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The Opposite Day Genie II

(Mature content warning!  Story might mention sexual themes, minor cussing, and all around strangeness... it happens...)

The front door to the house burst open as the oblivious catgirl skips out onto the porch and begins her springy jog  toward the downtown cosplay convention.  It was nearly impossible for John to contain his excitement as every lovely bounce and curvaceous swing of Kim's body echoes through his silky consciousness.  

"Best... day... ever..."  John sighs to himself, complelety lost in bliss.

Rolling her eyes, Sylvia feels obliged to interrupt.  "Hey bra boy... You do know that technically you are cradling the breasts of my former brother..."

"Yeah, but it's so much better than being stuck in the butt of my beautiful girlfriend, wouldn't you say?  Because according to a conversation with your last boyfriend, you apparently "don't like it in the ass..."  How's the weather in there?"

"I am so going to kill you when I get out of here!"  Sylvia screams through the vast consciousness before suddenly being jostled around violently out of nowhere...  "What the heck was that?"

"What... oh that?"  John shakes away his blissful haze,  "That's Kim, sometimes she breaks into random hopping spasms for fun...  She wouldn't be much of a fantasy girlfriend if she didn't now would she?"  John goes back to enjoying the absorption of every luscious bounce from Kim's chest.

"I really am going to kill you..."  Sylvia tries not to hurl as she continues to get tossed around inside Kim's hind quarters.

Breaking back into a bounding jog, Kim looks over at Rise who is easily keeping along with the energetic pace.  "So... do you think that..."  *PWANG!*  "Mew!"  Kim falls backwards, landing on her tail after running head first into a light post.  Tears begin to well up in her eyes as she quickly grabs her tail and hastily strokes the aching appendage.  "I really should pay more attention nya?"  She looks up at Rise trying to put on her best sarcastic smile.

"GAH!  That hurt!"  Sylvia winces under the pain of being smashed between Kim's body weight and the concrete sidewalk.  "Jeez jackass, why didn't you warn her?"

"Uh... I'm a sportsbra and track shorts... I'm supposed to say what exactly?"

"Point taken... I'm still going to kill you though..."

"Oh man, are you okay?"  A brown haired semi-muscular male in a leather jacket rushes out of a nearby store over to Kim's side.  "Here, let me help you up."  He grabs her arm and gently lifts her onto her feet.

"Thanks...  I'm okay..."  Kim winces as her brain aches with vertigo,  "I think..."  She smiles as her hand instinctively positions itself on top of her head.  

"Let me take a look at that..."  The male slowly removes her hand and inspects the area.  "I don't see any damage.   The name is James by the way, I love the costume."  He extend his arm for a handshake.  "I take it you are heading to the convention?"

Blush filling her cheeks, Kim accepts his hand.  "My... My name is K...K... Kim...  Yeah, I'm heading to the convention, but I don't really have a costume..."

"Could of fooled me, I think you look..."

"JAMES!!!!"  A furious looking blond emerges from the same store, James had exited only seconds prior.  "Cheating on me with random whores running down the street now are you!"

"Carol... I.... No, she hit her head and I was just..."

"Perhaps you would like to inspect her boobs next?  Do you think she hurt those too?"  Carol stands with her arms crossed.

"I'm so sick of this... seriously Carol... get over yourself... go find a different boyfriend that will put up with your shit... we're done... She could of been hurt..."  James turns back to Kim.  "I'm sorry about her,  beautiful people make herself conscious...  Is there anything I can help you with?  Can I carry anything for you?

Kim begins to blush worse than ever.  This guy had just broken up with his girlfriend for her!  She droops her head in embarrassment... "Um... no... that's okay.  I don't need you to carry my stuff... Thanks though!"

James places his hand on her shoulder, "At least let me..."  *WHOOOM!*  James gasps as a black pulse throws him to the ground seemingly from out of nowhere.  "Woah..."  He groans as he picks himself up from the ground.  "What was... wait... what's up with my jacket?"  James stares perplexed at his jacket which has suddenly grown two sizes too large for him... but it wasn't over...  He begins to scream as suddenly the leather explodes in size, engulfing him in a matter of seconds.  "MMMPPPHHH!!!!"  His muffled shouts can barely be heard as the sleeves of the jacket quickly wrap themselves around his face.

Walking over to Kim who is staring at the situation in horror Rise reassures her  "Don't worry, he'll be fine!"  Then proceeding to scratch the nervous catgirl between the ears, she eases Kim's fears further.  "He just wants to carry your things for you..."

"I told him that he didn't have to!"  Kim glances back at Rise, still slightly concerned.

"I know... but I think he really wants to... Just look at all the trouble he's going through for you!"  Rise continues to scratch Kim between the ears as they both watch the jacket completely wrap itself around James' body.  Contorting itself into a ball, the jacket begins to constrict itself smaller and smaller.  Painful shouts continue to emerge from the tightening ball of leather until a sickening crack fills the air.  Shortly after, red streams of blood begin to trickle out onto the surface of the ever shrinking ball, leaving curvy pinstripes that flow into coagulating spots all over the shiny black leather.   Suddenly the jacket sleeves erupt out of a new hole in the top of the sphere.  Gliding through the air, they form an arc and proceed to reattach themselves to the leather on the other side of the gap.

Carol stands just off the steps of the flower shop she had just recently exited, her eyes wide with shock.  Her former boyfriend is being eaten alive by his own jacket right in front of her eyes!  "Serves him right for breaking up with me..."  She tries to shrug off the situation but can't help but feel nauseated by it.  As she watches the jacket sleeves transform themselves into something akin to thin straps, she also notices steam beginning to rise from the pit in the middle of the bag-like leathery object...  Curiousity overtaking her, Carol leans over to get a better look only to find her boyfriends compacted remains boiling like hot black tar on the inside.  Just as James' body completes its inky transformation into blackness, the goop instantly cools, forming into a silky inner liner for the leathery pouch.  Nausea overtaking her, Carol quickly retreats and vomits on the side of the sidewalk.

"He's almost ready!"  Rise urges Kim to pick up her new prize.  Slowly the catgirl makes her way towards the almost completed purse.  Just as it shrinks into correct proportions, the blood on the outside turns pink leaving behind tiny hearts with pink stripes curling across the leathery surface.  "Oh my gosh he's so cute!"  Kim grabs the purse in her arms, hugging it tightly against her chest.  "He's so nice, I love it!  It's perfect!"

"See, I told you he would pull though!"  Rise pats her on the shoulder.  "Come on, lets get out of here... we don't want to be late!"  Nodding in agreement, Kim turns and begins another energetic jog down the sidewalk, her new purse dangling from her right shoulder.

"Where do you think you are going!!!"   A furious voice screams after Kim, unable to see Rise the opposite day genie standing but a few feet from her.  "You... you killed him!  You killed my boyfriend!"  Carol points directly at her.

"I... what?  No I didn't!"  Kim quickly turns toward her accuser.  "I didn't kill anyone!  He's right here, see?"  She lifts up her new purse for Carol to inspect.

Carol quickly produces a pink cell phone from her pocket.  "I... I saw you!  I'm calling the cops!"

"NO! PLEASE! PLEASE! I don't want you to call the cops... Can't we just talk about this?"  Kim desperately pleads with her.

"Save it for the jury you magical freak!"  Carol flips open her phone and reaches her thumb towards the 9...  "Unh!"  She quickly exhales as a force thrusts itself into her stomach.  "Wha?"  Carol stands in shock as she eyes the new white cable extending from her bellybutton to the USB port on her phone.  "What the hell?"  She manages to gasp as her fingers grip the new cable protruding from her skin.  Giving it a hard tug, she drops her phone in pain... "AHHHH!  Ouch!  What the heck!!!"  The pink phone she just dropped dangles in the air at the end of the cord, a few inches from the ground.  

Gaining some courage, Carol bends over to get a better look at her stomach only to find the blood vessels surrounding the wire now easily visible, each sporting a new metallic sheen.  "This is impossible..."  She mumbles nervously as she reaches down to grasp her phone.  Bringing it up to eye level, Carol almost faints as she stares at the screen...  "MATTER AND DATA TRANSFER IN PROGRESS".  Watching in horror, a small progress bar slowly begins to fill.  "No no no no no no no NO!!!  PLEASE!"  

Carol glances at her stomach again as that particular area of her body goes numb.  The corruption of her blood vessels quickening as the infected area now spans three times the original amount.  "Please stop!"  She begins to plead with the phone... until an idea fills her mind... "I got it!"

Quickly her thumb reaches toward the power button located on the top of her phone.  "Can't work if you aren't on!"  After a few seconds, the "powering down" screen appears.  "HAHA!  YES!  Take that you stupid phone!"  Her jubilation is short lived however because not a second later a new message appears on the screen.  "Finishing transference..."  Not even giving her time to react, the progress bar begins to fill extremely rapidly...  "No!  Wait!  I'm sorry!  I'm sor..."  Carol never even finishes her sentence as her body instantly vanishes in midair in a puff of smoke, leaving a black flip phone in her place which freefalls to the ground and skids across the concrete sidewalk.  "TRANSFER COMPLETE" reads Carol's old phone before disintegrating into a small pile of dust and blowing away in the wind...  

"Ummm..."  Kim stares at Rise before slowly making her way towards the girl turned cell phone.  As she reaches down to pick it up, small pink lines begin to adorn the black plastic surface leading once again to miniature hearts.  "AWWWW!"  Kim squeals, "She matches her boyfriend!"  Flipping the phone open she gasps as the numbers 9-1-1 slowly appear on the screen.  Turning back to Rise she comes to a horrific realization... "She... she's calling the cops!"

"This is emergency services, how can I assist you?"

Kim nervously holds the phone to her head.  "Umm... I think I pocket dialed the wrong number... I'm soooo sorrry!"  *Please work... please work...* racing through her head.

"That's okay miss, you have a great day!"

"Yeah, you too!"  *Whew...*  Kim quickly end the call and flips the phone shut.  Furious, she turns her attention to the heart covered phone... "BAD PHONE!  BAD!"  She screams at the former girl.  "You could of gotten me arrested!  I'm putting you in time out until you can learn to behave yourself!"  Quickly turning off the power, she thrusts the phone into her new purse.  "This is getting strange... I want to know why everyone is acting so weird!"  She turns towards Rise,   "Do people usually turn into random objects when you walk down the street too?"

Rise smacks her face with her hands.  "Here we go again..."  She mumbles as she wipes Kim's mind clean of any and all thoughts of strangeness.

After a few moments of disorientation, Kim once again sets off towards the convention... not a care in the world, with her new purse and phone in tow...

"Woah....  Where the heck am I?"  James murmurs as he looks around through the blackness, new feelings surrounding him.  He couldn't quite place it them, but it almost felt as even though he was unable to move he could still feel the outside world effecting him...  and an even stranger new feeling coming from inside of himself that he couldn't exactly place...   "HELP!!!!"  A scream suddenly shakes his consciousness, almost deafeningly so...

"Owww!  Geez, stop shouting!  What?"  James calls out into the vast expanse.

"He... hello?"  The voice seems to calm down a bit.  "I'm sorry, uh...My name is Carol and I don't know what happened... or... or even where I am...and... I can't move my body!

"Carol!  It me, James!"

"James!  Oh my gosh...  I thought I was dead!"

"Technically, you aren't far off..."  A voice interrupts the conversing couple as fear spreads through the area.

"Who said that...  Who are you!  Show yourself!"  James shouts into the murky emptiness.

"Calm down purse boy...  Are you going to attack me with all your leathery goodness?"  John begins to laugh.  

"I'm not a purse!  What are you talking about!"  Jason begins to sceam.  "and why.. why can't I move!"

"Cause... you are a purse... now shut the hell up!"  another female voice joins the conversation.

"Sylvia, give the guy a break...  Sorry about that, she tends to get a little cranky..."  John tries to ease the tension.  "Look, there is this genie and you got turned into a purse...  It doesn't make any sense, but you are going to have to deal with it..."

"And what about me!  I can't move either!"  Carol begins to cry,  "I... I... don't want to be stuck like... like... something...  I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I AM!"

"Near as I can tell, you are a cellphone..."  John tries to calm her down.  "Take it easy, it could be a lot worse!"


"You could be stuck as a purse..."

"Or in her ass, you have no idea how little leg room there is in here!  The three others burst out in laughter at the truth of the situation...  "Laugh it up..."  Sylvia mumbles to herself as Kim begins to skip towards her destination, thrashing Sylvia around inside her fleshy prison yet again.

"Wooo!  We're here!"  Kim turns and gives Rise a pouncing hug.  "What now nya?"

"Wow!  Hey, you over there!  Neko girl!"  A female dressed in catgirl attire standing next to a similarly dressed male waves her down.

"Nya?"  Kim turns towards the couple quickly approaching her.

"Hey, you must be here for the costume competition huh?  This is the best costume I've ever seen!"  The female turns to her boyfriend.  "We are so getting our asses kicked..."

"Yeah wow, I don't see how you do it..."  The male walks around her slowly, "That must of cost you a fortune... You make us look like idiots!"

"Competition?"  Kim tilts her head.  "Competition for what?"

"Oh come on..."  The female laughs,  "Best costume?  One thousand dollars to the winner?  You are going to win hands down!"

"Well, I uh... didn't bring a costume!"  Kim begins to blush.

"No kidding..."  The male laughs,  "If I didn't know better I'd swear it was all real!  But, I understand not wanting to give away your secrets...  Are you sure you aren't going to enter, or are you just toying with us?"

"Haha, nope!  I'm not entering any competition...  I really hope you guys do well!"

"That's a relief!  Mike, maybe we still have a chance!"  The female catgirl exhales deeply and entends her hand towards Kim.  "The name is Sarah by the way."

Taking the handshake Kim laughs,  "My name's Kim, glad to see you calming down!  Haha, You looked like you were about to have kittens nya!  We wouldn't want that!"

"Haha!  Yeah, I feel like it sometimes!  Unnnh..."  Sarah quickly grips her stomach in pain, causing Mitch to run to her side.

"Sarah... are... are you okay?"

"Yeah, I... I think I just need to use the bathroom before I..."  A deep red blush spreads across her face as she suddenly feels a mass slip from her... you know...  "Ummm... I think I just..."  She slowly reaches her hand into her pants and pulls out a tiny newborn kitten.

"That... that's impossible!"  Mike nearly faints at the sight...

"I... I think I need to sit down..."  Sarah helps herself to the ground as her stomach begins to bulge with the appearance of a full term pregnancy.  "Help me!"  She calls out as sweat begins to bead across her face.

"I don't know what to do!"  Mike rushes to her side, "Should I call an ambulance?"

"NO!"  Sarah squeals as another kitten pops into her pants.  "They, they'll think I'm some kind of freak!  Just help me!"

"What do I do!"  Mike turns to Kim.  "How can this be happening!"

"Aaaaahh!"  Sarah screams as her third beings to squeeze its way into the real world.  "Please do something!"

Kim looks at Matt hopelessly, "I don't think you know what she's going through... Just, try and comfort her I guess!"

Kneeling at her side Mike tries to comfort her.  "I'm here baby"  Gently he lifts Sarah's head onto his lap as he strokes her hair.

Sarah opens her eyes and looks into her boyfriends face, comfort flowing over her.  "I love you so much..."  She manages to whisper as she gives birth yet again...  Looking back up to Mike's eyes, Sarah nearly jumps out of her skin in surprise, pushing her fifth kitten out a few mere second later.  "Who the heck are you!"  She squeals as she pushes herself off of Mike's lap.

"Uhhh... are you okay?"  Mike begins to ask before the sound of her new voice fills her ears.  Quickly she looks down at herself.  "What the hell happened to me!"  Blond hair cascades over her shoulders and down her new B sized chest.  Her new hips and legs looking like something taken out of a swimsuit catalog...  "What the heck is going on!  Oh no..."  Her newly feminizes hands grasp her stomach as it quickly begins to inflate.  "Please... please... not this!  Nya..."  Mike slowly reaches into his own pants and pulls out her own new infantile kitten daughter.  

"M... Mike?  Is that you?"  Sarah blushes as she adds a sixth kitten to her little pile of children at her side.

"Yea... yeah..."  Mike squints as she forces out another one of her offspring... "Wow... this sucks!"

"Fun huh?"  Sarah tries to laugh as she works her way over to her new girlfriend's side.  "Could this day get any weirder?"

"Other than turning into a female and giving birth to kittens next to the love of my life?  Oohh... That's three for me!"  Smiling she takes the kitten from her pants.  "Say hello to your mommy little guy!"  Mike hands the kitten over to Sarah who carefully holds her new "son".

"And back there is your aunt Kim!"  Sarah turns and motions for the catgirl to come over by them.

"Awww... nya"  Kim slowly takes the newborn from Sarah's outstretched hand.  "Hi little guy!"  She gently strokes it's back before handing it back to Mike.  "They are so cute!"

"I know we just met but, how do you feel about actually being a surrogate aunt?"  Mike smiles up at her.  "After all, no one else would believe this ever actually happened!"

"We'd love to have you!"  Sarah agrees.

"I'd love to!  But I'm a neko, not an ant!  Hahaha..."  Instantly Kim shrinks to a miniscule size, her  possessions scattering across the floor as her clothing drifts to the ground, covering her completely...

"What the heck just happened!"  Sarah turns to Mike who is busy giving birth to her fourth...  

"I have no idea... but wasn't it you who said things couldn't get any weirder?"

"Shut up... get back to giving birth!"  Sarah laughs as she lifts number eight from her pants.

"Like, I have any choice... Haha... unh, that one hurt..."
Hey! Yeah, it takes me forever to wtie stuff, and for that... I apologize...

Anyways, hopefully you guy enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Actualy... scratch that, I hope you enjoy it way more than I enjoyed writing it. That takes forever and isn't much fun so... yeah...

Let me know what you guys think! And as always, all the readers are greatly appreciated in all of your ass kickiness glory!
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hibarikyouya4 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
hopefully we get the third installment soon i cant wait
KarstenHarrington Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I would like to RP this story. If anybody is interested, note me
BradaoOfCartha Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
Awesome Story. Liking it. What's next, a slime girl?
greg123Abc Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
Good story but it needs a third to finish the story.
greg123Abc Featured By Owner May 31, 2014
It would be funny if it ended with her saying something like, "I'm glad that my boyfriend, my sis and every one I wronged today isn't standing in front of me to see this ex-cat girl screwed in the ass by this Jinn, " just as the day is about to end.
rjtheslayer Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011
this story is awsome
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2011
Thank You! I keep changing the ending... still working on it... Writing another story right now but as soon as I'm done with it, it's back to the opposite day genie!
sabrina100 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
I'd love to see more^^
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
Haha, I'd love to write more! I just need the time... got any of that to spare? lol I'm going to try and finish it in the next two weeks or so, keep an eye out then. Thanks for the feedback! Nice to have a new reader
Peelthawheel Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
This is getting really weird but I can't stop reading. Its the really interesting kind of weird.
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011
Is this your first time reading my sotries? I make a real consious effort to write things that don't already exist in 50 other stories, as well as humorous and fun so... What you just said falls right down my alley! lol Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks again
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
Woah, and here I thought you couldn't get any crazier... Welcome back, mate! I love it!
SamusEmblem Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
Haha, it's me... It ALWAYS can get crazier! Thanks for the welcome, glad to know people are still reading!
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