body to keep from squealing.  After about a minute, she calms down enough to return to her boyfriend's side.  Kneeling at the couch she looks upon what can only be described as her identical twin, down to every last detail.  From the soft facial features, modest B size breasts, toned waistline, and beautifully shaved long legs.  To top it all off, Jason's body is now draped in a dazzling hunter greed strapless dress, his favorite one to see her in, as he had told her on many occasions.  Tears of joy begin streaming down her face, "I love you so much baby!"  She begins running her fingers though Jason's hair, and rests her head on Jason's chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his, well technically her, heart beating steadily as she rests peacefully.

For a few minutes, Angela lies there with her eyes closed, soaking in every second until a slight ripple from Jason's body disturbs the tranquility.  Curious, Angela opens her eyes and finds that the dress covering her boyfriend a few mere seconds ago… is nowhere to be seen.  Blinking a few times to adjust her eyes to the light, she slowly raises her head off Jason's body…  "What the…"  She slowly gets to her feet and stands at the edge of the couch, only to find herself staring down at a picture perfect replica of her own body resting completely naked on the couch… "I can't believe him!  That little… He's… He's dreaming about me naked!!!"  Furious, she lands a backhand across Jason's face…

"Owww, uhhh…what…hey!  What the heck was that for?  Jason snaps out of his dreamlike state, completely oblivious to her current situation.

"I can't believe you dream about me naked!!!"  Angela's face steams red with fury and embarrassment.

"I wasn't dreaming about you naked…" Jason blushes in embarrassment, as she full well knows exactly what she was dreaming about before being ruthlessly snapped back to reality.  "How in the world could Angela know though?  Did I say something?  I'm a dead man…"  Is all that runs through Jason's head as she tries and find a way out of the situation…

"You weren't dreaming about me naked huh?  Why don't you take a look at yourself then… What do you call that?"  Angela crosses her arms.

"Wha… Oh my God!"  Jason screams in her new high pitched voice as her arms fly to her body in an attempt to cover herself.  "Wha… what did you do to me!  I… I look exactly like you!  Why do I look like you?  Why am I naked!  My voice… What did you do!"  Questions flow from Jason's lips as the reality of her situation begins to set in… "Change me back!  NOW!!!"  She sits in the fetal position on the couch, trying to cover as much of herself as possible."

"First I want to know why you were dreaming about me naked… What were you doing to me in your dreams!"
"Nothing, I swear… I swear!"  Jason pleads as Angela casts him a non-convinced glance.  "Please, you have to believe me."

"No, I don't believe you… Why should I believe you when I've proof of the truth right in front of me?  At least you were dreaming about me though… I guess that's a plus…"  

"Wait… wait… how do you know what I was dreaming about in the first place?  Why am I suddenly a mirror image of you?  This doesn't make any sense… You are right, okay? I'm sorry… Please change me back… please…"  Jason buries her head in her legs, tears beginning to form in her eyes...

"Oh come on you big baby, stop crying… I gave you a truth serum.  Whenever you think about another female, your body reflects whatever image is in your mind.  So, when you started dreaming about me, well… that's what your body became…  That's how I know you were dreaming about me with no clothes on, case in point…" she gestures up and down Jason's body.

"Woah… woah… wait a minute here… You are telling me that whenever I think about a woman, my body is going to become whatever I think about?  Why would you do that to me?"  Jason brings her tear streaked face out from behind her knees.

"Well, I just saw you staring at all those women at the beach… and well, I wanted to make sure that you weren't cheating on me… It turns out that instead, you've been undressing me with your mind.  Now stop thinking about me naked and put some clothes on, we're getting out of here…"

Thinking about her situation for a few seconds, Jason closes her eyes and concentrates.  Picturing something a little more modest than nudity in her head, Jason feels a sports bra and pair of jeans materialize on her body.   A pair of undergarments as well as tennis shoes quickly follow suit as Jason rises to her feet, inspecting her handiwork.  "Wow, that's really cool actually… but how do I change back?"  Jason asks as she looks herself over.  "And, where are we going anyways?"

Angela responds as she heads towards the door, "Well first off, you have two hours to get me to kiss you… or you are gonna be stuck in your female form permanently… and you are going to have to prove yourself, cause I'm really pissed at the moment, and punishing you doesn't seem like a bad alternative…"  Anglea looks back at Jason, who now has her manicured hands cupped over her now D sized breasts in fascination.  Watching for a few more seconds, Jason's breasts continue to inflate on her now slender 6 foot tall bikini clad body…  "Having fun?"  Angela scoffs loudly.

"Huh? " Jason quickly looks up from inspecting herself.

"Well, that's certainly not helping your cause…"  Angela starts heading out the door.  "Come on skank, were going to the mall, should be easy for you to avoid thinking about other women there…"

"Right behind you…"  A pair of jeans and a yellow T-shit rematerialize on her skin as she heads towards the door.  "Dang, these things really are a pain in the butt…"  Jason thinks to herself as she deflates her oversized breasts back down to a manageable B size and runs to meet Angela at her Malibu.

The first fifteen minutes of the ride to the mall were spent in utter silence.  Angela certainly didn't feel like talking, and all Jason could think about was trying not to tick her off by unconsciously day dreaming about beautiful women, trying with all her might to think about nothing except Angela, and a fully dressed one at that.  Even more important was that she didn't discover her fettish, Jason isn't sure if she would ever be able to live that down.  "Must not think about female dragons… must not…"  Jason looks down to see her feet transforming into scaly powerful talon like claws… "No!"  Desperate to change as quickly as possible, her body instinctively reverts back to the bikini clad beauty from the apartment.

"You know, transforming into that whore every five seconds isn't helping your cause…"  Angela breaks the silence.  "I swear, you are acting like such a little girl…"  Suddenly, Jason's body disappears from her peripheral vision.  Caught by surprise, Angela slams on the breaks and looks over into the passenger's seat.  There sits a 6 year old girl, her appearance highly reminiscent of Jason's younger sister.  "Hahahaha, wow… I can't believe it… that's hilarious!  I made you think of your little sister… hiya little cutie!"

Jason quickly concentrates and transforms back into a duplicate of Angela.  "That's not funny…"

"Sure it is… pregnant lady…"  Angela glances over and watches as Jason's stomach expands outwards at least a foot.  "Always wondered what I'd look like…  hmm… septuplets!"  Angela quickly blurts out, and watches as Jason's body expands about another foot and a half.  Laughing hysterically as Jason's eyes squint in pain, she blurts out "Thirty babies!"  She watches intently as Jason's body begins to expand seemingly past the point of human tolerance before quickly deflating back to her original waist size.
"Stop it Angela… I'm serious…" Jason runs her hands over her body, making sure she is back to normal.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that… I've just always wanted to know what I'd look like as a mermaid…"  Smiling, she looks over at Jason, and sure enough, there is her upper body attached to what looks like a scaly dolphin's tail.  Quickly though, Jason regains control and reverts her body to normal.

"Please… stop," Jason pleads, "You know I hate that fantasy stuff…"  

"Mermaid" Angela taunts, causing the transformation to happen again.

"Stop it!"  Jason concentrates and becomes Angela once more.

"Pregnant mermaid!"  Angela laughs as Jason's half fish body swells, before deflating once again after just a few seconds.  "I'M SERIOIUS!  CUT IT OUT!!!"  Jason screams.

"Oh come on, I'm just having some fun… you are acting like my mom…"  

"…Seriously, I hate you…"  Jason sighs as she slowly reverts back from the 50 year old lady she had turned into moments before.  "You know I can't stand your mom!  Being in that body was… disgusting…"  She shivers…

"I know, can you imagine if my mom was a pregnant mermaid?"  Angela laughs, but is disappointed when she looks over to see Jason unchanged, still appearing as her identical twin.  "Hey what gives?"  Angela asks as she watches Jason reach for a piece of paper and a pen.  Jason scribbles something down and holds it up for her to read.  "I'm a deaf version of you… so don't waste your breath…"  "Dang it…well played Jason," Angela thinks to herself as she continues their drive to the mall without further interruption.

Finding a parking spot, Angela turns off the ignition and looks over at Jason.  Leaning over, she grabs the pen and paper  from Jason's lap, quickly jotting down instructions.  "Okay moron, if you ever want to pee standing up again, you better listen up…"

"Okay, fine… I'm listening…  Let's get this over with, what do you want?"  Jason mentally prepares herself for any manner of mythical creature that Angela may blurt out.

"Here's the deal, you have approximately an hour and twenty minutes before this timer goes off and a lot of ground to make up in the trust department…  So, basically if you don't want men staring down your shirt every time you talk to them for the rest of your life, try not to tick me off.  Let's go…"
Angela begins walking towards the entrance to J.C Penny's grinning to herself, "This day is about to get a whole lot more fun."  Jason tails her girlfriend, staring at her feet, desperately trying not to take notice of anyone in her field of vision.  "Alright, here we are… Quit staring at the ground… that's cheating!"  Angela smacks Jason on the top of her head.  Suddenly, an excited squeal from the parking causes them both to turn around.  "Oh no, anyone but her…"

"Anglea!  Is that you?"  A six foot tall blond beauty runs up to the mall entrance.  Grabbing the door handle, she quickly pulls it open for them.  "How are you!  I haven't seen you in like forever!"

"Susan…Hi…"  A fake smile spreads across Angela's face as she walks through the door.  "Nice to see you again!  How have you been lately?"  

"Well, like I'm still… Oh my gosh!  I didn't know you had a twin sister!"  Susan throws her arms around Jason's neck in a friendly embrace, "Hi, I'm Susan!  I'm sure Angela has told you all about me."

"Erm… Yeah…Yeah! Duh… Susan… of course… Angela talks about you all the time, says you are the best friend she's ever had…"  Jason looks over to see Angela giving her the look of death.  "I'm Jason by the way… I mean… Jay…lyn… Jaelyn not Jason…haha sorry…"  Jason begins to blush a bit at her nearly disastrous mistake.

"Well Jaelyn, it's like sooo awesome to finally meet you!  Are you guys going shopping, cause it would be like totally awesome if we could hang out!"  Susan begins to hop up and down while clapping enthusiastically.

"No, we actually uh… we don't…uh… have a whole lot of time you know?  Just trying to get in and out…"  Angela's face turns a light shade of pink as she desperately lies, if she doesn't sell it her whole plan is ruined…

"Awww… okies!  See ya around then!"  Susan quickly glomps Angela,  "Nice to meet ya Jaelyn!"  Blowing Jason a kiss, she grabs the door handle and practically skips through the glass doors and into the mall.  Anglea buries her head in her hands with relief.  "Geez, finally… I swear… she is… the world's biggest ditz!  Come on Jason, let's go."  She looks up as she turns towards Jason, but is surprised to see Susan still standing behind her!  "Susan!  I uh… um… I thought you… uh… I didn't mean it!"

Jason's mind is filled with pleasure as her eyes follow every flowing bounce from Susan's hind quarters as she walks into the distance.  Annoying or not, Susan was drop dead gorgeous, and that thing swaying between her hips, definitely a work of art…  A lustrous grin slowly works its way across her face when suddenly, Jason's dreamlike state is unceremoniously slapped from her as a hand lands hard against the back of her head yet again.  Shaking away the pain, she looks up at Angela… "Huh?"

Anglea simply stands there, glaring at Jason with her hands on her hips.  Jason's face turns a deep shade of red as she realizes exactly what had happened.  Just for confirmation, she looks down at herself…  "Yep…"  There they were, the double C sized breasts gently nestled within the sky blue V-neck top.  Long waves of blond hair cascade down her backside and shoulder, their tips almost tickling the tops of her enlarged chest.  Her crisp blue eyes peer down to her lower body, looking over her long slender legs leading to the high cut denim shorts.  Jason turns her body a bit, and there it is, the same perfect ass that had been wandering into the distance only seconds prior.  He looks back up at Angela, embarrassed and ashamed.  "Sorry…"  Her body begins molding itself back into a perfect replica of her girlfriend.

"That's strike one…. and seriously Jaelyn?  Jaelyn!  You couldn't come up with anything better than Jaelyn?  Way to use your head on that one genius…"  Angela quickly flings open the door and walks into the clothing outlet, Jason right on her heels.  Aisle after aisle of feminine attire pass by as Jason follows Angela to, well, only she knows where…  "Ahh, here we go!"  Angela stops at a corner filled with all manner of jeans, skirts, and khakis among other things.  For at least five minutes Angela browses the racks, clothing steadily stacking upon her arms, shoulders, and anywhere else she could carry them.  "Alright, try these on!"  Anglea flings a pair of form fitting jeans into Jason's arms, who then dejectedly turns and heads towards the fitting room.  "Idiot…"  Angela shakes her head, "Get back here!"

"Geez, what?"  Jason stares at her, already annoyed at the prospect of being her girlfriends personal mannequin.  Angela points to the pair of jeans in Jason's arms. "Use your head… just picture yourself in them!"  she rolls her eyes to accent her frustration.  "Ahh, I gotcha..."  Jason concentrates, and soon feels the skintight denim hugging her legs.  "Hey, cool!  I have to say, …this is fairly clever…" Jason grins sheepishly as she looks herself over, feeling fairly sexy in her new attire.  Jason runs her hands across her hips and down her legs, eventually making her way to her tightly formed ass, sending a tingling chill up her spine.  "So this is why they like shopping all the time…" Jason ponders as a smile spreads across her face.

"Quit feeling me up!"  Anglea's face is filled with rage as she pulls Jason's hands away from her… well Jason's, but as far as she is concerned it's still her own, ass.  "Huh?"  Jason quickly looks over at her, trying her best to play innocent.  "I wasn't uh…I, I didn't… I, umm, yeah…sorry," Jason hangs her head dejectedly.

"Just…stand there okay?"  Angela begins to circle her, her eyes running up and down Jason's legs.  Her hand makes its way to her chin as she closely examines how the denim hugs the muscles, accentuating their long slender curves.  Embarrassment fills Jason as Angela continues to circle her for what felt like an eternity.  "Seriously, are you done?  I'm not your freaking… personal… clothing try on guy!"  

"Actually… you are… Now here, try these on."  She flings a pair of athletic pants into Jason's arms.  "Those things make your butt look big…"

"I think you mean that they make YOUR butt look big…"  Jason made sure to over pronounce the word "your", and looks down at her ass.  "Huh, and you're right… they do…"  He looks up at Angela and smiles.  

"Are you calling me fat?"  Angela crosses her arms, anger practically bursting into flame behind her eyes.  If looks could kill… everyone in the mall would be dead…

"No!  No… that's not…that's not what I meant!  It's just that before you said that…thing… about feeling you up, and then this happened… and I thought it was funny… and…uh…I'm sorry!  You are beautiful!  Please don't hurt me!"  Jason raises her hands to protect her face and cowers behind them.

Angela raises one eyebrow as she watches Jason's pathetic display, "I'm going to make you pay for that..."  

Tears begins flowing from Jason's eyes as she falls to her knees and hangs her head, "Please, please… I'm sorry!  I don't want to stay like this forever!  Please, don't do this to me…"

"Why not?  What's so bad about being me anyways?  Am I too fat for you?"  Angela remarks, a smile begins to spread over her face as she embraces her newfound position of power.  "Now get up you little wuss, we've got clothes shopping to do…"  Obediently, Jason quickly stands up and in a matter of seconds, silky cerulean athletic pants hug her legs.  "Wow, sexy!"  Desperate to get back in her girlfriend's good graces, Jason decreases the size of her ass a small fraction while toning her leg muscles just enough to provide a sleek curvature to her frame.  Looking up at Angela, she forces a smile.  "You look really hot in these, baby…"

"Flattery isn't going to help you … and you look like my twin sister, so give it a rest, because that just sounds wrong..."  Angela begins to circle Jason once again.  She grins as excitement rushes over her.   "Jason is right, I do look sexy in those!"  She can't place her finger on it, but the lines accented her body almost perfectly… in fact, they even are a bit slimming in some areas, exactly what she was hoping for.  Taking the pants from Jason's arms, she folds them and places them off to the side on the floor.  

"Alright, now try these!"  She eagerly tosses a solid black miniskirt into Jason's arms.  A few moments later, the athletic pants begin to recede from Jason's legs as the nebulous skirt begins to flow down from her waist.  Her hairless legs flow sexily up into the underside of the skirt, which hangs just low enough to provide a minimal illusion of modesty.  Electricity practically overcomes Jason's emotions as she grins with excitement.  Never in her life has she felt so… beautiful…  Looking down at her slender legs just confirms what she is feeling, "Dang, I'm freaking hot!"  Immediately, Jason covers her mouth with her hands and looks up at Angela…

"Who's freaking hot?"  Angela raises an eyebrow as she stares judgingly into Jason's eyes.

"You!  I meant you, I just… uhh… I mean… I'm just not used to looking down and seeing myself as someone this drop dead gorgeous, you know?"  Jason forces a smile.  

"Good recovery…" Anglea watches relief pour over Jason's face at her response.  Once again, she begins her inspection, slowly walking around the outfit, her eyes taking in every curve.  Curiously, this outfit seemed to provide the same slimming effect as the previous one…  "My lucky day I guess!"  She lifts the skirt from Jason's arms and places it on top of the athletic pants.  Behind her, Jason begins inconspicuously doing a small victory dance, she definitely wouldn't mind seeing Angela in that outfit later…
"Enjoying yourself?"  Anglea laughs as Jason's hands immediately return to her side, trying to hide the disco moves she was pulling seconds prior.  "You… saw that?" Jason blushes…

"Uhh… you mean your sad attempt at dancing?  Yeah…."  Angela tries to suppress a giggle.  "Crap…"  Jason smacks herself in the head and runs her hand down her face for effect.  "Sorry…"

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to the other people who were watching!  There are the ones who could go blind."  Jason blushes in embarrassment as she looks around to see if anyone had been watching… luckily there isn't anyone in sight.  "Anyways, let's keep going…"  Angela throws a pair of khaki shorts into Jason's face.  Concentrating for a few seconds, the miniskirt begins on Jason's waist begins to take on a tan hue before quickly transforming into the pair of hip hugging shorts.  "You're getting good at that…"  Angela taunts as she begins her inspection once again, causing Jason to hang her head in embarrassment…  

For at least half an hour the process continues, the small pile of clothing on the side getting larger with every passing minute.  Every article Jason tried on seemed to accent her curves perfectly… a little too perfectly…  Never before had Angela been this satisfied with how she looked after trying on clothes, much less hit a home run with seemingly every pair that caught her attention.  "Alright, last one!"  Anglea lifts a pair of jeans from the ground and tosses them over.  "Thank goodness, cause I swear I'm about to wet myself I have to go so badly!"  Jason hastily makes the pink pajama pants vanish from her body, quickly recovering herself with the slender denim.  "Oh yeah, she's gonna love these!"  Jason thinks to herself as she eyes the way the jeans flow across her body.

"There is no way…"  Angela can't believe what she is looking at.  A half hour ago these jeans made her look like a clunky misshapen preadolescent, but now they seem to effortlessly flow over her curves…  Walking behind Jason just confirms her suspicions.  Her ass, which had been protruding like a freaking beach ball before, is now tucked away, perfectly accenting her waist line.  "Oh my gosh… that little… He's dead…"  Angela's mind begins fuming with anger.

"Like em?"  Jason interrupts her inner conversation.  "Huh?  Oh… oh yeah!  They're great…"  Angela tries her hardest to act like nothing is wrong.  "Awesome!  Be back in a minute babe, nature calls!"  The jeans revert back into their original form as Jason runs off toward the restrooms.  Scanning the walls of clothing, Anglea spots exactly what she is looking for, seductive women's leftover Halloween costumes…  "Go figure, they are fifty percent off too!  This is almost going to be too much fun…"  Grinning, she begins to inspect the rows of revenge… possibility after possibility flowing through her mind, they are all almost too good to resist…  

Jason speeds towards the bathrooms, making a mental note to enter the "ladies" room once she arrives.  After running halfway across the store she makes her way to the men's room door.  Quickly glancing around for the female door, she begins to tap her foot in eagerness as her bladder reaches its bursting point.  Sweat begins to bead on her forehead as she continues to look for the ladies room, but her scanning comes up empty.  "Oh geez…"  Jason winces as she desperately tries to hold it in.  "Hey, hey!  Excuse me!"  She hails a nearby employee, "Ladies room?"  Jason beings to bounce up and down, she isn't sure how much longer she can hold out…  "Don't have one… It's broken…"  The employee shakes her head.  "WHAT!" Jason screams.  "Just kidding… It's down by the women's dressing rooms, other side of the store…  Hope you make it!"

"Thank you…"  Jason clutches her stomach which has started to ache sharply.  "Oh man… please…please…please…please…"  She pleads with herself as she races down the isles towards the bathroom.  Bursting through the door she races into the nearest stall, locks the door, and frantically pulls down her pants.  Closing her eyes, she begins to empty her aching bladder.  "Whew…"  She sighs as the liquid leaves her body, spreading a wave of relief through her relaxing muscles as her mind wanders.  "I seriously hope she forgot about that whole fat ordeal… I'm just glad she didn't notice my body modification…" A smile forms on her face as she thinks back to seeing how happy Angela seemed seeing herself in all those outfits.  Hopefully that made up for her slip of the tongue earlier.  A strange warm sensation creeps into her consciousness as she begins to notice the presence of liquid trickling down her legs… Her eyes snap open as she looks down… "Oh crap!"  Immediately, her bladder reengages, ceasing the flow of urine.  Jason's face turns beet red as she looks down at her soaked legs.  Her pants are oversaturated and the large puddle that had formed on the tile is quickly seeping into the neighboring stall.  Quickly, she sits and finishes her business, taking time to grab handfuls of toilet paper and begins to attempt to soak up as much of the mess as possible.   It isn't long before the stench expands through the stall, forcing a nauseating gag from her throat.   "I'm never going to live this down…"  Tears overtake her as she sits in despair on the toilet… "I can't go back out there like this!"

Standing outside the bathroom door, Angela taps her foot impatiently…  "Seriously, it's been twenty minutes… and he says that I take forever!"  Knocking on the door, she cracks it open a smidge and calls inside.  "Hey, Jason… you uh, doing okay in there?"

Anglea's voice makes its way to Jason's ears as she desperately scrubs hand soap over her legs at the sink, trying to clean herself as best she can.  "Oh crap… I'm running out of time, and this isn't like the men's bathroom, she can come in here!"  She walks over to the door, searching for some sort of locking mechanism, but no such lock exists.  Dejectedly, she slumps against the wall and buries her head in her hands as tears begin to streak down her face.  "She's gonna come in here… and she's gonna see me like this… why me?  I've never peed as a woman before, it's not my fault!"  Her new emotions overcome her resolve as she begins to choke on her tears.  "I hate these stupid pants… I hate this stupid body!"  She bangs her fist against the tile floor.  "I…I just want to be normal again… I just wanna go home..."

Growing impatient, Angela slowly opens the door to the bathroom and pokes her head inside.  "Hey Jason… what the heck is taking you so long?  It's really not that hard!"  Angela spots her slumped over against the near wall, obviously distraught.  "Oh come on, being me isn't that bad!  Besides, it's about to be a whole lot wor… I mean better!   So come on, get up and get over here."

Jason looks up from behind tear soaked eyes towards her girlfriend.  "Quit kidding around and just get it over with… I know you can see it…"

"See what exactly…  You acting like a sissy, all slumped against the wall crying your eyes out for no apparent reason?  What the heck is your problem anyways!"

"Shut up… I peed all over myself okay!"  Jason's face turns red with fury and embarrassment.  "My pants are freaking soaked, I left a mess all over the floor, and my entire body smells like a walking sack of urine!  I feel like an idiot, so just get it over with and rub it in already…"  Jason hangs her head again, her anger slowly turning back into depression.

"Wait… wait… you what!"  Angela does her best to choke back her laughter.  "How was I supposed to know, your pants look dry and it smells fine in here!"

Jason's hands slowly grasps hold of the denim covering her legs, "No way…"  To her surprise they were perfectly dry, just like Angela had said!  "How did…"  Jason thinks back, "I must have accidently willed them back to normal when I lost control of my emotions."  She slowly gets to her feet and glances at Angela, clearly embarrassed.  "I was uh, just kidding, you know that right?"

"Sure you were…"  Angela breaks out into uncontrollable laughter, "I can't believe you actually peed all over yourself!  And then… and then when you could have gotten away with it, you actually told me about it!  Hahahahaha!"

"Shut up!  Please!  Someone is going to hear you!"  Jason pleads, tears forming in her eyes once more.

"Why, you don't want people to know that you peed all over yourself?  Angela laughs loudly.  "Clean up in stall one!"  She looks back to see Jason's head buried in her hands yet again.  "Oh come on, I was just kidding… Besides, I bought you some fresh clothes you need to try on…"

"What?"  Jason's emotions turn to pure annoyance.  "I thought we were done with all this clothes shopping!"

"Yeah, done shopping for me…  I bought these for you!"  She tosses the plastic bags into Jason's arms.

Jason looks down and immediately her body freezes in shock.  "I… I refuse…" is all that she is able to force out as the reality of her situation becomes clear.  "Why, why are you doing this to me?  What did I ever do to you anyways!"  She throws the plastic bags containing the costumes furiously against the floor.

"What did you do to me!  First off, you called me fat, remember that?"  Angela notices Jason hanging her head in shame.  "Then, to top that off, you wasted all that time lying to me about how I actually look in those clothes!  Do you have any idea how insulting that is?  Do you!"  Anglea's face begins burning read with fury.  "So now you have a choice…  You can either wear those now, or you can have them fit the rest of your life!  I don't give a crap either way, it's up to you!"  She folds her arms and turns away from Jason.

"You are right, I'm sorry… I just… I just wanted you to be happy that's all…"  Dejectedly, Jason bends over and gathers the costumes on the floor.  "So, which one do you want me to wear?"  She holds up a rather revealing white tennis outfit, naughty pink fairy costume, and a seductive collection of blond cat girl accessories.

"All of them…"  Angela mumbles under her breath, still not turning around to face Jason.

"Wait, all of them?  You mean like… all at the same time!"

"That's what I said…"

"But, but I'll look like a total idiot!"  Jason protests.

"Correction, you'll look like a slutty idiot…"  A smile creeps back over Angela's face.

"I hate you…"  

(Apologies that I couldn't fit the entire story all in one part… So, hope you enjoyed the first half while I finish up the second and post it later)
Well, people... I'm back... actually I never left, but I've been spending loads of time on this story trying to get the pacing, humor, and plot correct. So, hopfully you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I've got part 2 all worked out, I just need to finish writing it...

Anyways, Please let me know what you think! Good, bad... I take all suggestions and comments!

Anyways, thanks again for reading and I hope you return for the exciting conclusion!
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firefightandothers Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Holy shit, this girl's a bitch! She tries to police his thoughts, even when he can't control them, like in dreams, she blackmails him with his very identity, she tortures him by making him change into random thing for her own amusement, she chastises him for thinking about the person he's talking to, she rages at him when he tells her the truth, but then says he's wasting her time when he lies, and as if that all wasn't enough, she laughs at him when he accidentally humiliates himself just to pour salt on the wound.

I wouldn't even have made a comment about this - I think writers should be free to write every character they want - if not for the fact that he says she's right at the end of it. She's not, and he should see this. She's a jealous, vindictive asshole and if he manages to change back before the two hours are over, he should immediately break up with her, and if he doesn't manage to change back, he should kill her and take her life. She'd owe him that much for taking his away from him. Here's to hoping one or the other happens in part 2.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Haha, Success!  This kind of stuff is exactly what I love to hear!  I Try to make characters with actual personalities that people feel strongly about.  Welcome to my gallery and I hope you enjoy yourself.  Thanks a ton for the comment!  Feel free to let me know what you think, I love to hear it all!
nobodyofdistinction Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
Woooooshhh!!!! That was the sound of his point going right over your head. That wasn't a compliment. He wasn't complimenting your masterful skill at creating characters with real personalities in your writing. This isn't a real personality anyway, this is a facade of a personality, as an antagonist, she has every bit as much depth as Skeletor. "Next time, I'll get you, He-Man, and all of Eternia, next time! Next tiiiiiiime!" But that's a tangent. No, he was criticizing you for committing one of the gravest failures a writer can make, similar to the creation of a "Mary Sue" character, in that they are both errors of perspective, of the author failing to put himself in the reader's shoes, of even demonstrating a lack of ability to judge right from wrong. I'm not sure it has a name. But I'll describe it. This error is where the author demonstrates distorted ethics and works that into the story. The result of this is that a character's unforgivable actions may be underplayed or even condoned. Now, whether cruel actions are actually being condoned by the author or simply happening in the story (because bad things do happen) is a subtle point, and it's not an all or nothing thing either, but a continuum between two extremes, but it's definitely far too close to an author endorsement relative to a portrayal of unfairness here. In fact, a pure extreme of author endorsement might be impossible, because then it would "cross the line twice", to comical effect, like in Time Bandits where the devil is blowing up his minions even when they're saying things that he agrees with. That's not an endorsement of the devil's actions there. If there was some way to portray that as hum-ho regular activities, nothing out of the ordinary or bad about it, then it would be guilty of that error. But basically, it's ok to have a villain, to have a person maliciously do bad things and hurt innocent people (I certainly did that in stories I wrote myself), to not be contrite about doing it, even to not know right from wrong, but what is not ok is to have the other characters in the story not treat or see that person as is justified for those actions, for the mood of the story to present those actions as acceptable. Villains should be villains. There should be no confusion in the minds of the people around them as to their status as such, when they do them. And by that, I don't mean that the characters around them can't be ignorant of the villain status of this other character, or for their minds to be manipulated by a sort of mind control somehow (so long as the reader is made aware that their minds are incapacitated in such a way), but that when their evil actions are as clear as day, the other characters shouldn't be so apt to forgive them or completely be oblivious to the actions as if they're a-ok. To fail at this only serves to make the reader think that the writer doesn't know right from wrong. You can't have a bad person do a bad thing and for everyone to just be fine with it. This didn't quite go that far, but then the revenge in part 2 was largely directed at complete strangers, which is also unacceptable for a main character to do if he's supposed to be "good", and the villain here is just forgiven after a punishment. That's no good. Even though the punishment was prolonged and grizzly. He needs to dump in the end, or even kill, not force her up her mother's vagina for a few months to ruminate on what she's done and then for them to suck each other's tongues as if that made it all right. After all, he had no problem murdering complete strangers just for flirting with him, why not this horrible person who did something unforgivable?

This often goes hand in hand with the "Mary Sue" effect because what happens is that the author has a character do something that the author wouldn't mind being done to himself, which the author WANTS to be done to him, but which in general is a terrible thing to do, and so the enormity of the crime is underplayed. You see that a LOT in these TF stories, not just from you, but from almost all the others too. I was making the same criticism before in several of the stories written by a deviantart user called Gobbokilla for instance. In those, a foxgirl often transforms a human into a foxgirl, maybe as a prank, or as punishment for something minor, and I'm not supposed to notice that this is excessively cruel, it isn't presented as such, because Gobbokilla obviously wishes to be the "victim" of such a magical act (read Cosplay with Side Effects, I left a comment there - it's not the only one either, it's a persistent theme with Gobbokilla). I ran into another one (Opposites Stick, written by someone else) where two twin sisters become conjoined after having their skin in contact overnight, and they seek the help of a magician who promises to fix their problem but what he means by this is that he completely conjoins them into a single body with 2 heads, and even though the 2 sisters detested each other, suddenly they're ok with having their privacy completely stripped from them and only having 1 arm and 1 leg each (hopefully the one on the left wasn't right handed and vice versa). And the cruel nature of this wizard's "solution" is completely neglected, because I guess, a 2-headed girl, that's just the author's fetish. No justice for the wizard. No NEED for it. No lampshading for the lack of it. As far as the author is concerned. There was another one, a novel length many part story called "Mecchen House" written by Majorkerina, probably the most dominant tg author on deviantart, and this one character, Kasumi, she's basically the grinch (you're a mean one, Miss Kasumi!) but all the other people in the story just see her as a friend and not the monster that she is. Basically, the thing is, when you mix your fantasies or personal desires into your stories, you should remain unbiased and if something is unforgivable, it shouldn't be forgiven. Shakespeare wasn't just a good writer. One thing about his stories is that whenever anyone killed someone, they ALWAYS got what was coming to them. ALWAYS. You need to remember that. And the same holds true whether the crime is murder or not.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
Um, no I understood... I just didn't have the time to delve into it... seriously there is a reason I haven't posted in 3 years, it's called 2 jobs and starting my own business. Appreciate the critique but realize at the time I was just having fun putting out interesting ideas... I wasn't trying to win a pulitzer... Just hopefully be entertaining. Again, glad to go more into the specifics when I get the time. Thank you for yours though out is not un appreciated
nobodyofdistinction Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015
Empathy. That was the thing I wanted to say at the end. That was Kasumi's problem, she didn't even know the meaning of the word empathy.
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Awesome! :)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Thanks... (lol... trying to clean up my old messages)
Got a new one comming out soon
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Awesome! :la:
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Hah... glad someone's excited!
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
You bet! ;)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Well, I'm not sure if I should make it a 2 parter like I did "Mind Cheater" or not... If I don't, the story will be like... 20 pages and I'm not sure if people want to read all that at once! lol
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Weeeeell not unless there's some tg lesbian action in there somewhere :D
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
I make no promises... lol
Haha, you don't read my stories for just that reason now do you? I try not to make them online pornos like everything else one here... :)
(1 Reply)
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
personaly, I like it, but coming to about 3/4 I was feeeling like skiping whole paragraphs.

I know usualy I read a whole story really easily, especialy when you have wrot them, so I just tell you to be careful not to string too much.
The long part is between the blonde encounter and the toilet sequence, it was a little bit too long, 1 item with her turning around could have geen perdect you know ;)

Also, just to tell you, if a girl would avec dare to do this to me, I would take her apearance and kill her, and then I take a random look to escape, or simply kiss her while dead and since she killed herself, i'll pass that like suicide =p

she would deserve it! ;)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
Yeah, after writing it I did realize that I may have strung it out too much in that section as well... So, thank you for critisim! I really do appreciate it. Uh, yeah... there's a second part and after all, it's me writing it! You really think I'm letting all this go unpunished? lol I think you might enjoy it... Thanks again!
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
yeah, but your style dictate me that you won't go my way, you are more the kind to return his own medicine to the one who caused the trouble ;)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
My friend... some things are worse than death! lol :)
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
sure, but I am not into painful stuffs, if I see a kitty dying in pain, I won't let it be forever ;)

And the reaction I said was probably what could be my reaction right after I wake up and asked her how to cange back, no Jenny Penny store, nothing, just me going strait to the kitchen, grab my camera, activate recording while I put it in a corner whatching the scene:
Her own reflection grabing the butcher knife, jack in the belly, cut the neck and backstab in the heart.
"BANG, that's why you should have trust me in first place!"
(hehe, my character in neutral aligned, but never do anything toward him or close ppl to him) ;)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009

Who said anything about physical pain? Sometimes the emotional and mental pain can be just as harsh :)
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009
Who said? me =p
for sure the guy must suffer huge emotional pain ;)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2009
Let's just say that by the end... the guy had it easy... sort of... :P
(1 Reply)
ohhdarnitproductions Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
youve done it again! your style of comedy is awesome, insults and situations worked together perfectly, the female draggon fetish and the pregnant mermaid could actually make you famous, thats how funny i thoguht they were! youve got quite a talent
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2009
I really appreciate the compliment! Not sure about being famous though... I highly doubt around 500 readers is enough to be considered "famous"... lol I really appreciate the comments though, it's awesome to know that people appreciate the amount of thought I put into them to make them enjoyable. So, it's good to hear that my work pays off! Thanks again for being a loyal reader, it really is awesome to have you on board.
townlife Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
Hehe...I loved it.

Very well written.

Can't wait for the 2nd part.

Once that is posted I will finish it and give my long spoils for you.

Lol again great so far.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
Haha, no spoilers eh? Guess that counts as motivation to get tat second part done then... lol

Glad you enjoyed it, I was just trying for humor and enjoyment... not exactly the same style as my others in terms of suspense...
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
Nice work so far. Welcome back, Samus!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
Thanks, glad to be back!
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