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The Opposite Day Genie  
(WARNING!  MATURE CONTENT!  Mention of nudity, sexual themes, and some profanity...)

"Steve... Oh STEVE!  Wakey Wakey!"  Sylvia forcibly chucks a pillow onto her sleeping brother's face.

"Wha... huh?"  Steve throws the pillow off his face...  "What the hell?"  He looks at his 20 year old sister Sylvia decked out in Samus' zero suit.  "Come on, the whole cosplay thing doesn't even start for another 4 hours!  Leave me alone..."  He shuts his eyes and attempts to drift back to sleep...

Sylvia sneaks close to his face and screams at the top of her lungs... "WAKEY WAKEY STEEVIE!"

"Gah!  What!"  He quickly sits up...  "What the hell is your problem!  I told you to leave me alone!"

"Exactly!"  Sylvia smacks him in the face with another pillow.  "Happy opposite day!"

"Happy WHAT?"  Steve throws the pillow off his bed.  "You have to be kidding me... you woke me up because of opposite day!  That's got to be the stupidest reason I've ever heard... Get out of my room..."

"Opposite day isn't stupid!"

"Yes it is... no go away..."

"...Yes it is now go away..."  The words echoed in Rise's ears as she watched the scene unfold between the siblings.  "How dare that male insult MY holiday!  I think someone needs to be taught a lesson... Time to show him just how stupid opposite day can REALLY be!"

Sylvia jumps onto his bed and shakes him vigorously... "You said to go away!  Opposite day!"

"I don't care!  Get off!!!"  He pushes Sylvia off only to have a 6 foot swimsuit clad bomshell fall from seemingly out of nowhere onto his chest...  "Ooomph!"

"What!  I didn't do anything!"  Laura stares down at her brother who is clutching his stomach as if the wind had been knocked out of him...  "What happened?"

"Sorry about that landing... they can be a bit tricky sometimes!"  Rise rolls off of Steve and sits on the side of the bed.  "The name is Rise, opposite genie by trade, pleasure to meet you."

Steve sits up in his bed, still clutching his stomach... "Opposite... what?"  He pants toward the mysterious woman, still trying to catch his breath.

"I'm just your friendly neighborhood bikini clad opposite genie!  Seriously, you've never heard of me?  For the entire day, your wish is my command!  What do you say we get started?"  Rise's bubbly spirit does nothing to pull Steve out of his groggy early morning syndrome.

"Yeah... yeah.... whatever lady..."  Steve buries his face back in his pillow.  

For the past few seconds, Sylvia just stood there... perplexed at the sight of her brother seemingly having a full fledged conversation with... well... no one...  "Uh, Steve?  You okay?"  Sylvia gently prods her brother on the shoulder.  "Steve?"  She begins to prod him harder...  "Steve I wish you would talk to me! "

Steve immediately sits up at his sister's relentless prodding.  "Shut up Sylvia!"  He throws a pillow at her head.  "Go away... Seriously, I wish you weren't such a pain in my ass!"

"Wish Granted!"  Rise squeals with delight.  "Oh Steve... the fun we are going to have today..."

"Wish... WHAT?"  Steve looks at the half naked woman standing on the edge of his bed when suddenly his boxers are whisked off of his legs, completely exposing his lower extremities.  "Sylvia!!!  What are you doing!"  He gasps as she nonchalantly drops his boxers onto the floor, her face emotionless as she crawls onto his bed.  "Slyvia... you are freaking me out... GAHHH!  STOP!"  He yelps as her cold hands grasp his legs and lift them into the air.  Desperately, he tries to back away but an invisible force holds him in place against his will.  "No! No! No!  PLEEEASE!  AHHH!"  He watches wide eyed as his sisters hands insert themselves... well... into where the sun doesn't shine.  "NO STOOOOP!  GAH, IT HURTS!  He winces as his sisters head begins to slowly and painfully works its way into himself.  "Rise!  Make her stop!  AHHHH!!!"

Rise grins as she watches Sylvia's head disappear into Steve's hind quarters.  Evidently using her hands as leverage, Sylvia continues to pull her father and farther through the entrance of her new home.  As she continues to struggle through her extremely small door, Steve's hind quarters seem to be getting slightly plumper by the second, making room for its new permanent resident.  Just as Slyvia's chest squishes itself through, her body begins to slow it's advance... eventually coming to a squirming halt...

"Ahhh... Please... Please stop!"  Tears streak down Steve's face as her looks longingly at Rise.  "Please, don't just stand there... help me!"

"Sure thing Stevie, it doesn't appear that she'll be able to make it all by herself...  I'll give her a hand..."  Rise walks over to Sylvia's exposed legs and grips them tightly.  "On the count of three then...  ONE..."





"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"  Steve screams in agony as Rise begins to thrust Sylvia forward with hard short bursts.

"Come on Stevie!  We can do it!"  Inch by inch, Sylvia's waist slips into farther her brother as Rise forcefully continues to grant his wish…   

"Why are you doing this!"  Steve opens his eyes just long enough to take a look between his legs, nothing remaining exposed of his sister other than her tight ass and her legs... "OWWW  RISE!!!  SHIT!"  Well, now just her legs...  Breathing heavily from the pain, Steve angrily gasps  "I wish you'd just hurry up or something!"

"Can do!"  Rise immediately lets go of Sylvia's legs, which being flailing wildly.  
"AHHHH!!!  THAT HURTS!"  Punching his butt hastily, Steve tries to get his sister's attention.  "Sylvia... STOP!"  Steve watches exhaustingly as the kicking slows to an eventual halt.  "Oh... geez... finally..."  Exhaling deeply, Steve begins to massage his aching hind quarters.  Looking at the woman smiling at him from the other side of his bed Steve's emotions turn red with fury...  "What the hell did you do that for!"

"Simple!  Master wished me to...  I must admit, I found the request rather strange but... who am I to judge?"

"I... what?  I did not ask you to shove my sister into my butt!!!"

"Correct master... You WISHED for her to be in your "ass" I think you called it at the time."

"Why in the world would I do that!  I don't want my sister in my butt!  Wait... is she dead?  DID YOU KILL HER?"

"I don't think so master..."  Rise beings to tickle Sylvia's feet which immediately begin to kick vigorously again...

"AHHHHHH!!!!!  STOP!!!"  Steve begins pounding on his butt again until his sister's kicking subsides.

"See master, she's still alive and kicking!"

"Yeah... thanks... I can tell...  So, now seriously, why did you do that again?"

"Cause... you wished for it... duh?  We've been over this..."

"Wished!  The only thing I wish is that I knew what the hell is going on around here!"

"Sure thing Steve!"  Rise waves her hands through the air as Steve's eyes begin to dull momentarily as a whisp of silvery smoke emits from his head, taking memories with it...  Snapping her fingers, Rise brings him back to reality.

"Uhhh... wha... what happened?"  Steve rolls out of his bed, a strange feeling coming from his backside.  Standing upright, he almost falls over backwards, his body not quite used to some extra weight... or something...  Looking down he is shocked to see his exposed lower extremities, not being one to sleep in his "birthday suit" on a regular basis.  Groggily he picks his boxers up off the floor and slips them over his legs, only to find that no matter how hard he tugs, they won't go on!  Continuing with his struggle, his hand brushes against a strange thing protruding from his backside...  "What the!"  Quickly he rushes into the bathroom, taking a look into the mirror...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"  Steve screams in horror as his now oversized ass has a full-fledged pair of legs growing from them!

Rise busts through the door, "Everything okay Steve?"

Turning around, Steve eyes come upon quite possibly the most beautiful being he has ever seen in his life!  "Wait... You...Me... N... N...Naked... No pants on... You in undergarments...  Di...Did We... Are You Pregnant?"  With his mind moving 100 miles per hour, Steve's eyes roll into the back of his head...

"Steve... with YOU!  Are you kidding?  Not in a million years! I'm ju..."  Rise watches him feint straight backwards, forcing Sylvia's legs the rest of the way into his... you know...  " Well,  at least we got that out of the way!  Cause those legs were making you look really... weird"  A bucket of icy water materializes in her hands with a wave of her fingers.  "Time to wake up Stevo..."

An icy wakeup call shocks Steve's system back to reality.  Standing over him is the same bikini clad beauty that made him faint before.  "Wow.... pretty..."

Rolling her eyes, Rise lets out a sigh, "Men..."   "Alright lover boy... get up...  I'm not your girlfriend, the name is Rise, I'm an opposite genie..."

"Right right..."  Steve is barely listening as he looks at himself in the mirror...  "I wish I didn't have such a girly looking butt you know?  How did it get like this anyways?"

Rise smacks herself in the forehead... "Coming right up Master..."

Sylvia moans in pain as the walls of her newfound prison begins to contort and contract, squishing her into impossible proportions.  Her bones crack and readjust as to realign with her new heart shaped container.

Wide eyed, Steve watches as his ass becomes one that he would gladly drool over... if it wasn't on him...  As he turns, his hips seem to sway with it, exaggerating it's movement.  It truly is the most beautifully horrific thing he'd ever seen in his life...  "What happened to my butt!"

"Uhhh... only what you wished... remember me, opposite genie?"

"Did you say... opposite genie?"

"Sure did... all yours!  All day!"

"Wait... so... you did the opposite of what I said?"

"It's what I'm here for!"  Rise smiles proudly.

"Okay then... well to avoid any future accidents (He glances at his butt again...) I wish that you would ask me if "I'm sure" before you grant any of my wishes... and... on top of that, only grant a wish if I specifically say "I wish" before statement... got it?"

Rise can barely contain her laughter, "As you wish my beautifully bottomed Steve!"  Rise waves her hands and a breeze fills the room, only to die down seconds later.

Holding his now way too small boxers in his hands, Steve sighs out loud.  "Man... I want to find something  that will actually fit me..."

"You got it!"

"What?  No!  I specifially said..."  The boxers in his hands vanish into thin air... "No! No! No!"  The rest of Steve's body becomes completely exposed as the clothing vanishes from his body.  Running into his bedroom, he hastily opens his closet... "SHIT!  What am I supposed to do!"  He yells as all traces of suitable clothing have disappeared from his room.  "Rise!  What did you do!  I specifically told you NOT to do this!  This doesn't make any sense... I want to know what's going on!"

"Oh Steve... when will you learn..."  Rise waves her hands once again, and once again Steve's eyes go blank as his memories leave him...

A few moments later, a discombobulated male stares down at himself... completely naked...  "Where are my clothes!"  He begins to tear his room apart when suddenly a dreaded noise fills the house...  "Oh no..."  The doorbell rings again...  "Just a second!" Steve shouts frantically.  His best friend John was coming over to get ready for the cosplay convention later, but there is no way he can open the door in his current state!  Desperate, Steve runs to the bathroom for a towel. but every single one he touches seems to vanish out of existence at his touch!  "What am I gonna do!"  Steve shouts to himself as the doorbell rings yet again.  As he leaves the bathroom, a strange swaying catches his attention... "When did my butt get so... girly?"  He quickly grabs it as he looks it over, when suddenly the doorbell rings a few more times from apparent frustration...  "C...Comming..."  Steve calls out as he worriedly heads to the door...

"Geez man, about time!"  John steps through the open door as Steve quickly covers himself with his hands.  "Uh... nice dude... did I come at a bad time?"  John laughs as Steve stands naked in embarrassment.

"John... something weird is going on man... all of my clothes... they... they just disappeared!"

"Uh huh... right...  Nice ass by the way... That had better be part of a costume or something..."  John begins to laugh.

"Dude SHUT UP!  I'm serious!  I woke up and I was naked... and my ass was... was...was..."

"Stolen from a swimsuit model?"  John, clutches his stomach from laughter... "I never knew man..."

"Dude!  I said SHUT UP!  THIS IS SERIOUS!!!"

"I would say so... Any time a dude ends up sporting an ass similar to that of my fantasy girlfriend well... I'd say it's serious!  Now all you need are boobs, shaved legs, and a... OUCH!"

Steve pulls back his hand from punching John in the shoulder,  "That's not cool man, I don't want to look anything like your imaginary girlfriend!  So shut it!"

Now, what happened next is not something that John could of imagined even in his wildest dreams, but there it was... happening before his very eyes...  "Uh, Steve?"  John watches in amazement as an invisible force suspends his naked friend about 6 feet off the floor.  Trying to take a step forward, he finds himself unable to move, only being allowed to watch in bewilderment from his current location.

"I just knew we'd get to the fun part eventually!"  Rise smiles as she approaches her master.  As a conductor conducts a symphony, Rise begins to wave her hands elegantly as she begins her own.  Beginning with Steve's hair, she bleaches the brown strands, leaving behind glistening strands of blond which she masterfully mixes with auburn.  Gently brushing the follicles with her fingers, she straightens and lengthens them as so to sway halfway down Steve's back.  

Keep her concentration, she focuses in on his eyes next.  A saliva wash of blue with a hint of purple stains his irises, as his eyes widen and glisten as if polished.  She then squeezes his eyebrows into beautifully formed lines, while a blow from her lips catches his lashes and curves them lusciously upwards over his eyes.

Moving on with her masterpiece as if playing with clay, Rise pulls mass from Steve's face, and gently runs her hands across the new lines, reshaping the jaw line and cheek protrusions into a feminized V, accentuating his sparkling eyes and now petite nose.  Running her tongue across his lips, they moisten and plump in the wake of the red brush.  Using her fingers to then gently wrench his jaw open, she uses her tongue once again, polishing his teeth into a shimmering white perfection.  Finishing his face with the precision on a knife, her fingernails run across his ears, causing them to fall gently into her hands, the flesh instantly healing itself.  Looking into John's imagination just to make sure she has them right, she beings to form them, gently pulling each into a enlarged triangle.  Satisfied with the shape, she vigorously rubs each between her hands, causing hair matching fur to sprout from their surface.  Grinning at her handiwork, she licks the bottom of each like an envelope before carefully reattaching each ear at approximately the 10 and 2 o'clock positions on top of his head.

Steve's eyesight had faded into nothingness, lost in the touch of an angelic embrace.  Tingling sensations enveloping his head, flowing down his hair and pouring into his mouth.  Swallowing, he can feel it tightening around his neck, almost ceasing his airflow before continuing into his chest.  Breathing deeply, he fills himself with whatever is causing himself such an irresistible drunken bliss...

Satisfied with his now thinner feminine neck, Rise places her mouth against his belly button.  Creating suction, she begins to drink Steve's body mass from his body, which responds by growing thinner and thinner with each passing moment.  Seconds later, she removes her lips, wiping the excess bodily fluid from her lips with her arm.  Looking into John's mind, she returns to her drinking to further match her master to the perfect fantasy body he wished for.  Satisfied that Steve's waist has thinned to the correct proportions, she looks back into John's mind for reference once again.  "My respect for your proportionality even in your fantasies young sir!"  Encasing her lips around Steve's left pectoral, she begins to reinject the mass she earlier removed.  Encircling the area with her hands, she feels Steve's skin begin to rise beneath her lips.  Forcing the area into a circular mound between her cupped hands, her mouth massages the skin as it continues to fill the fleshy growth.  Higher and higher it continues its ascent until a healthy  C cup has been achieved.  Leaving a saliva ring upon her creation, Rise then peels away her lips.  Looking back at John she smiles, gesturing to Steve's left breast, "I know you can't see me but... is this about right?"  Watching the drool fall from the corner of his mouth and onto a small puddle on the floor she laughs.  "I'll take that as a yes!"

Wetting her lips, Rise now places them around his right non-inflated breast and begins the injection process once more.  Cupping her hands to direct the flow, the fluid leaves her mouth and melds with Steve's body.  Not feeling any response, Rise begins to forcefully insert more mass into his body, but still... nothing...  For a few more seconds, she continues, applying more pressure with her hands as well as her mouth, but to no avail.  "What gives?"  She asks herself before pulling back her head.  A quick look to her left reveals the culprit, Steve's left breast had inflated to twice it's size!  Laughing, Rise turns to John,  "That isn't right... is it..."  Due to the horrified look on his face, she got all the answers she would ever need.  "Yeah, no...  let's get you right Stevie!"  Placing both her hands on the oversized breast, she begins to thrust it back towards Steve's body.  With every push, Steve's right breast seems to inflate, while the left begins to recess.  After about 15 compressions, Rise takes a step back, eyeing the still uneven D cup on the left and B on the right...  "Hmmm, almost..."  She mutters as she places one hand on each side, applying the needed pressure until equally symmetrical C cups protrude beautifully from both sides.  "How's that?"  She takes a step back from her masterpiece.  Glancing at John, she notices the flow of drool has once again returned.  "Now, that's a good sign!"

Satisfied, she moves to position herself behind her master and grabs him by the shoulder blades.  With the touch of a professional, she begins to massage away their protrusiveness.  Beneath her calming hands, the bones and muscles relax and slenderize, falling limp in her grasp.  The massage continues down his arms, his muscles relaxing themselves out of existence, leaving toned feminized sculptures behind.  Finally reaching his hands, Rise brings both of them together within her own and holds them up to her mouth.  Heating them gently with her breath, she rubs Steve's hands together, their roughness being slowly polished away by the friction.  Dead skin falls to the floor, leaving silky flawlessness behind as she eventually ceases the rubbing and inspects her work.  One by one, she then inserts each finger into her mouth, their size melting away like chocolate.  Pulling each back through pursed lips, she reveals their slender beauty topped with carefully manicured nails.  With the process complete, she quickly blows the hands dry before letting them fall limply back to his side.

"Alrighty now, seems like the sexy ass you've already so graciously done for me!"  Rise smacks Steve on his hind quarters, "But these hips... let's bring the sway into your step shall we?"  Spitting on her hands, Rise smacks them on his hips.  Rubbing gently in small circles, her hands slowly meld with his skin.  Then, pulling outwards, she drags Steve's hips along for the ride.  Beautifully flaring outwards above his perky ass, Steve's hips majestically finish off his proportional hourglass figure.  Pointing her fingers together, Rise slowly pulls them out from his body, as to not flaw her hard work.  

"Beautiful, simply beautiful Steve!"  She circles her statuesque subject, carefully inspecting every detail... "But... why do you continue to hide those sexy feline features of yours!  Are you embarrassed by them?"  She runs her fingers down his face,  "Come on let it out, you can do it..."  She eyes his tailbone beginning to poke out a few inches.  "That's a good girl, it's beautiful... keep it coming!"  Rise watches impatiently as it slowly continues to emerge inch by inch.  "Ahh Steve...much  too slow!"  Bringing her hands to Steve's slim stomach, she beings to tickle him wildly.  Emitting high pitched squeals of delight, Steve loses all control.   Almost instantaneously, his tail erupts upwards, coming to a stop halfway up the back his head, its tip burying itself within his flowing hair.  "Awwww, It's so cute!"  Rise giggles as she runs her hands along the three and a half foot appendage.  Using her mouth to blow an icy breeze across it's skin covered surface, fuzzy blond and auburn fur quickly spreads across the newly born tail to protect it from the bitter chill.  "Purrrfect"  Rise purrs as she scratches Steve between the ears,  "We're almost done now cutie!"

Kneeling down at his legs, she grabs hold of Steve's ankles.  "Always wanted to try this..."  Turning her hands frostbittingly cold, waves of ice shoot up his legs, effectively freezing his legs into giant icicles.  With a small chisel and hammer appearing in her right hand, she carefully begins to chip away at the frozen ice sculpture.  "I should take this show on the road!"  Rise laughs as she almost finishes up his right quad, leaving it toned and slender.  "This really isn't so har...."  *CRACK!*  "Ooops..."  Horrified, she watches the cracks propagate from her chisel edge across his upper leg.  "No!  I'm sorry... I want a redo!"  Rise pleads with the crack to stop, but it's too late...  Steve's right leg quickly drops from his body and smashed against the floor, sending ice shard everywhere as it leg disintegrates...  Quickly, she looks over at John, "Your uh... imaginary girlfriend doesn't only have one leg by chance does she?"  Rise looks into his imagination.  "Crap... uh... I'm just going to borrow these if you don't mind..."  Reaching into the mental image she grabs hold of the girl's legs and pulls them into reality.  " guess don't need this anymore..."  Rise kicks Steve's frozen left leg off his body as well, sending the broken pieces across the room.  Sliding the slender and sexy legs into position, Steve's body quickly accepts the replacements and attaches itself to them.

"Looks like all we have left are the feet..."  Rise lifts up Steve's leg,  "Oh!  Go figure...  They came with the legs!"  She lets the now smooth petite foot fall back to its dangling position.  "Guess that's everythi... almost everything... Just gotta take care of something real quick. "  Her leg flies upwards, connecting with Steve's... groinal area, forcing the member  to retreat from existence within Steve's newly female body.  "That takes care of that!"  Rise smiles as she claps her hands together as few times.  She looks up at Steve's face only to see tear marks streaking down her face in pain.  "Oh...  I didn't realize... Come on Steve, be a man!  Grow some balls... it's not that bad..."  Still obeying Rise's commands, Steve's body regrows that which she so painfully lost only second prior.  "Hey, what gives!  I did not tell you to do that... bad girl!"  Rise's leg flies upwards once again, only to have the tears flow harder than ever  from Steve's eyes.  Thinking back, she realizes her mistake.  "Okay... maybe that was my bad... sorry..."  Rise magically numbs Steve's body, causing the tears begin to slow.  "No more pain now, I promise, I just need to polish you up!"  

Snapping her fingers, Rise takes a step back as Steve's body becomes engulfed in flame.  Scorching the hairs from her body, the flames lick her skin, lightly tanning it to perfection.  Moments later, the fires extinguishes, revealing the body that John had spent years  perfecting in his daydreams.  "My my... I swear, I impress even myself sometimes."  Rise embraces Steve's new lips with her own, sucking out his old voice and exhaling a new feminine entity into her lungs.  After the kiss ends and their lips part, Rise retreats back to the corner of the room.  Snapping her fingers, she grins  "This should be interesting!"

John blinks a few times as his sanity returns.  "Man, that was the most vivid daydream I have ever..."  He blinks a few more times...  There, a few feet from him, literally stands the girl of his dreams!  And, not just the girl of his dreams, she's naked... exactly how he pictured her in his fantasies...  This is just too good to be true!  "K...Kim?"  John calls out gently, watching her rubbing her eyes as if waking up from a long sleep.  "Kim?"  He calls out a little more forcefully, trying to get her attention.

Rubbing her hands across her eyes, Steve tries to remove the fogginess from her drunken stupor.  "Kim?"  Fills her ears as she begins to regain her grip on reality.  "Huh?  Who's Kim?"  She asks as she begins to look around, confused.  Feeling someone grab her left hand gently, she looks over at John. "Uh... what are you doing?"

"Kim?  Is that you?"  John looks deep into his fantasy's beautifully bluish violet eyes.

"Uh... no you idiot... it's me... Who's Kim?"

"Steve!"  John immediately lets go of her hand and takes a few staggering steps backwards...

"Duh...  Who did you...Wait, what happened to my voice?"  Steve holds her hand to her throat and coughs lightly a few times.

"Um... it's uh... not just your voice dude... I don't know how to tell you this, but um... yeah... don't look down..."  John blushes.

"What do you mean... Don't look down?"  Steve's eyes quickly glance down upon her beautifully tanned female perfection...  "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"I told you not to look!"  John takes a few more steps backwards.

"I...I...I... WHAT...I'm a GIRL!"  Steve begins to freak out.  "I...I...I... HAIR!  B...BOOBS!  TAIL!.... wait...TAIL!!!!  Why do I have a tail!"  She frighteningly looks at John... only to realize... "I'm naked!"  Her arms quickly position themselves to cover her lady parts. "Don't look!  TURN AROUND NOW!"

"S...sorry..."  John quickly covers his eyes and turns the other direction.  

"Wha... what's happening to me!"  She continues to inspect herself.  "I...I've got cat ears!"

"Yeah... about that..."  John starts to feel guilty by the sheer coincidence of Steve looking exactly like his dream girl.

"Wait... you called me Kim... WHO'S KIM!"  Steve angrily approaches his friend and grips him by the front collar of his shirt...  "Hey, look at me!"

"You...N...Naked..."  John weakly stammers.

" I don't care!  LOOK AT ME!"  She screams into his face.  "WHO IS KIM!"

"She's uh... she's... my... imnry grfrnd..."  John mumbles as he hangs his head embarrassed.  

"Your what!"  Steve backhands him across the face.  "TELL ME!"

"My imaginary girlfriend!  GEEZ!"  John rubs his cheek.

"WHAT!  I look like your fantasy girlfriend!  You... you pervert!"  She lands a forehand across the other side of his face.  "Why did you do this to me!"  Her face turns red with fury.

"OUCH!  Quit hitting me!  I didn't do anything!"  John retreats to behind the nearest couch and raises a pillow to protect himself.  "Calm down, you can't be her anyways.  My fantasy girlfriend doesn't slap me in the face every few seconds!"  

"Well, I'm so sorry that I don't act like the girl of your dreams!"  Steve leaps over the couch and tackles him to the ground.  "Get used to it!"  She raises her fist as to pummel him into a pulp.

"Ahh!"  John raises the pillow to protect himself from the incoming blows, only to have it ripped out of his hands and tossed to the side.  "Please don't hurt me!"  He pleads as he crosses his arms in front of his face.

"You are so silly nya!"  Kim gently moves his arms out of the way and runs her tongue across his cheek.

"Ummm... Steve?"  John eyes the suddenly calm cat girl sitting on his chest, using his free arm to wipe the saliva from his face.

"Who's Steve?"  Kim tilts her head to one side, confused.

"He's um... he's...  Kim?  Is that you?"

"Of course it's me!  How many other girlfriends do you have that have ears and a tail as sexy as mine?"  She flips her fingers through her flowing hair as she goes in for a kiss.

"Good point... but..."  His lips meet Kim's as his mind goes blank for a few seconds.  "Wait... wait..."  He gently pushes her off of himself.  "This doesn't make any sense... Steve this better not be a joke, you are wearing me out dude..."

"I think we got a little too rough there, nya...  Why do you keep calling me Steve?  Did you hit your head?  Take a moment and catch your breath, cause I need your "A" game before we go at it again."  Kim winks at the greatest boyfriend she has ever known.  "I'd hate to wear you out!"  

Slowly, John crawls over to Kim and collapses in her arms.  "I can't wait..."  Smiling, he begins to melt in her arms... literally...

"What are you doing nya!"  Kim quickly rises to feet, bringing the goopified remains of her boyfriend with her.  "Get it off me!"  She begins to try and swipe him from her skin, but only succeeds in spreading him more quickly across her body.  "Somebody help me!"  She squeals as John's liquefied remains begin to darken into a pure black sheen.  Helpless, she simply stares as the goop seems to split into two halves, one heading for her lower extremities and the other clinging to her chest.  Reshaping itself to the contours of her body, it slowly shifts itself into a two piece track suit.  Right before her eyes, a short pair of running shorts and a sports bra materialize on her body.  The tacky goop then quickly dries into a black spandex like fabric, complete with light blue pinstripes running down their sides.  "Wow... uh..."  She runs her hands across her new outfit.  "Guess I wouldn't mind wearing you out after all!"

His body no longer his own, John's consciousness wanders through an inky haze.  But soon the euphoric sensation of feeling every bounce from his girlfriend's chest as she jogs out the front door fills his mind.  "Best to make the most of the situation..."  His consciousness laughs at his fortune.

"Hey, pervert!"  Quit thinking about my brother like that!

"What?"  John calls out into the darkness.

"Yeah, you...sicko...  Just because you are stuck fondling my brother's breasts doesn't mean you have to enjoy it!"

"Sylvia?"  John calls out.  "What are you doing here!  Where are you?"

"Stuck in her butt... Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds...  Guess, our minds are on the same magical plane or something.  At least now I've got company!"

"Great..."  John groans.

"I heard that..."

"So... how did this happen anyways?"  

"Well, I've only know bits and pieces... but it's got something to do with someone who calls herself the opposite day genie or something..."  Sylvia groans.  "She even helped push me in here in the first place..."

"What?  Are you saying that Steve made all of this happen on accident?  Could she figure it out and save us?"  John begins to get his hopes up.

"Well, that depends... How smart is this imaginary girlfriend of yours?"  

"Well... she's... um... she's... yeah, we're screwed..."  John hangs his head.


Meanwhile, Rise hustles to meet up with the perky new cat girl bounding out the front door.  "Hey, Kim!  Wait up!"

"Hi!"  Kim smiles, "Do I know you?"

"Of course!"  Rise smiles back, "My name is Rise remember?  I was going to go with you to the cosplay convention today!"

"Oh, right!"  Kim giggles, "Well, let's go... we are so going to turn that party upside down!"

"You have no idea..."  Rise smirks under her breath.

Listening in, John's consciousness falls into despair,  "Yeah, definitely screwed..."
Alright! So... I feel bad for not submitting in such a long time but hey, hopefully it was worth the wait! Let me know what you guys think! Part 2 promises to be just as insane as the first part so, stay tuned and thanks for reading! You people rock
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lelouch3347 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
°-° uhhhh what did I just read?
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Good question! Lol That one is a bit abstract... Wrote it years ago...
lelouch3347 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah no biggie hey could you do me a favour and type in lelouch3347 into search and read my stories a fried asked me to write them based on a boy called Ben kidnapped and spyro and cynder (dragons) try to help him but is corrupted I'd like to know what there like from a master writer the first one has a lot of errors but the series got better so once your done could you comment me back thanks=)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Thanks for the compliment, calling me a "Master writer" cool! I did read your stories and I sent you a note.
lelouch3347 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah thanks a lot I just have respect for people who put time and effort into there stories  no matter if there good or bad I plan on finishing the series so keep in check once I get my darn neaxus working thanks =)
Trogdor7620 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okaaaaayyy... I think my brain just imploded.

But in all seriousness, a good idea with this story, but with everything going on, from the ass shove to John becoming a catsuit, it's kind of bizarre and confusing. I lost track of what was going on by the second memory wipe.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, but the structure is just confusing and disorganized.

That's how it is to me, at least. You don't have to follow my advice.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Sweet!  Brain implosion!!!  ...wait...

Bizarre yes, I do try to do things differently to create fresh kinds of stories that people can enjoy reading.  This one was a little more so than usual for me, and also a little less... plott"y"...  Mostly this was just about one kid screwing his life up... for our enjoyment...  And to be clear, John doesn't become a catsuit... just clothing.  Steve became a catgirl based upon wanting to appear as John's perverted fantasy girlfriend.  I'm sorry it got so confusing...  Like I said, a change of pace for me, it was just supposed to be fun and strange.  I understand the confusion as well, there is a lot of mind wiping and other things going on.  Basically it came down to, the more confused Steve was, the more crap we got to see happen!  There was going to be a third part, but I moved on...  to bigger and better things and stories...  lol

Hey, I ALWAYS appreciate advice and reader feedback!  It means the world to me.  I love to know how people perceive what I write, and there is always room for improvement!  Hopefully I'm doing better with me more recent material, and if not... well... I'd love to know!  Thanks again
C10artfan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist
wah..... what? ... uuuuuh..... I... think my mind just exploded
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
That could be a problem... lol Thanks for leaving a comment, I'm in a bit of a rut on my current story and needed a little motivation to keep on it!
C10artfan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist
I'm good, my mind just went to sleep is all :P
fangedpen Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, that was a rather fun/disturbing/creative story. All in all I enjoyed it rather well. I'll have to read a few of your other ones when I get a minute.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Haha, thanks! That's exactly what I love to hear. I try to be a little creative and distubing... spices things up a bit you know? Anyways, thanks again!
fangedpen Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I toy with the idea of being a little disturbing in my stories, but I don't think I ever really have the balls to pull it off. I think this one ( [link] ) of mine comes the closest, even though it's rather tame compared to yours.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
Tame in what way? lol It's not really about being sexual, it's about trying to bring about a change in a way that no one has read before and can enjoy... That, and I really just enjoy being different... lol Different is fun, usually somehow the strangeness usually ends up having some kind of humor or moral to it. (That is... if I finished the story...)
fangedpen Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I guess it's tame because the change in my story is brought about in a unique way, ie the way the drugs are introduced. I'm rarely concerned with sexual content even though most of my stories are rampant with it. Your story gets a little bit more out there in the twists and turns. It's a great story...something I will keep in mind the next time I write one.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
That's quite the compliment then, thanks a lot! I look forward to reading your next one, let me know when it's done! I have to complete my next one before Valentine's day... be prepared for something dark...
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
A lot of syntax errors compared to usual, but I love the way you have involved your style of storytelling!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
Syntax errors? It doesn't show any when I open it... hmmm....
Haha, thanks! I aim to please, although the syntax thing probably makes it awful to read... lol
SHarles25 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
exemple: she push her "father" in and farther... it's kinda disturbing, hehe ;)

also some words missing letters a little bit everywhere :D

There is just one thing I have to say: from all we know The genie isn't a bitch from my point of view she still have only did what was asked and she told all that had to be known before granting wishes.

ALso, she is wise, she chosen a weak minded guy for victim because a cunning one wouldn't have made memory wipe mistakes =P wich caused most of the damages...
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011
I'm keeping all of this in mind for the next piece... which should be done sooner rather than later... sorry I kept you guys hanging for so long!
C-2-B Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
My question would be... What if someone started with "I don't wish..."? Would the wish be granted or nothing would happen?
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Haha... a wise guy huh? I like it...
The result would be that the wish would still be granted, because it still expresses a desire. I don't wish that you would do that, is techincally saying the same as, I wish that you wouldn't do that... both of which would end up with the same result!
Although, I'm much more curious as to what you actually THOUGHT about the story! The amount of recieved feedback good or bad is on the slightly depressing side... lol
Still, thanks for the read!
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
That's one bitch of a genie! :XD:
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Hah, well... technically she IS just doing her job. Steve's the one that just keeps screwing it up, well, Kim now... Poor Steve has wished himself out of existance... lol It's not like she didn't warn him!
GrayJaeger Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Yeah, but she enjoys doing it :P (And Stevie isn't coming back? :crying:)
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
Well... what's the point of being an opposite genie if you can't have fun with it! And, you honestly think I'm going to tell you wether Steve comes back or not? lol Gonna have to wait for that one...
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