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(Mature content Warning!  Contains mention of nudity... just so you know...)

"But, but I'll look like a total idiot!"  Jason protests.

"Correction, you'll look like a slutty idiot…"  A smile creeps back over Angela's face.

"I hate you…"  

Jason reaches into the packaging, pulling out the tennis outfit and holds it up against her body.  Shutting her eyes, she soon cringes as an uncomfortably tight and low cut sports bra forms over her chest, leaving the majority of her midriff exposed.  Her jeans disappear into her flesh as a small white mini skirt emerges from her hips, barely extending below her ass, concealing her black undergarments.   The color in her sneakers bleaches to pure white as athletic socks form around her feet and stop just above her ankles.  Looking into her reflection in mirror above the sink, Jason blushes as she lets the extra costume fall from her hands to the floor.  Nervously, she begins tugging on the costume that has materialized over her body, attempting to conceal more of herself than it wants to allow.  Watching someone wear a costume like this was certainly a treat for the eyes, but wearing one… well… this is a whole different story.  

"Fun isn't it…"  Angela taunts as she picks the fairy costume from the floor and tosses it into Jason's arms.

"Please, I'm begging you, anything but the fairy costume…  I'll wear whatever you want, just please don't make me wear this!"  John looks down at the giant glittering pink body length spiked wings hanging in her hands.

"Me?  I'm not making you do anything!  The choice is yours Jaelyn… Wings for thirty minutes, or boobs for life!"

With a heavy sigh, Jason slips her hands through the arm straps and pulls the wings tight against her back.  Pulling the support strap around her waist, she tightens it and tucks it underneath the sportsbra, rendering it practically invisible.  When all is said and done, the top two elongated maple leaf-like wings extended from the top of her neck with the other two larger ones stretching all the way down beneath her ass.  A few green vines begin snaking through her hair leaving trails of white petals in its wake.  As it creeps across her head, her follicles begin shifting, eventually giving way to a windblown appearance.  "There, okay… Happy now?"

Angela holds a small tube of silvery metallic polish between her fingers in the air for Jason to see. "Forgetting something?" She smiles shrilly.

"Oh come on… give me a freaking break!"  Jason's body slowly forms a silvery sheen on its skin, the metallic polish being applied more heavily around her eyes and on her lips.  "I look ridiculous…"  Jason sighs as she looks down across her sparking skin.

"That's only because you aren't done yet!  It goes without saying that a tennis star kitten fairy would look ridiculous without feline anatomy… duh…"  

Mumbling a few choice obscenities to herself, Jason leans over and frustratingly grabs the feline accessories.  "First things first…"  She groans as her hand pulls a 3 and a half foot long blond tail from the clear plastic bag.  After a few moments of concentration, she feels the tightening belt engage the skin beneath her miniskirt.  Looking back, she notices the blond fur covered appendage now hanging limp behind her legs, partially dragging the ground.  A few moments later a hair band tucks itself underneath her hair follicles pressing lightly against her scalp, revealing two large flesh tone feline ears.  Her face tingles as invisible glue strips appear on her skin, just above her upper lip, supporting a handful of realistic whiskers extending approximately 6 inches on each side.  As the facial process continues, a pair of fake contacts melds with her eyes, giving her pupils a slitted apprearance encased within a vibrant yellow iris.  Her eyelids slam shut as she to winces in pain at the tingling sensation running through her hands.  A pair of fleshy cat paws mitts form tightly around her fingers causing them to hinge back upon themselves so as to fit inside the allotted space.  Hanging her paws at her sides she looks down at the floor.  Jason is almost afraid to ask, much less look at herself in the mirror.  "There, are we done?"

"Yeah, for now at least…  As long as you behave like a good little fairy kitty that is!"  She begins inspecting Jason's costume, tugging on various components to either show more skin or better show the various features.  Taking a step back, she admires her handiwork…  "Not bad, not bad at all… but…"  Angela tugs on the costume a few more times.  "It's just not…not…there yet…try expanding your breast size for me…"

"What!  Wait a minute…what?"  Jason does a double take.

"Oh come on… an hour ago you couldn't stop doing it.  And now that I actually ask you to do it, you are going to argue with me?  Just shut up and do it!"

Jason blushes a bit as her chest beings pressing harder against the fabric of the sports bra as they begin to expand.  Looking at herself in the mirror, her feelings of insecurity increase at the thought of putting them on display in front of the entire mall.  Her size having reached a BB Jason glances at Angela for approval.

"You call that bigger, what kind of guy are you anyways?  Come on, seriously you are wasting time here…"

A flood of red shoots across Jason's cheeks as her chest increases in mass once more.   The inflating mounds slowing lift the sports bra further and further up her midsection, exposing more skin with every passing second.

"Alright… That'll do…"  Angela stops the expansion at an eye catching, yet unintimidating double C.  Jason places her hands on her chest as she looks down at the healthy amount of cleavage exposed above the bra top.  Inconspicuously, Jason pulls up on the bra, trying to at least hide another small portion of her chest from being exposed to every eye that will undoubtedly turn her way.

Angela takes a step back, and with her hand on her chin, begins to inspect Jason once more.  "I don't know… it just…hmmm.  It just looks really… fake…"

"Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but it's a costume… It isn't real…  That's probably why it looks fake… duh…"

"That's it!  Jason, you are a genius!"  Angela's face lights up.

"What's it…"  

"Make it real!  All of it!"  Angela can barely contain her excitement.

"Oh Hell no… come on, I've done everything you've asked… Give me a flipping break!  Please, you don't have to do this to me… please don't!"  Jason falls onto her knees, pleading behind watering eyes.

"Surely you can put up with it for the next half hour… now come on, get to it…"  Angela unsympathetically crosses her arms as she stares down at her crying girlfriend.

As tears trickle down Jason's face, the transformation begins to take shape.  The strap holding the tail around her waist vanishes into nothingness as her spine elongates through the cotton filled appendage, holding it in place.  Blood vessels quickly follow as the cotton transforms into lean muscle.  Skin flows from her lower back down the three and a half foot tail, completing its merging with her body as it begins to sway back and forth nonchalantly.

The weight provided by the wings begins to fade as the fabric becomes replaced with a durable pink tinted translucent membrane that begins slowly working its way up the cloth.  As it reaches her upper back, the wings merge with her scapula, forming new fast twitch muscle fibers and nerves required for rapid contractions.  As the wings finish their transformations the tightening belt around her chest melts into her skin, its purpose no longer required as it vanishes from sight.  Completing its objective, the realism works its way toward the kitten paws currently fitting tightly around her scrunched fingers.

Jason can feel the energy flowing through her fingers, causing a painful tingling sensation to erupt all over her hands.  She begin to cringe as an internal heat wave erupts in her bones, scorching the surrounding muscles.  Tears begin flowing from her eyes more steadily now as the heat intensifies, liquefying her flesh so that it now sloshes freely within the confines of the mitts.  With no muscle or skin to restrict it, her bones quickly realign themselves properly within the paws.  Her liquefied hands seep into the fabric of the paws, quickly reforming it into a fleshy outer skin.  Jason breathes deeply with relief as a cooling sensation shoots across her paws, hardening the molten muscles into place.

Finished with her paws, the process refocuses itself on her face.  She can feel grit forming on the surface of her smooth tongue as her canines begin to lengthen ever so slightly.  Like being pricked by 16 needles, each of the whiskers forcibly pierce their way into her skin, drawing a few droplets of blood that trickle down her face.  Jason painfully blinks a few times as the contacts meld with her eyeballs, cementing the yellow cat like appearance.  A tingling in her ears causes her to raise her paws to cover the painful sensation, only to find that they aren't where they should be.  A few panicked pats later she comes to the realization that they have completely disappeared into the side of her head!  Immediately, her paws reach to the top of her head, and makes contact with her new furry ears protruding from her hair.  She twitches them a few times, adjusting to now listening through her new ears.  A sweet scent trickles towards her nostrils as the newly living petals nesting in her hair give off a pleasant aroma.  Inhaling deeply, she can feel the scent rush through her body, causing it to emanate with a slight silvery glint.  The transformation now completed, Jason lets out a heavy sigh... "Well?"  Jasons wings slowly contract and expand as her tail hangs dejectedly between her legs.

"Oh my gosh, that's so freaking awesome!  Come on, quickly, let's go show you off to the rest of the mall.  After all, we only have about 25 minutes left."

"Wait, does that mean you are going to change me back?"  Jason's tail perks up with excitement

"I never said that… now let's go!"  She pulls open the bathroom door, as she urges Jason out into the elements.  

"And here it is, the moment of truth…"  Jason mumbles under her breath as she steps out into the clothing outlet.  Her cheeks burn red with a pre-emptive blush as her eyes dart from one corner of the store to the other.  "Nothing!"  Every customer seems much to engaged in their own time to even give her a second thought.  "No one is even looking at me, guess this might not be so bad after all!"  Of course, she couldn't have been more wrong…

Feeling slightly more confident, she follows Angela out of the store and into the semi-crowded walkway, her tail swaying behind her with every step.  At first, it all didn't seem so bad.  A few glances here, a couple of people pointing there, but nothing to really get upset over.  As they continued deeper into the mall however, things became steadily worse.  Cellphone cameras began pointing in her direction at an alarming frequency.  More and more male eyes dart her way with every passing second.  Soon, her ears become filled with cat calls, whistles and jeers as she stares at the floor, too embarrassed to even raise her head as she slowly trudges along.  

"Tramp…" A female whispers at her as she quickly walks by, causing tears to begin forming in her eyes.  Jason crosses her arms in front of her enlarged chest in an attempt to conceal herself.  In her mind, she could picture herself being plastered all over the internet, she was never going to live this down.  She will become immortalized as nothing more than a fettish for perverted adolescents for the rest of her lives.  Jason can imagine the wet dreams featuring her body, she can feel the men undressing her with their minds.  She might as well not even be wearing a top at all, so much of her cleavage is exposed anyways.  A few droplets race down her face from her eyes.  

"Jason!  What are you doing?"  Angela quickly steps in front of her, concealing her from the suddenly increased cellphone snaps and camera flashes.  "You are topless!  Put your top back on!  Hurry!"

"Wha?"  Jason looks at her chest, and to her horrified eyes she finds that the sports bra beneath her folded arms has completely disappeared.  "No!"  She creams, completely stunned by the turn of events.  Quickly concentrating, she rematerializes the sports bra back over her exposed breasts.  "How… How long was I like that?"  Jason begins to hyperventilate.

"No idea… but, I'd avoid doing it again if I were you!  I can't help it if you get arrested for indecent exposure… even if it seems like no one minded…"  Angela points to the all the males staring in their direction, who suddenly all turn their heads in a sad attempt to look inconspicuous.  Over in a far corner though, a pair of guys continue to stare. Their minds hypnotized by the gorgeousness now before them.

"Dude, it is sooo real, I mean, seriously look at it sway like that!  No fake tail would act like that…"  Leroy whispers over to his best friend Jenkins.

Jenkins takes a long look at Jason before coming to his conclusion.  "No way man, that's impossible.  I guarantee she is making it move with some fishing wire connected to her hands, hidden beneath her paws gloves.  But, if you are so convinced I double dog dare you to go over there and pull it!  I guarantee it'll pop right off, and heck, maybe you'll even get to talk to her in the process!"

"Dude, I'm not going to go over there and tug on her tail!  Ever heard of sexual harassment?"  Leroy tries to weasel his way out of the situation.  

"Hey man, if you are so convinced that it's real, go prove it!  Or are you too big of a chicken to be proven wrong?"  Jenkins shrilly smiles as he knows he is about to win the argument.

"Fine, have it your way…"  Leroy beings walking towards Jason inconspicuously from behind.

"Go get her tiger!"  Jenkins offers his friend an air fist pump.

With her sportsbra back in place, Jason continues trudging through the mall following the footsteps of her girlfriend.  She keeps her arms folded in front of her breasts, just in case…  Her tail hangs between her legs, trying to hide its presence as much as possible.  That is, until something akin to a hand wraps its way around its end and tries to yank it off her backside!  "Yipe!"  Jason has never felt such pain in her entire life, as a sharp wave of electricity shoots though her spine and into every appendage of her body, causing her tail to shoot straight up into the air.  In shock she turns and swipes in the general direction of one who would dare cause her such pain.  To her horror, a young man falls to the floor, the three gaping gashes now running down his forearm beginning to spew blood as his hand quickly grips over it trying to cease the bleeding.

"Oh my gosh!  I'm so sorry…"  Jason quickly retracts the claws into her paws as she tries help her antagonizer.  Her stares at her wide eyed, like some inhuman freak as he scrambles to get away from her as Angela runs over to see what the commotion is about.

"Get away from me!"  Leroy screams as he runs into the distance leaving a trail of blood in his wake.  Dejected, Jason falls to her knees and buries her face in her paws.  "I… I… I didn't mean too!"  She begins to choke on her tears.  

Placing her hand on Jason's shoulder, Angela tries to console her, "Hey, he got what he deserved the little pervert."  Angela looks around to see more people snapping pictures and gives them all the middle finger.  Suddenly realizing why they were taking the pictures, she calmly takes her hand and lowers Jason's tail which had raised her mini skirt and exposed her panties for the world to see.  Feeling Angela's hand on her tail, Jason turns only to realize what had happened.  In a fit of tears and horror she gets to her feet and races off towards the nearest dark alleyway.  "I just want to disappear…"

Angela rushes after her sobbing girlfriend, trying to avoid tramping over shoppers causing her to fall farther and farther behind.  When suddenly, she loses sight of Jason all together.  "Jason no!"  She calls out as she rushes ahead even faster.  "Jason wait up!"

The calls from her girlfriend cause Jason to slow to a stop.  Slowly, she turns back towards the… *WHAM!*  "Ouch!"  Jason yelps as Angela crashes into her, causing them both to tumble to the ground.

"Ooof…" Angela exhales as she loses her breath and lands hard on… nothing…
"Get off me!"  Jason exclaims as she crawls out from underneath her girlfriend.  "What the heck is wrong with you?"

"Jason!  Jason where are you?"  Angela begins feeling around in the air towards the voice of her girlfriend.  "Why can't I see you?"

"What do you mean, "you can't see me?"… Oh…"  Jason looks at her hands, or at least where her hands should be.  "I'm invisible!  This is so freaking cool!"

Finally feeling her way to Jason, Angela thrusts her arms around her in a tight embrace.  "Jason, I'm so sorry I put you through this…"  Tears begin to fall from her eyes.  "Come on let's get you back to normal!"

Jason joins Angela in the embrace, wrapping her arms tightly around her in jubilation she closes her eyes, savoring the moment.  They both get to their feet, still embracing each other tightly.  Reopening her eyes after a few seconds they take focus on a Victoria's Secret display in the distance.  "Those poor mannequins, on display like that all the time…I know how you must feel, sucks doesn't it…"  Her mind wanders as her legs begin to reappear, but not quite in the way she would have expected had she been paying attention.  Two hollow plastic feet followed by perfectly smooth legs begin to reappear beneath the embracing couple.  The transformation quickly proceeds up her waist, dissolving her tail and leaving a sculpted ass behind.  Quickly it continues up her stomach, leaving a silky white thong to cover her no longer functioning reproductive organs.  It continues to carve its way up her body, and only after hollowing out her breasts does Jason notice that something is amiss.  She horrifyingly looks down at the lacy white bra encasing her… plastic boobs?  She tries to raise her hands but finds that they won't obey her orders!  Her right hand plasters itself up against her butt as her left hand sexily sets itself up against her hip.  She tries to yell, but her lungs have all but disappeared.  As she loses all movement, she watches in horror as Angela moves in with her eyes closed, prepared to give her the kiss the would revert her back to normal.

Eyes closed, Angela prepares for the most passionate kiss she has ever given anyone.  Aggressively, she moves her face towards where Jason's should be.  Feeling her forehead gently touch Jason's she forces her face forward for a passionate embrace of their lips, only to force Jason's head directly off her neck!  Her eyes snap open as she watches Jason's plastic head fall to the ground and bounce a few feet away from where she is standing.  In shock she lets go of Jason's mannequin body, which in turn falls backwards and with a loud *smack* lands hard against the ground.  "Jason, no!  Jason!  Jason!"  Angela runs over to the head and picks it up in her arms and she begins to cry uncontrollably.  "I've killed her!  This wasn't supposed to happen… Jason!"

Jason can feel herself being held in Angela's arms but is helpless to do anything.  With her head detached, any attempt to turn back to normal would result in instant death!  She wishes she could scream out for Angela to put her head back on, but since when can plastic talk?

"Gotta hide the body… gotta hide it…"  In a panic, Angela picks up the body and rushes over to the Victoria's Secret.  "I can't go to prison… I can't… it was an accident!"  She thinks to herself over and over again.  Entering the store, she runs over to the counter, dragging Jason behind her.  "Ummm… exc…excuse me!  I… uh, bumped this mannequin here and her head fell off.  I'm really sorry, I'll pay to replace it!"

"Oh, it happens all the time… no worries!  You look freaked out, don't worry about it okay?"  The store manager tries to calm her as she takes the mannequin from her arms.  "Thanks for telling me, have a good day miss!"

"No problem… Gotta go!"  Angela rushes out of the store in a panic, and races as quickly as she can back to her car.  "Murderer!  Murderer!  Murderer!"  screaming in her head as she runs.

"Noooo!"  Jason watches as Angela runs off into the distance.  Her only hope of returning to normal is now gone.  "Gotta get out of here!"  She thinks to herself as the store manager places her on display at the front of the store, reattaching her head to her body.  "Why here?  I can't just get up and move… someone will see me!"  Her mind races with possibly solutions, but every second passed is a second lost.

"Excuse me, do you work here?"  A tall blond haired beauty walks up to the store manager.  Jason recognizes her immediately, "Susan… oh no… of all people…"  She begins conversing with the manager.  "You see that mannequin there?  Do you have any of those white bra and panties sets left?  They just look so awesome and I couldn't find any."  She points up at Jason's garments.  "I think those should fit me perfectly… I totally don't mind having a display pair!"

"Sure thing miss!"  The manager approaches Jason and starts by unclipping the bra from her chest.  "Not again…"  Jason sighs in her mind, being put on display for the whole mall to see was getting old.  Slowly the manager tips her over and lays her gently again the ground.  Removing the panties, she hands them to Susan who runs off into the changing rooms in delight.  "I'll be back with some new clothes for you in a second girl… don't you worry…"  The manager leaves Jason lying completely nude on the floor.  "Don't worry!  Why don't I leave you lying naked on the ground and see how you like it!"  Jason wishes she could shout.

About a minute later the store manager returns, with the most frighteningly horrendous thing imaginable…  "Good news girl, you get to showcase our new midnight fantasy collection!"  The lacy black panties are slipped over her legs and pulled up into position, followed by the black sexy push up bra being strapped across her chest.  And for the finish touch, a giant pair of seductive light blue fairy wings strapped to her back.  "Seriously, you have got to be kidding me… All these stupid fairies…  It's like fate has it in for me or something!"  Jason rolls her eyes within her mind.

As it turns out, the new lingerie draws quite the crowd.  Seems ever woman in existence thinks their man would love to see them in such attire, leaving Jason no opportunity to turn back to normal, and time is growing short.  As Jason looks out amongst the crowd in the store she spots someone familiar… "Is that?  No, it can't be!  Angela!  She's returned for me!"

"Excuse me, miss?  Where is that mannequin that I broke earlier?"  Angela confronts the manager.

"Over there…"  She points over at the seductive mannequin in the fairy costume.  "Why do you ask?"

"Oh Jason, Jason I'm so sorry…"  She mumbles under her breath, before asking the manager, "Ummm, I know it sounds weird but, do… do you think it would be okay if I bought her from you?"

"What?  Uh, I don't think so…  Besides, we need her to showcase our new line!"  

"I see… Well uhh…thanks anyways…"  She was getting desperate and time is running extremely short, time to resort to plan B… "Just let me apologize in advance for this…"  Angela gathers her strength and shoves the manager back into a nearby clothes rack!  Running towards the mannequin she grabs Jason by the waist and runs out of the store, the manager quickly getting up for a hot pursuit.  

After turning a few corners, and dealing with several weird stares, Angela stands Jason on the ground.  "Alright, I think we are safe here!"  She watches as the plastic on Jason's body begins to melt and reform itself into beautifully smooth skin.  In only a matter of moments a human version of the mannequin stands before her and wraps its arm around her lovingly. "Thank you!  Thank you for coming back for me… I thought I was going to be stuck like that forever!  But, why did you leave me in the first place!"

"I… I freaked out… I thought I had killed you!  I'm sorry…At least I came back… Sexy wings by the way!"  Angela tries to lighten the mood.

"Yeah, thanks…"  Jason looks back at the wings, "I don't know what the obsession with fairies is around here, but it's getting ridiculous…"  Little did she know that as she mentioned "fairies" the wings melded with her back…  "Let's get this over with shall we!"  

The two of them move in simultaneously for the nightmare ending kiss, when suddenly a voice fills the air.  "Hey!  Hey you!  STOP!"  Angela looks over to see the store manager charging after them.  "Give me back my mannequin!"

"Oh no…"  Angela smacks her forehead, "Not now…"

There wasn't any time for this!  Jason would just have to apologize later… The moment the manager came within reach, Jason delivers a haymaker to her forehead, knocking her flat unconscious.  "Now, where were we?"

*Beep!  Beep!  Beep!*

Angela's eyes grow wide with horror.  "Angela, what was that?  What was that!"  Jason begins to shout hysterically.  "It uh… the…the time exp…expired…"  Angela begins to back away from Jason slowly.  "I'm so sorry!"

"No!  No, there has to be something I can do…"  Jason tries changing her clothes, but nothing happens.  She concentrates harder, but her efforts are all in vain.  "No…no…no…no…no…"  Jason begins to hyperventilate.  

"J…Jason…"  Angela points to Jason back.  "What now!"  She slowly turns around to see the light blue elongated leaf shaped fairy wings protruding from her backside… "NOOOOO!  Anything but that!"  She grabs them with her hands and tries to rip them off.  "Ouch!  No…no…no… I can't be stuck with fairy wings… I can't!... Why can't I get rid of them?"  

"The formula, it makes all changes permanent… I'm so sorry Jason!"  Angela answers her dejectedly.  
Jason looks over at the store manager who is just now starting to regain consciousness.  "YOU!  You did this to me!"  In a wild fury she begins to change the manager's skin into a hard plastic beneath her clothing.  

The manager look down at her changing body in horror, but only for a few more seconds as the vigorous transformation quickly overtakes her, forever sealing her within her mannequin prison.  Almost just as quickly, her pink V neck shirt and jeans disappear from her body and reappear on Jason.  "You don't need these anymore."  Jason motions at the clothes now covering her own body.  "And you certainly don't need those anymore…"  Jason causes the mannequin's undergarments to dissolve into the air, leaving it lying naked on the ground.  Leaning over and patting the mannequin on the cheek Jason taunts her, "I'm sure someone will clothe you eventually… don't you worry…"

Angela watches the scene unfold with horror in her eyes… "Jason…h…how di…did you do that?  That's… that's impossible!"

"Magic…"  Jason shrugs.

"Magic isn't real!"  Angela protests, still searching for any plausible explanation for what she just witnessed.

"Neither are fairies, yet here I am…thanks to you…"  Jason responds, her voice clearly filled with scorn.  "Now be a good girlfriend my pet and come over here… ever heard of karma before?"

"…okay… Look Jason, I'm sorry…"  Angela cautiously begins edging her way toward her girlfriend.

"How dare you approach me on two legs, on all fours with you!"  Jason commands.

"What!"  Angela's body obeys Jason's commands, almost as if her body isn't her own, forcing her down on her feet and hands as she makes her way to Jason's side.

"Good girl, now sit…"  Jason smiles as Angela sits at his side, fully obedient.  "I can't wait to show you off to the rest of the mall.  Aren't you excited my good little girl!"

"Mew!"  Angela responds with excitement.  "Wait… did I just mew?"  She looks up at Jason in shock.

"You sure did my little kitty, now clean yourself up before we go, we've got a lot to do!"  Obediently, Angela begins to lick her arms.  She can taste the dirt entering her mouth, but this only drives her harder to continue.  After all, she still has to clean her hands legs and face before they can leave!  

As she licks herself, Jason runs her hands over Angela's hair, streaks of blond following the flow of her hands.  The blond follicles lengthen all the way down her backside.  Jason then places his hands on her ears and pulls them from the sides of Angela's head.  Within Jason's hands they reform into blond fur covered cat ears before he places them back on top of her scalp.

Meanwhile, Angela now holds her left leg in the air.  Her flexibility having improved tremendously, she vigorously begins running her tongue down her smooth skin.  With Angela preoccupied, Jason moves her hands to the base of Angela's spine.  Slowly she pushes her hands through Angela's skin and takes a firm grip of her spinal cord and begins to elongate it through her skin.  Jason continues to pull until the desired three and a half foot length has been reached.  Placing her hand on the skin at the base of the tail, Jason begins to stretch the muscles and skin back along the appendage until application is achieved.  As soon as she releases her grip on the tail, it begins to swish back and forth almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  Just as Jason completes her work, Angela licks her arm one lasts time and rubs it across her face.  With a satisfied, "Mew!" she looks up into her master's eyes, eager to go.

"Not just yet girl, almost though!"  Jason motions for her to roll onto her back, which she does without a second thought, her arms and legs playfully dangling in the air.  Jason reaches down and scratches Angela's belly and as he does so, Angela's breasts begin to swell as her clothes begin to disappear and reshape themselves into a pink bikini swimsuit.  Stopping the swelling at a CC, Jason scratches Angela between the ears and she licks Jason's hand lovingly in return.  "Let's get out of here girl."  Jason begins to head into the mall, all those staring perverts from before are going to pay…

Angela happily walks along side her master on all fours, her tail happily swaying behind her.  Almost as if on cue, the stares came, men unable to control themselves as they watched the pair walk down the hallways.  Little did they know, the longer they stared, the more their bodies became the personification of their desire.  Jason laughs as she watches the horrified expressions of the men that looked down at themselves to discover budding breasts and the loss of their genders.  "Serves them right…"  Jason laughs to herself.

Making their way to the parking lot, Jason hears someone calling over to her.  "Hey baby!  Can I give you a ride?"

"Go away… I've got a car…"  Jason and Angela pick up their pace as they begin to walk along the rows of cars.

"Yeah, but you wouldn't be riding with me!  Come on baby, please?  You know you want to…"

"I said leave us alone, and call me baby one more time and you are going to pay…"

"Come on babe, it's just a ride!"

"That's it… you really want to give us a ride?"

"More than anything!"

"Fine… Have it your way."  Jason smiles as she snaps her fingers.  "I've always wanted to ride in a corvette…"

"I hate to disappoint, but I drive a mustang…"  

"Who said anything about your car?"  Jason laughs as the man's eyes close in pain as he falls to the pavement.

"What… what are you doing to me?"

"I appreciate you volunteering to give us a ride… That was very sacrificial of you!"  Jason taunts as the man begins to rapidly inflate.  Yellow paint spews from his mouth and quickly coats the rest of his body.  Angela playfully runs around the transforming human in excitement as his skin becomes metallic and begins reshaping itself into a corvette chassis.  No visible signs of humanity are left as tires begin to inflate, lifting the cassis from the pavement.  Soon after, leather interior begins to spring up on the inside, providing the ultimate in luxury and comfort.  A black dashboard and steering wheel soon follow as the engine and drive trains complete themselves.  To complete the transformation a small opening forms in the back of the driver's seat to allow room for Jason's wings as she opens the door of her new Vette.  Angela merely leaps over her door and sits on all fours in the passenger seat.  With a rev of the engine, the pair speed out of the parking lot, Angela's ears and tail flapping in the wind.

The ride home was fairly uneventful, that is until a jock pulls up next to them at a red light…

"Hey baby!  You feel like coming back to my place?"

"I swear!  What's with everyone calling me baby!"  Jason sighs to herself.  "Look stud, go screw yourself okay… I'm not in the mood…"  Jason keeps her eyes on her steering wheel.

"Oh come on baby, how does a body like this not get you in the mood?  I know you want me inside of you!"  He attempts one of his best pickup lines.

"No, I don't want you inside me…"  Jason glances over at Angela and with a grin responds… "But my friend does, how does that sound to you?"

"Sounds perfect!  I knew one of you couldn't resist…"

"Fine by me then…"  Jason points her finger at the car like a gun and it along with its passenger disappear in a puff of smoke.  Moments later, a smaller yet similar puff of smoke emerges from the floor of the passengers side leg room area.  With a thankful mew, Angela leaps down to accept the generous present…

The last thing he knew, he was in his car… then suddenly it all disappeared, but almost just as quickly he had reappeared somewhere  else entirely!  The first thing he notices was a gorgeous female sitting in a leather seat, driving a… "Wait… that's it!  That is the woman he had been hitting on a few seconds prior!  But, why does she seem so… big?  And… why is it so difficult to breathe?"  His head begins going fuzzy as he attempt to get up, but only ends up flapping his fins and causing his fishlike body to leap around on the car matt.  "What's going on?"  He beings to freak out when suddenly a strange looking female with cat ears and a tail leaps on top of him.  "Help!"  He tries to scream out to her, but soon realizes that help is not what she has in mind.  He feels a hand land hard against his back flipper, pinning him in place.  Wide eyed, he watches her mouth engulfs his head and cringes as her teeth bite down, piercing his scales, his tail still sticking out of her mouth.  Not long after, his consciousness slips as the cat lady sucks the rest of body into her mouth and swallows him whole.  

"Mreow…"  Angela smiles thankfully as she hops back up onto the car seat, extremely satisfied.  "Do you enjoy having him inside of you girl?  That sure was nice of him wasn't it!"  Jason scratches Angela between the ears.  "When we get home, I've got another present for you!  Something that I know you've always wanted to see!"

Pulling into the parking lot of their apartment, Jason releases his hold over Angela's mind.  Blinking a few times, she takes notice of her new features and begins to freak out.  "Wha… What am I?  What did you do to me?"

"I think the better question here is, what did you do to me?"  Jason motions to the wings sticking out behind his car seat.  "Seems like neither of us get to live a natural life, plus I like you better like this… Consider it payment for getting me stuck as a freaking fairy of all things!"

"What are you!  I'm getting out of here… You are a freak!"  Angela swings open the car door.

"Oh come on, don't make me mind control you… besides I've got something to show you anyways.  So, be an adult and accept the situation as it is!  I'm sure you would rather maintain control of your mind am I right?  Now come on, let's go…"  

Considering her options, Angela opens steps out of the car door and follows Jason inside, finding that she still is forced to walk on all fours.  "That's gonna take some getting used to…"  She thinks to herself.  The moment she walks inside her eyes go into sensory overload.  The apartment is the size of a mansion!  Leather furniture, state of the art amenities everywhere!  She begins exploring her new home at breakneck speed.  

"Angela come here, like I said I have something to show you!"  Jason calls from a room on the first floor.  Curious, she walks toward the sound of his voice and soon finds herself in a stadium sized glass enclosure complete with a two football field sized swimming pool in the center!  "Glad you made it here okay."  Jason motions towards the pool, "Go ahead, take a look!"

Slowly, Angela approaches the edge of the pool and to astonishment, finds a mermaid swimming enthusiastically beneath the surface, and from the looks of it, it appears to be pregnant!  "Wow, that's really amazing… but, what does this have to do with me?"

"Take a closer look…"  Jason urges.  Angela has to admit, something about the mermaid seems vaguely familiar.  Looking closely at its face she comes to a horrific conclusion… "Mom!?"

"That's right, and she's pregnant too!  Thirty babies to be exact…"

In a fit of rage Angela leaps on top of Jason and pins him to the ground,  "How dare you!  Change us back, NOW!"  Suddenly, an unknown force begins pulling on her tail, dragging her off of Jason and toward the pool.  "What the!"  She looks behind her to see that and umbilical cord has merged itself with the tip of her tail and is pulling her forcefully back towards her mother.  

"Oh, I almost forgot… she wouldn't be your mother if she wasn't pregnant with you now would she?  I guess this gives us some time to calm down and think about the future of this relationship…"

"You son of a…  I hate you!"  Angela screams as she begins getting sucked into her mother's birth canal leaving her bikini behind to float up to the surface…

"Uh huh… See you in nine months!"  Jason taunts as she watches Angela disappear from view.  Rubbing her hands over her face Jason exhales deeply,  "That takes care of that… wow I need to sleep…"  With a snap of her fingers, she appears on top of her bed and drifts off, eager to leave the affairs of the day behind her…

*Nine months later…*

Jason sits patiently at the edge of the pool.  The mermaid had started contractions about thirty minutes prior, so the moment should be coming any second now.  Speaking of which…  Jason watches as a pair of cat ears begin to poke out into the water, followed quickly by a human head with long flowing blond hair.  A few pushes later a neck, and arms emerge.  Angela opens her eyes, and using the strength of her arms, pushes the rest of her body out of her mother's birth canal and swims up to the surface.  Jason offers Angela her hand and helps her out of the pool.  The first thing she notices is that she is no longer being forced down on all fours, allowing her to stand up straight and lock eyes with Jason…

Jason hangs her head.  "Angela, I'm so sorry… I've been a total jerk…"

"Shut up Jason… Nya!"  She leaps on top on Jason, tackles her to the ground, and begins liking her face vigorously while she wraps her tail around Jason's legs.  "I'm… sorry…. for… everything… I… should of… trusted you!"  She manages to gasp out in between breaths and licking.

Jason embraces Angela as they roll across the ground, their make out session lasting at least another thirty seconds, until Angela makes a sickening realization…  "Jason, uh… my mom is watching…"

"Huh?  Oh…right…"  Jason's face turn bright red…  "Care for a swim?  Maybe you should put this on."  She hands her naked neko girlfriend the pink bikini that she had been wearing nine months prior.

"Since when do I need clothes to swim?"  Angela winks at her and jumps into the water.

"I hear that!"  Jason strips down and leaps in after her.  As she enters the pool, something her father used to tell her enters her mind.  "Relationships always seem find their ways of working out if given a little effort and a little time.  Put forth the effort and something magical may happen… well something magical and naked… naked is good…"  Jason smiles as she swims towards the love of her life.
Well, I really hope you guys enjoyed part two! Please let me know what you think, I know it's a bit more than anything I've ever done before... Hopefully this is a good thing! Thanks again for reading! and please make it to the end, and if you would read the whole thing!
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the-llama-sama Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
Ah, To sum the whole last bit up with a well known quote:
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." :3
C10artfan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist
What the heck did I just witness. I feel that that sentence is a referance to something but I can't remember what
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
If you are referring to that last quote, I just made it up... You aren't the first to ask though! As to what you witnessed... heck I don't even know what goes on in my head half the time... haha Thanks for reading!
C10artfan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist
no problem, no I ment my sentence
petit-squeak Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
This was a very good read, i gotta say i really like your brand of humor, i truly laughed on the first car ride, i think you made good use of how easy is to suggest mental imagery.

Angela was a very dislike-able character, but i say it in a good way, i personally feel i wasn't suppose to like her and in the end she got what she deserved and that was pretty satisfying.

Just one thing i gotta mention, thinking it thru, it kind of does enhance how mean Angela was, but it's pretty weird that she automatically assumed Jason was cheating by making all the clothes look perfectly (even tho this time she was right), because, if someone had the ability Jason had, it's pretty obvious that if you command him to "imagine yourself wearing this" his mind would automatically picture the most perfect fit, specially since he had to imagine his girlfriend on it, doesn't it makes sense that he would involuntarily imagine her as hot as possible? ya know what i mean?

Maybe im looking too much into this, but that means good news for you! you wrote something entertaining enough for me to over think it!

well done!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011
Wow... uh... thanks for the comments! REALLY REALLY appreciate it.
As for the situation you are talking about, Angela wasn't assuming that he was cheating... she was more mad at him for lying to her about how well the clothes actually fit on her body just so that Jason could get back in her good graces... I guess I didn't clarify that very well...

Great to hear you were entertained, that's what I strive most for! And thanks for the favs to! :) You is the maximum awesomenesticity
sabrina100 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
as usual I loved the story, but to me it would of made sense to have Jason do the same thing to Angela. make her into the opposite gender to see how she liked it.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
Well, he might of considered it... but people don't always do logical things in fits of rage... (Or when I write stories, that's NEVER logical... lol) My thought was that he still loved her, and turining her into a guy just for revenge no longer embodies the woman he loves! Thanks a ton for reading and giving feedback! I always appreciate it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it
Steelerzrok13 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010
Wow. This is one of the best TF stories ive ever read. Its just incredible. All the TFs and Angelas in control then all of a sudden Jason is. I love this story. Very good.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
Wow, dude... that's quite the compliment! Cool to see you enjoyed it, that's what I strive for. It definately didn't get nearly the hits I was hoping for, so it's great to see that some people appreciate the work I put into these things! Thanks again
Steelerzrok13 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010
Your welcome. When I read it I just thought how well the plot was written out and how many TFs their were. I also like revenge stories, and this served as revenge for both characters
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010
I like my stories to have plots and character developoment... I just see too many stories on here that don't and want to offer something different to read other than what floods the site every day if you know what I mean. Thank again for the compliment!
Steelerzrok13 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
No problem
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Great job! :)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Dude, thanks a lot! The favs and the compliments are much appreciated and relight the fire to write more. Much appreciated!
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Yep! :)
nairn1572 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
oh and i forgot to say that i faved it xD.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010
Haha, Awesome :)
nairn1572 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
first of all great series, and i love this story :D.

second i like the way you put in leroy jenkins... i actually have the jenkins title on my guy in world of warcraft xD.

anyway hope you write more.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010
Hey, thanks a lot for the support dude! Glad to see people are getting the Leroy Jenjkins refernece. lol
I've got more where that one came from, hope you come back for more! Thanks again
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Nice short story. Very Impressive. lol, that quote at the end, did your father actually say something like that to you or did you make that on your own. I'm guessing the latter. That was pretty hilarious.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Thanks! Haha, I completely made that quote up... but it is true isn't it? Anyways, thanks for the feedback dude! It means a lot. Glad you enjoyed it, because I spend a crapload of time on these things...
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
I feel your pain, man! I'm still working hard on the Cyber Shifter series. I took your advice about it being kinda fast-pace and started making it slightly more detailed. But now, I think people are silently telling me that I should speed it up again because they can't stand reading in-between chapters which are slower than the previous.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Haha, well... to each his own I guess! It's impossible to make everyone happy! lol Do you think my stories are a little to slow? I try and mix in humor to keep it enjoyable... hopefully it's working...
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Why else do you think I have you on my watch list?
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Haha, alright then... Point taken! Thanks again
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Nah, they're good as is. Oh, yeah! It's working!
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
ok, first I loved that story, especialy that this time the story has ended!! ;)
And ended well.

2nd, Leeroy... Jenkin...
Come one and try to say you have never played World Of Warcraft =p
Unless you had by all hazzard remembered the old youtube Video ... btw over 14 millions view :D (almost 1 view per actual players)

And I must say that yess I had forseen that she would taste same king of medecine, but I never expected Jason to become a godlike fairy!!
I have been took by suprise :meow:
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Thanks a lot dude! I was begging to wonder after all the views and no favs, heck, not even a comment! So, it's good to know that people actually do like the story

Of course I know all about Leroy Jenkins, that's one of my all time favorite You Tube videos! I thought I'd pay it tribute, glad you caught it!

Good to know that I caught you by surprise! Was hoping for an exciting ending that most people wouldn't see comming. Glad you read the first part all the way through, because that part has a lot of forwshadowing and jokes in it that you won't get in the second part if you haven't read the first... Thanks again!
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Also the Victoria Secret Model with supernatural power walking half naked was also reminding me a movie I saw a long time ago ^.^

Yep, I am the guy who let comments every times something is interresting or wrong to me, I feel free to leave a comment.
Somes like it, and some don't heh ;)
ppl are not all able to accept critism :slow:

At the very least, I wish you an happy new year and a lot of inspirations for your actual running stories and get over with thems for 2k10!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
And the comments are greatly appreciated, at least by this guy... lol But man, 206 views and no favs! :( Depressing... oh well, life goes on...
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
I must admit I rarely Fav a text, you know why?

Because ppl that browse rarely read what I have in my FAVS, they only browse the images...

You know, humans are so freeking lasy, they like to watch images because it tak 30 seconds to see what might took 6, 8, 12, 40 hours to craft than taking 30 min - 1 hour to read a nicefully done text..

Writing is also ART and many seem to forget this.


out subject, I remarked that in this story too 1 person die =p
Is that normal that in almost all your story a random person die everytime? ;)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
Yeah, it does anger me when 5 minute sketches and paragraph long sex stories do better than people who actually put time into their work! Trust me, I've noticed it and it is... say the least! But, I've got a few readers and I'd rather write an enjoyable fiction over that other stuff anyday. Anyways, thanks again for the support man!
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