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Sorority Gyrls

The four young men walk along the streets of the university.  The street is lit dimly by the faint glow of the streetlamps amid the nebulous darkness.  “Seriously dude, couldn’t you have parked any closer?” Mike looks at Kyle as they continue to walk down the sidewalk.

“Look, for the last time… I got bad directions!”

“…and by bad directions, he means he can’t read street signs and felt like making us walking two miles…”    

“Shut up Mike…”

“I just can’t wait to get in, get some pizza, watch some TV and go to sleep.”  Peter mumbles as he kicks a rock across the sidewalk.  “You said this place comes furnished, right Kyle?

“Yeah, evidently it used to be a sorority and the occupants just disappeared.  Probably got into trouble with the law or something…”

“It used to be a what?  You didn’t say anything about a sorority house!”  Rob pushes Kyle in the back.  “If my room is pink I swear I’m going to kill you…”

“Hey, shut it… How else do you think I was able to get it for so cheap huh?  Besides, it’s gotta be better than those crappy campus apartments right.  Besides, most guys would kill to sleep in a sorority!”

“Yeah… one with girls in it…”  The Rob replies with his heads down.  They continue to walk for about another ten minutes before stopping in front of a large 2 story building with a dry dolphin fountain in the front yard.  Upon seeing the fountain Kyle blushes and buries his head in his jacket.  “Kyle, I swear… you are dead man…”  Mike laughs…”

“Believe me, I feel like killing myself right now… I almost don’t want to open the door…”  Kyle mumbles as he slips the key into the lock and quickly twists it.

Meanwhile… In the backyard of the old sorority house, two female spirits sit, attempting to relax in a hot tub…

“Ahhh, this feels soooo good… Can you think of any better way to spend an exile?”

“I hate you…”

“Oh come on Zara, don’t be such a spoil sport… Just relax!”

“I would… if I had a body…”

“I said I was sorry!  How was I supposed to know the girls found out and ran for it…”

“What Faith… me running out of the house shouting “No wait, they are running for it!” didn’t tip you off?  So you go and turn the last two remaining girls into a hot tub… and they were good looking too…”
“I…I…I’m sorry, It’s just that I always wanted a hot tub.  I guess I wasn’t paying attention…  Gotta admit though, this does feel awesome!”

“Shut up Faith… you know you can’t feel anything…”

“I know Zara, it’s just the principle of the thing!  Besides, it’s not all my fault… You turned two of them into a washer and dryer combo…”

“So?  That was before they ran for it… How else were we going to wash our clothes?  Besides, they were ugly anyways…”

“Very true…”

“And Faith, it was your fault they ran for it in the first place.  You just had to have that 50” LCD TV, and then you turn the other girl into that hideous pink couch, in plain sight no less… which gets you caught… and now look where we are, still no bodies… and I’m stuck here with you…”

“That couch is not hideous!  You take that back!”

“Never… it is hideous…”  Zara then looks at the house as the fait unlocking of the doors fills her ears.  “Did you hear that?”

“No… you are probably just imagining things again…”

“I swear, I heard it this time… Come on let’s go…”

“…Fine…”  Reluctantly Faith follows Zara out of the hot tub as they glide back inside towards the living room.  The door slowly creaks open as four young men make their way into the house.

“See I told you!”  Zara looks triumphantly back at Faith as the two of them merge with the ceiling as to better spy on their prey.

Kyle slowly enters the room, his eyes quickly finding the pink couch in the corner.  “Oh crap…”  Peter quickly enters behind him and breaks out into hysterical laughter.  “Hahaha, dude that is the most hideous thing I have ever laid eyes on.  You are so sleeping on that…”

Zara grins at Faith, “See, it is hideous…”

“Sorry, I like pink okay?”

Mike enters a few second later, quickly scanning the room.  “Holy cow, now that is a nice TV.”  He walks over to the LCD and turns it on.  “1080p and everything!  Sweet!”  He walks over to the couch, smiling at Kyle… “You pick this one out yourself did you?”  Lazily he flops onto the cushions and starts flipping through the channels.

Rob quickly walks through the living room.  “I’m gonna go claim the manliest bedroom… if there is such a thing in this place… See you ladies later…”

Zara points down at Kyle, “I’m so taking the cute one…”

“Why do you get the cute one?”

“Because I don’t want you turning him into a sauna!”

“Fine…”  Faith crosses her arms and speeds off after Rob.

“Let’s get some food in here…”  Mike picks up his cell phone, “What you guys want… meatlovers sound good?”

“Yep, fine by me…”  Kyle responds.  “Anyone else?”  Mike calls out.

“Meh, just go with it…” Kyle shrugs his shoulders.  “Anyways, I’m gonna go shower, be back in a bit…”

“Later dude” Peter looks up from inspecting the kitchen.

Kyle walks into the bathroom, which is filled with fuzzy toilet seat covers, a floral patterned  shower curtain, and several other feminine accessories.  Not to mention the personal care products left behind by the previous occupants.  “At least we have a washer and dryer…”  Kyle grumbles as he pulls back the curtain and starts the shower.  He undresses and steps into the heated stream.  Pulling the curtain back he plugs the drain as to allow the water to coalesce at his feet.  Picking up the bathing supplies he brought with his he begins to later the soap across his body.  Closing his eyes, he basks in the warmth of the downpour, not noticing the water starting to take on a pinkish hue…  “Oh man, this feels awesome…”  He breathes the steam deeply and reopens his eyes.  “What the!”  He leaps backwards as the pink liquid streams onto his body.  He attempts to escape but the shower curtain springs to life and tightly wraps around his struggling body.  He frantically fights it, letting out muffled screams but the shower curtain maintains its anaconda like grasp of him.  As the water continues to rise, the curtain forces Kyle down into the bath.  Slowly it submerges his head beneath the surface.  Running low on oxygen, Kyle fights for his life, but after a few more seconds the final bubble of life escapes his lungs and pops on the surface.  Sure that the work has been done, the curtain slowly loosens its grip on his lifeless body and returns to its natural position.  As Kyle’s body hovers beneath the surface, the pink liquid begins working on his skin, quickly mutating him into a formless free floating goop.  Zara smiles as she looks into the now flesh toned pool.

Slowly she steps into the mixture, the goop adhering to her bodiless aurora.  Lying with her head resting against the rear of the tub, the flesh migrates onto her body.  Within a matter of seconds, sleek feminine appendages have formed from her slender torso.  Seemingly satisfied, she submerges her head, keeping it there until the water has turned back into its clear normality, signifying the completion of her transformation.  As her head reemerges, glistening blond hair falls halfway down her back.  Looking down she inspects herself, feeling quite pleased at the proportionality.  “Not bad for a fist time if I do say so myself!” Zara smiles.  She attempts to remove herself from the tub but finds her skin only to be a hollow shell covering her ghostly insides, unable to support any weight whatsoever.  “Crap… What am I going to do now…”  She groans as she sinks back into the water.  Suddenly, a knock at the door causes her to perk up.

“Yo, Kyle… you okay in there?”  Mike waits a few seconds before shouting a little more loudly this time.  “Hey, dude… Some of us want to get in there too you know.”  A few more seconds pass…  “Hey, Kyle are you in there?”  Slowly he turns the doorknob as he enters the bathroom, shielding his eyes.  “Kyle?”  Hearing no answer he looks into the tub only to lay his eyes on the most beautiful woman he has ever seen…  “Ummm, I’m sorry… I’ll uh…”  He turns to try and leave but smacks his face into the door, forcing a giggle from Zara.  “Hey there cutie… don’t worry about it… come over here!”  Mike couldn’t believe his luck, this beautiful seductress was actually talking to him! “Just wait till I tell the guys!” is all that runs through his mind.  Slowly he makes his way to the tub, eyes transfixed upon the beauty within.  

“Come closer, I want to ask you something…” Zara whispers seductively as Mike brings his face within inches of her own.  Taking her tongue, she runs it across his cheek.  Mike couldn’t believe it, he was in!  Looking down at her, she forces her lips onto Mike’s as his mind swirls with all of his greatest fantasies.  He was astounded at the amount of saliva exchange, especially coming from her, but his mind didn’t dare let him stop.  His insides almost felt as if they were melting, as a fire had erupted in his chest and was spreading into all of his limbs.  With every passing second his body feels weaker, completely lost within the passionate locking of their lips.  The intensity picks up as Zara began sucking on his lips with all her might.  Mike could feel liquids free flowing from his mouth into her own.  He tries to escape for some air, but Zara’s hand presses against the back of his head, holding him steady.  He can barely stand as he desperately tries to escape her, but it is no use, his muscles have liquefied and are steadily flowing into his captor.  Gaining strength in her arms, Zara hoists Mike into the air, drinking his limp body dry like a bottle of soda.  With a few final squeezes of his head, Zara empties his body and feels the remainder of the liquefied organs rematerialize within herself.  “Ahhh, now that’s better!”  

Zara hoists herself onto her legs and exits the tub.  Using Kyle’s towel she proceeds to dry herself off.  “What to wear…”  Disappointed, she glances around the bathroom but finds no traces of female attire.  She looks down at Mike’s deflated body and then over at the washing machine.  “I always knew this thing would come in handy!”  Giggling, she slings Mike’s body over her shoulder and walks over to the machine.  She glances at the knobs and begins choosing her setting.  After looking down over her body carefully she reaches for the first knob.  “I’d say I’m about a medium load.”  She twists the setting and continues down the line of settings.  “Ummm… I want to be hot…”  In her mind she wonders why the “cold” setting is even on there.  “Definitely delicate…” She twists the next knob.  She turns the last dial onto the “permanent press” setting, after all who doesn’t want their clothes to be permanent?  Opening the lid, she tosses Mikes limp form into the machine, adds a little bleach, and recloses the lid.  Pressing the start button, she hears it whir to life.  Returning to the tub, she draws some more hot water, closes her eyes and relaxes as she waits for her clothes to finish.

Meanwhile, Rob marches up the stars to the 2nd floor.  Opening feminine room after room he begins to lose hope of finding anything semi normal in the place.  As he continues down the hallway he finally comes across a room seemingly untouched by the estrogen curse that seems to have plagued every other room in the building, the guest bedroom!  Quickly, he unloads his clothes staking his claim to the room.  With a sigh of relief, he relaxes on the futon near the wall, unaware of Faith’s presence in the room.  A grin spreading across her face, Faith begins to size him up.  While Rob lies with his eyes closed, Faith begins to rummage through his belongings, eventually stumbling across a book with many beautiful women in it.  “Wow, he must have many girlfriends!”  Faith thinks to herself as she turns the first page, uncovering a woman evidently named “January”.  She continues on through February, who was much too short for her taste.  Slowly she continues through the book, fully inspecting each lady, until she reaches a beauty named “June”.  She was perfect, everything from her 6 foot 2 stature to her wavy brunette hair.  She even came with a pink bikini!  Thrilled, Faith possesses the book and slowly makes her way to Rob’s side.  His right arm hanging from the futon, she floats into the air and begins passing the book through his fingers.  As his hand enters the book, sleek feminine fingers emerge from the other side.  Faith makes it halfway up his arm before Rob realizes that something is off.  He opens his eyes and quickly stands up as the tingling sensation continues up his arm.  Looking at his right arm he is horrified to find the calendar slowly working his way up his arm, and…those…those definitely are not his hands!  Quickly he takes his left arm and tries to force the calendar off of himself but his left arm becomes trapped within the image, quickly emerging slender and feminized on the other side.  “Somebody help me!”  He screams, but Peter can’t hear him over the blaring of the television set.  He vigorously begins shaking his arms, trying to fling it off, but it is no use.  Faith continues her trajectory, quickly reaching his shoulder blades, rendering the use of Rob’s arms useless.

The calendar then alters its course as it stretches and begins slowly cascading down his head.  His black hair passes though and emerges as wavy brunette strands flowing down his neck.  Faith grins as Rob pleads loudly for help.  “Please, Please, Please!  Stop!” He continues to shout, it was almost laughable to her… As she slips down his face, his brown eyes change to burn with a sapphire blue radiance, framed by longer eyelashes.  The stubble from 3 days of not shaving disappears, only to have his skin reemerge smooth and delicate on the other side.  Rob’s shouts of panic cease as crimson lips replace his own.  Faith gleefully continues down Rob’s body, quickly approaching his chest.  Rob’s shirt becomes absorbed by the calendar leaving beautifully tanned skin in its wake.  Taught pink straps flow over his shoulders as the calendar drops below his chest leaving behind a set of modest breasts supported within the bikini top.  The shirt continues to disappear, giving way to a slenderized flat stomach and a 28”waist.  The remnants of the shirt all but disappear as the torso of the swimsuit model completely overtakes Rob’s, but the process isn’t done yet.  

A wave of desperation flows through Rob’s consciousness as the calendar begins to drop over across his pelvis.  His hips tone and widen, but this isn’t what he is so concerned about… that is… Faith has now taken nearly everything he has ever known, his looks, his free will, and now… his gender…  Rob falls into depression as a pink bikini bottom covers her new gender and extends behind to partially conceal her tight ass.  Nearly complete, Faith hurries down his hairy legs, leaving them slender and silky.  Soon the calendar drops to the floor as a soulless barefoot swimsuit model stands where the freshman college student stood minutes before.  Excitedly, faith enters her new body, quickly taking over its consciousness.  With a squeal of glee, she begins running excitedly around the bedroom, throwing in the occasional leap and shouts of “Yes!” and “Finally!”  After a few minutes of sheer jubilation, she walks over to the calendar that had once contained her beautiful body and picks it up.  There sitting on the beach, forever encased as an image is Rob.  “Thanks for your help handsome!”  She giggles as she plants a kiss on his picture.  “Wait a minute… your name isn’t June…”  She notes as she stares at the picture, proceeding to replace the name “June” on the top of the picture with the name “Rob”.  Satisfied, she drops the calendar to the floor, and begins to run towards the stairway.  “I gotta go find Zara!”

Down in the bathroom, Zara continues to relax in the steaming water until she hears the rumbling of the washing machine come to a stop.  “Geez… Finally…”  She steps out of the tub and pulls the plug.  Intensifying the lighting of the bathroom to quickly dry herself, she creates a consistent wind that blows through the room from nowhere, whipping through her hair and drying her in about a minute’s time.  As the temperature of the room returns to normal, she anxiously walks to the washing machine and lifts the lid…  “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” A squeal of sheer jubilation escapes her lips.  Mike’s body had apparently been enough to provide her with an entire wardrobe!  She quickly pulls out a pair of pearl white silky panties and a bra.  Hurriedly, she slips them on and admires herself in the mirror for a few moments, striking a few sexy poses.  Returning to the washing machine, she lifts out a pure black sleeveless silk top and grins as the fabric caress her skin as she lifts it on.  Completing her outfit she pulls out a pair of jean shorts, slips them over her slender legs and walks out barefoot, enjoying the feeling of the carpet between her toes.  “Wonder how Faith’s doing…” She ponders as she makes for the staircase.

Faith makes her way to the top of the staircase, barely able to contain her excitement.  Hearing footsteps from below, she looks down to see some female in a black top beginning to make her way up the stairs…  “Oh my gosh Zara… Lookin good!” She thinks to herself.  Posing at the top of the stairs with one hand on her hip and the other seductively above her head on the wall, she awaits for her friend to make her way to the second floor.

Zara quickly makes her way up the staircase, past the scantily dressed female in the pink bikini, quickly making her way for the hallway… wait a minute…pink bikini?  Zara stops in her tracks and turns around.  “Faith?”  “Yes!”  Faith leaps onto Zara, wrapping her arms about her neck.  “Can you believe it!”  Faith giddily exclaims.

“Wow…Faith… you look so…um…modest…”  Zara jokes.

“Oh shut up… you’re just mad that you’re not as hot as me!”

“Uh huh… you do look really good though!  Where did you come up with that look anyways?”

“Thanks Zara, you look amazing yourself!  Well, you see… there was this book with these women in it…I picked this one named June.”

“That was a calendar stupid… June is a month not a name!  You just had to go with a pink bikini didn’t you…  Sometimes I think you are obsessed you know that?”

“HEY!  She came with a pink bikini!”  Faith exclaims.

“Yeah… right…”

“She did!”

“Uh huh… sure she did…”

“Shut up!”  Faith turns her back on Zara, clearly upset.  “Oh hey, come on… I was kidding… let’s go… we have a guy downstairs to take care of!”  Zara quickly begins walking down the stairs, Faith in hot pursuit.  The two of them make their way to the living room to find Peter lying on the couch watching something on the discovery channel.  “Hey there handsome, mind if we join you?” Zara seductively walks towards the couch.  “The others said that we could find you here.”  Faith makes her way over to his side.

“Uh…um…uh…wha…uh……Hi…”  Peter mumbles as the women sit on both sides of the couch next to him,  he would definitely have to thanks the guys later for this one.  “What… um… you ladies want something to drink?”

“No thanks, we actually came here to see if you wanted to join us as a roommate…  See, we are one short… and the other guys said it’s okay…So, you think you might want to room with me and my friend here?”  Zara does her best puppy eyes expression.  “Um… yeah! Sure!  Here, just me get my stuff and…”
“GREAT!” Zara interrupts and flings her body on top of Peter, pressing her lips into his.  She begins stroking the sides of his face.  Soon, Peter can feel another pair of hands running across his torso, he can only assume the other female has joined in as well.  Peter is pretty sure this is going to be the best year of college ever as an intoxicating tingling sensation erupts inside of him.  Zara continues pressing into his lips, sending a fog of passion into his brain, drugging his senses.  As her hands fun over his face, black scales erupt on his skin beneath the stroke of her fingers.  Quickening her pace, she runs her hands through his hair, causing it to recede back into his scalp as 4 horns erupt from his forehead.  The two horns on the side grow about 2 inches and the center two quickly reach 8.  The scales spread down the side of the head, transforming his ears into nothing more than simple slits.  His brown eyes shift into slits encapsulated by a fiery red as the whites of his eyes change their hue.  Her hands streak down towards his mouth, bringing his scaly flesh with it, soon molding his face into a draconian muzzle.  As her tongue brushes against his teeth, they sharpen into flesh searing instruments of death.  With a final small injection of saliva forced from her lips into his mouth, a fiery essence forms in the back of his throat signaling her that the transformation has been completed.  He her lips disengage from his mouth, she can feel the dragon’s superheated breath upon her face.  “How’s it commin down  there Faith?”  Zara asks as she looks down to investigate the drago… “What in the heck are you doing?”  As she looks down, Zara can see the scales stopping at the dragon’s neckline giving way to a beautifully tanned female body encased in a pearl white bikini.

“Just a sec… I’m almost done here!”  Faith puts the finishing touches on Peter’s feet causing her new toenails to shine with a clear polish.  “Anyways, you were saying?”  Faith looks up at Zara, “What have you done to her!” she shouts as she takes notice of her supermodels face.  “That’s hideous!”

“It’s a dragon moron… You know, in case the elders find out what we did?  We need some kind of protection… What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that I’d like to have someone else to talk to around here besides you…”  Faith replies sarcastically.  “And I know it’s a dragon…”

“Well hurry up and fix it before she starts to realize what’s going on… you were dumb enough to leave her some humanity… a whole lot of humanity in fact…”  Zara places her lips on the dragon’s mouth once more.

“I’ll show you dumb…” Faith mumbles under her breath as she goes to work on the female body.

“What was that?”


Zara intoxicates Peter’s senses once again as this time she breathes down his throat in a continuous gust.  As the air fills Peter’s body new scales begin to creep down her chest and back.  Soon, the pressure becomes too much for her body to contain as powerful wings bust from her backside.  Her body continues to expand as her muscles grow in proportion to fill the void.  Meanwhile, Faith goes to work on the hands.  Dark scales flow down the palms into her fingers.  Audible cracking noises fill the room as the fingers pop and lengthen into talon like appendages.  Her fingernails become dark and grow steadily into powerful claws.  Faith runs her hands down Peter’s legs hurrying the spread of the black scales.  Using the same method as before, she caresses Peter’s feet causing them to quickly undergo the same transformation.  Peter’s sheer size, now border lining 12 feet in length causes her to fall forward onto her power appendages as Zara continues to blow.  Faith hurries around to her backside and begins channeling energy from her fingertips into the base of Peter’s spine.  A scaly growth begins to emerge into her hands as she slowly pulls the tail out of Peter’s body.     

After about a minute, Faith has lengthened the tail to 10 feet.  She stands back and watches as it gains muscle in proportion to the rest of its massive body.  Seeing that the body has finally reached 15 feet tall, 25 feet from head to tail, she removes her lips from Peter’s mouth and takes a step back.  “Wow… nice job down there Faith!  Looking good, I see you haven’t lost your touch!”

“Thanks, same to you!”  Faith runs her hand over the powerful tail of her creation.  “Now just to alter the mind and fuse our girl permanently to her form…” Zara smiles as she places her hands on Peter’s head.  Closing her eyes, she places her head up against Peter’s muzzle and begins to channel her energy.

“Let’s see how she likes this…” Faith smirks as she pours her energy into Peter’s tail causing the black scales to burn a bright pink.  The color change quickly spreads across the dragon’s body, in a matter of seconds Peter’s body glistens in a pink brilliance.  “And… done!”  Zara smiles as she stands upright and opens her eyes… “Faith, I’m going to kill you!  I made it permanent you idiot, now we can’t change it!”

“I know!”  Faith smiles proudly.

“Faith… who’s ever head of a pink dragon before… I mean just look at her, she’s atrocious!”

“Hey, don’t you talk about Arcania that way!”  Faith walks over to Arcania’s head and pets her lovingly as the dragon nuzzles her face.

“You named her… Arcania?  Faith, you have got to be the…” Zara stops as she gets interrupted by the doorbell.  “I’ll get it… maybe I’ll actually get to talk to someone sane for once…”

“Don’t you worry about her Arcania, I think you look so cute!”  Faith tries to reassure her new pet, but just succeeds in depressing her further.  Arcania turns her head away from her new master and lies in on the floor, a superheated sigh exiting her nostrils.  Dragons aren’t supposed to be…”cute”.  “Don’t worry about it girl, I wouldn’t have you any other way… Come on, let’s go check up on Zara.”  Faith widens the doorways and ceilings a few feet to allow for Arcania to more easily move through the house.  Faith heads towards the living room but the dragon stays behind.  “Hey girl, aren’t you coming?”  Arcania doesn’t flinch.  “Suit yourself… I’ll be right back!”  

“But, uh… we didn’t order any pizza!”  Zara argues with the young man at the door.  

“It says here that you did, one extra large meatlovers…”  The pizza man shows her the box.

“But… *sigh*… oh well, nothing wrong with a pizza I guess… here come on in and I’ll get you some money.”  Zara takes the pizza from him, walks into the kitchen and, and sets it on the table as the young man takes a few steps inside.

“Ooooh!  Hey, Zara what’s that?”  Faith excitedly hurries to the table.  “It’s a pizza…”  Zara replies, still annoyed over the last situation.  “I know it’s a pizza, and you shouldn’t of talked to Arcania that way… you hurt her feelings.”  Faith folds her arms over her chest.

“Arcania is a worthless pink dragon… I don’t really give a crap thanks to you!  Anyways, now isn’t the time…”  Zara whispers under her breath.  “Hey, how much do I owe you?”  Zara calls to the man at the door.

“The cost is thirteen dollars and… AHHH!!!  AHHHH!!! Oh my god, help me! Hel……”  Zara and Faith watch as the man gets hoisted into air by his waist, by some invisible force, which tosses his up to the ceiling and upon his decent, engulfs him completely.  “Umm… what just happened?  Zara glances over at Faith only to find that she is already quickly approaching the invisible force.

“Who’s my big strong ferocious dragon!”  Faith runs towards Arcania, who has just reappeared in front of the doorway.  She runs up and hugs the dragon’s huge head as is snuggles against her body.  “Woah, Arcania… Most impressive!  I guess you’re not so worthless after a….”  Zara’s body gets thrown like a rag doll against the far wall of the kitchen by a concentrated light blast from the throat of Arcania.

“I don’t think she likes you…”  Faith calls over, now sitting on Arcania’s back in between her wings.  “Yeah, thanks… I can tell…”  Zara sits rubbing her head.

Arcania looks back towards Faith for reassurance… “Good girl!” She whispers as the dragon rubs it’s head against her lovingly once again.  “Geez, get a room…” Zara mutters under her breath as she watches the two of them snuggle against each other.  Arcania quickly snaps her head back around and glares at Zara threateningly…  “Kidding… Just kidding!”  Zara quickly retreats for cover behind the countertop.  Acraina turns back towards Faith to find her lying on her back comfortably between her wings.  Resting her head on the carpet, the two shut their eyes, falling asleep in a matter of seconds.  Carefully, Zara pokes her head out from behind the counter.  Seeing that the two have miraculously fallen asleep, she grabs a slice of pizza, heads over to the couch and flips on the television.  Just then one of Arcania’s giant wings springs to life and completely obstructs her view, as it opens a few inches from the screen.  “You have got to be kidding me!”  Zara get’s off the couch and heads towards her bedroom.  Arcania simply smiles as she leaves the room.

“I really hate this place…”  Zara mumbles as she walks up the stairs.  She is fairly certain this is going to be the worst year of college… ever…
Hey, sorry I've been dead for so long. Have no fear, I will get back to Survivor of Souls soon... but you know when you have one of those ideas that you just HAVE to do... well... you have to do it! Anyways, here it is... and I hope it was worth the wait! Just let me know!

If you enjoy it it, the fav's are always greatly appreciated!

Like it or don't, comments are always appreciated as well!

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SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
:(... my next one shouldn't be as squeamish...

Technically, yes... they are murderers and it is like a crime... but at the same time, realize that it is just supposed to be interesting and enjoyable to read... and the main characters thought they had a reason for what they did, no matter how wrong it actually was... It's just supposed to be an enjoyable read, nothing more! :D
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
if they have a master... THe master must not be very nice, haha ;)

And yes, it was as good a cookie could be to eat!
exellent work done!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
Well, you know... they got exiled for a reason!
Hey, thanks for the compliment! I've been working on figuring out that story for a while now, so I'm glad you see you all enjoyed it!
kathyismad123 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
Very original thinking. I like the idea of 2 spirits or witches or whatever possessing some men making them into their bodies.Good story overall hope to see more like it in the future. 5\5
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
Hey, I'm hoping to write more like it in the future... It's what I do! :D
Thanks for reading and the comments, they really do mean a lot!
5/5! Shweet :)
ohhdarnitproductions Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
this was amazingly written!! absolutly some of your best work!! I have no clue what i would have done provided i hadn't found your writting! the comedy was eexciting and captivating, the romance was playful yet dark and the characters were three dementional! beautifully done, pefectly conceived and immaculuet in every way! you are a god of the written word!!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
Umm... Wow... Okay! I'll take that as a compliment! :D
Hey, thanks for the support man... I appreciate it! The constant feedback is great, thanks again!
ohhdarnitproductions Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
i kinda pride myself on not having those dumb "aww, i lurv's it so much, its cute", i tend to give more substatial info and try to stray from too much critiscizm
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
Yeah, I know what you mean... Those kind of comments, however nice... get reptetive... but at least it lets you know that they enjoyed it... I love critiques and critisism, and if you like something, it's nice to know WHY, (even is you don't like it... still tell me why...) so I know what my audience enjoys! I think I'm beginning to notice a pattern of humorous darkness in my stories... but I think it makes for a more interesting, readable, adn enjoyable story, which is what I strive for! (apart from being a little unorthadox)
Thanks again!
ohhdarnitproductions Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
totally! i just kinda wish that i would get those kinds of comments on my writting from some of my watchers TT_TT. there only in it for my artisit's work, not my own. im not telling you to comment or anything, but i wish the others would
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2009
Yeah, sorry dude... I barely find time to write my stuff much less go around and read stuff... lol But, Ill try to get over there and glace at what you got! If I get around to it, I'll even give you a critique... lol

and what's the difference between your artist's work... and your own?
ohhdarnitproductions Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
no its fine, im not telling you to go! i just have too much time on my hands.

Her art is that of a daily deviation caliber... at least in my mind. its very clean woven drawings... and shes only thirteen! if your going to check anything out, check her stuff!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
which is "her" stuff?
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